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Gazza calls for a ban on smoking in cars

By johnboy - 6 March 2007 29

When I saw the ABC headline “Senator calls for car smoking ban” I thought to myself, hullo, Kate Lundy has crawled out from under that rock she’s been hiding under.

Imagine my surprise to discover it is the so-called Liberal Gary Humphries who wants to further regulate your behaviour.

It is unclear from the article if he plans it to be just when kids are in the car or a blanket ban. Also unclear is how he plans to enforce this additional impost to your liberties.

UPDATED: In his media release Gary makes clear he’s just talking about smoking in cars with children, something few people are in favour of but no word on his plans to have police kick down the doors of parents failing to read to their children.

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Gazza calls for a ban on smoking in cars
VYBerlinaV8 now_with 1:28 pm 06 Mar 07

Perhaps we need smoking cameras installed around our fine city. Maybe they could be integrated with speed cameras, then we’d be doubly safe.

justbands 1:18 pm 06 Mar 07

> Don’t worry, the government will look after you so don’t make a decision.

Oh…get your hand off it (your ciggie that is..hehe). It’s hardly a shock. Smoking will be ever more regulated as the years go by. Get used to it, or better still….give up.

terubo 1:12 pm 06 Mar 07

It’s the kiddies smoking in the backseats of cars that worry me.

Thumper 1:11 pm 06 Mar 07


let us all be gazza’s sheep and let ourselves be regulated into oblivion.

Don’t worry, the government will look after you so don’t make a decision.


justbands 1:10 pm 06 Mar 07

> as if smokers are that irresponsible around kids.

Errr…well, yes. A large number of them really are.

justbands 1:09 pm 06 Mar 07

Even when I was a smoker, I’d always reserve a nasty look & perhaps a few choice words for drivers I saw smoking WITH THEIR CHILDREN IN THE CAR. Seriously, that is pathetic human behaviour.

In winter, they’ll often even have the windows up, occupied baby seat in the back, puffing away. Absolute scum.

bonfire 1:06 pm 06 Mar 07

this whole issue is a beatup.

as if smokers are that irresponsible around kids.

most smokers leave their own homes and smoke in their backyards.

typical anti-smoking zealots fanning yet more bigotry.

bonfire 1:05 pm 06 Mar 07

josh keep holding your breath. please. dont exhale.

im off for a cool refreshing laramie…

gurunik 1:04 pm 06 Mar 07

Smoking around children is just not on…..anywhere. I don’t view it as a civil liberties issue, just one of showing respect to fellow humans. If you demand the right to smoke in an enclosed space with children…’re a selfish idiot.

fnaah 1:03 pm 06 Mar 07

I dare say that the effects of the smoke itself would be far less detrimental than those of being raised by someone who would actually commit such a callous act, yet there seems nothing we can do about *that* particular problem. :/

Thumper 1:03 pm 06 Mar 07

F*ck off….

What next Gazza? Ban us from smoking in our own houses?

Can you please allow us to have some responsibility. I have been driving and smoking for over 20 years, with only two minor accidents, neither when I was smoking, and neither my fault.

ban fat people from eating at McDonalds and i’ll reconsider my stance on this ludicrous proposition.

johnboy 1:01 pm 06 Mar 07

no changing the station on the radio

josh 1:01 pm 06 Mar 07

how about we ban smoking altogether? and no, that’s not a sarcastic claim. smokers can rot in their unbreathable atmosphere.

note: opinion only, don’t get up on your high horse. blah blah, i know it’s your choice. i’d still like to be able to walk down a street one day and not have to hold my breath because of smokers. whatever it takes..

bonfire 12:57 pm 06 Mar 07

perhaps while driving, you can use your mobile phone to call police and alert them to someone smoking in their car.

Sammy 12:51 pm 06 Mar 07

Why not just make it illegal to be involved in any activity — while driving a car — that ties up the use of one or more arm.

Or more simply, you must have both arms available at all times to perform the operations required to drive a motor vehicle.

No mobile phone use, no eating, no smoking, no drinking coffee.

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