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Beyond the expected

Ghost stories in Canberra

By tinkers 13 August 2010 25


I have been looking through all the comments and posts about different ghost stories around canberra and i find it all very interesting. 

I have never had an experience myself but i would like to. A friend and i are planning a little trip around canberra to check out some of the stories i have read on here. 

I have been researching some on the internet but havent found anything but thats not saying i dont believe.

If anyone knows of  a web site that confirms any stories i would be interested to have a look and if anyone can give me specific places that we could go that would be great.


[ED – We’ve been here before but the readership has doubled since then so new ideas welcomed.

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Ghost stories in Canberra
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OzChick 1:41 pm 20 Feb 12

Can someone tell me about the ghost at Belconnen Mall? This seems to come up in conversations every so often and I would like to know some more about it. I was told security guards have seen it and it often hangs around the stairs at the lift in the centre stage area. Thanks.

Thoroughly Smashed 9:17 am 11 Jul 11

loviefluff said :

hi all, has anyone else heard that 18/53 derrington cres bonython is haunted? have heard some pretty spooky stuff about tht place.

Trying to push the property value down so you can buy it?

loviefluff 6:43 pm 10 Jul 11

hi all, has anyone else heard that 18/53 derrington cres bonython is haunted? have heard some pretty spooky stuff about tht place.

Jclarke 10:28 am 19 Aug 10

Hey, was wondering if anyone has been to Blundell’s cottage recently at night time.

My friends and I went there last night, around 10:00pm. We looked in the window looking into the room where all the plates/crockery is, which is blocked by those plants. Then we went around the side to the front door, where there is a window on the right which peers into a bedroom. These two windows we did not see anything in.

However, the third window, which was on the window to the left of the front door, did reveal something. It is interesting because it was the window which was most blocked (had some paper or something to prevent people from looking in I presume)

Anyway, friend looks into it, and all he could see was the corner of the room on the far side, and the white paint which went with it…he did not see anything initially, but kept on staring at it. He then had a reaction of horror and fright and proceeded to run away from the window towards one of the lights closer to window number 1. His eyes were very frightened. We then asked him what happened and he later told me that he saw a dark, figure, all in black, get up from a seated position, walk a step, turn and face the window he was looking into, and then proceeding to walk away (like towards the front door/bed room or something)

It is interesting because the window blocked the view of any chairs, and he did not know that there were chairs there, regardless, he said that he saw something get up from a seated position. Doing a virtual tour of Blundells Cottage from another website, confirmed that there are some chairs there.

We will go back at a later time , probably this Friday, to try and see what that black figure was, or see whatever else in other areas. Is anyone interested in coming along?

To add – does anyone got any specific details about the old Parliment house and the national Archives of Australia?

We were also wondering, if it is possible, without staying a night, to get into the Hyatt Hotel? Ive read stories of a Red girl who died there who chases her ball in the boiler room, (known as the wine cellar today) and also happenings in “The Oak Room”.

Also, we have a work colleague who states that in the “Brassey” hotel, some weird things have happened. For example, her friend said one of the girls she works with said that she could hear a group of men talking and she went over to where the voices where coming from but there was no one there but she felt like there were people there, she just couldn’t see them. This happened on tuesday. Also happenings like doors opening and lights flickering on and off. Does anyone know any history of this place which could point to why it may be haunted?

Thumper 9:51 am 16 Aug 10

Thumper whats happening with that book of yours?

Still with a publisher in England.

Waiting, waiting, waiting….

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