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German night classes for travellers

By harvyk1 - 10 March 2009 19

Hi all,

Does anyone know where in Canberra I could learn german (thinking Night Classses here once a week type thing)? It would be mainly for travelling as I plan to go there early next year. I have heard ANU may teach adults but is there anywhere else.

The sort of thing I am looking for is something where i could learn how to ask questions, and get answers to the more important questions a traveller needs to know (eg Where is the Pub).

I know they do speak some English over there but I’d rather learn the basics before I go.

Any suggestions?

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
German night classes for travellers
farnarkler 8:47 pm 10 Mar 09

It is amusing that you make sure you ‘don’t mention the war’ when in Germany yet in Tegel airport there is a model of Von Richtofen’s Fokker dreidekker plane!!

Alan Shore 8:45 pm 10 Mar 09

grundy said :

Dont bother, everyone there speaks English.

The proprietress of my hotel in the middle of Frankfurt had no English whatsoever. Not even “yes” or “no”. I was astounded, and very very grateful to have packed a German phrasebook for my mere day and a half stay in Germany.

Deckard 8:37 pm 10 Mar 09

How about STUKA!!!

Although that’s really only mentioned by the tourists.

AI-Expert 8:26 pm 10 Mar 09

ACT German Language School. I am currently studying there, and the semester has already started. The classes are full now, but they offer a beginners course again in Semester 2.

mirage3 8:14 pm 10 Mar 09

Not to mention bigfeet the classic ‘Englander Schweinhund’.

bigfeet 7:53 pm 10 Mar 09

No need to do any study. I learnt these useful phrases through years of “Commando” comics.

Try them out when travelling:

Achtung Englander!
Jawohl, Herr leutenant
Gott in Himmel these Englanders fight like madmen. (not sure how German that is)
Ach, Mein Gott.
Kameradan, nicht schussen, nicht shussen!
Hande Hoch!

New Yeah 7:44 pm 10 Mar 09

MWF said :

caf said :

CIT Solutions do night courses for adults, including “Languages for Tourists”.


You’d be better off getting a CD and a book.

No way! Language class is heaps of fun and way more dynamic.

MWF 6:52 pm 10 Mar 09

caf said :

CIT Solutions do night courses for adults, including “Languages for Tourists”.


You’d be better off getting a CD and a book.

harvyk1 6:48 pm 10 Mar 09

I’m in no way scared, and I know that people over there speak English, but still it’d be nice to be able to at least have a basic understanding of German, for when I come across the one or two people who have no English.

Besides I’m one of those people who like to immerse myself in the culture (inc language, even if it’s only a little) of the places I go.

Steady Eddie 5:05 pm 10 Mar 09

A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster said :

Der Bustenhalter schallplatten schnell!

Um, that translates as “The brassiere records fast”.

farnarkler 4:58 pm 10 Mar 09

I agree with Grundy. I was in Germany and Austria last year and their English is really good.

grundy 4:26 pm 10 Mar 09

Dont bother, everyone there speaks English.

Mrs G, who speaks decent German, even had the locals speaking English to her when they heard the accent.

Unless you’re going to some tiny secluded village, you’ll find most people speak english there and in every single case, their english will be way better than your German anyway.

So don’t be scared, just jump on the plane and go! 😀

harvyk1 3:46 pm 10 Mar 09

Thanks caf, thats the exact thing I was after.

A Noisy Noise Annoys 3:38 pm 10 Mar 09

Der Bustenhalter schallplatten schnell!

caf 3:35 pm 10 Mar 09

CIT Solutions do night courses for adults, including “Languages for Tourists”.

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