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Ginger Catering Ad – What is the Song?

By kevn - 9 July 2009 39

Anyone know what the song in the ginger catering ad is? I did a quick google on the lyrics and nothing came up.

Its a very annoying stuck in head song, but was interested to know if it was a ‘classic’ or an unknown aussie song or something they had created for the ad…

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Ginger Catering Ad – What is the Song?
Malcolm_Powder 11:54 am 09 Jul 09

Skidbladnir, quoting the simpsons – pure gold.. they have an answer to everything

kevn 11:53 am 09 Jul 09

agreed that they are annoying.
agreed that they are confusing, too – is this a shop, bar, cafe, or catering service?
…but theyre also effective. i want to know more because of the unclear nature of what is offered.

Also, SOD…… lllllame….

Skidbladnir 11:39 am 09 Jul 09

I too have no idea what these ‘horrible ads’ are that you’re talking about.
But then again, you’re talking about Ginger Catering and requiring other people to watch it so they can help you. IE: the ads are successfully building profile.

To quote the Simpsons on defeating advertising if you hate it:
(Treehouse of Horror VI: Attack of the 50ft Eyesores)
Man: You see, advertising is a funny thing. If people stop paying attention to it, pretty soon, it goes away.
Lisa: Like that old woman who couldn’t find the beef?
Man: Exactly. If you stop paying attention to the monsters, they’ll lose their powers.

Together: [singing] Just don’t look. Just don’t look.
Just don’t look. Just don’t look.
Just don’t look. Just don’t look.

SheepGroper 11:23 am 09 Jul 09

Malcolm_Powder said :

At the risk of sounding incredibly stupid. i have no idea what ad it is you guys/girls are talking about

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the ad either. Most of my free-to-air watching is taped earlier and I fast forward through the ads.

Danman 11:20 am 09 Jul 09

Hell Yeah S.O.D.

Speak English Or Die – one of their finer moments 😛

Malcolm_Powder 11:09 am 09 Jul 09

At the risk of sounding incredibly stupid. i have no idea what ad it is you guys/girls are talking about

tortfeaser 11:03 am 09 Jul 09

I found out there seems to be a bakery there, so not a total fail. No idea what its like. It’d better be better than the Ginger Room. Poor service and very average food trying too hard.

Inappropriate 10:57 am 09 Jul 09

Ugh, I hate those ads. And yes, I thought she was preggers too! The acting is cringe worthy.

And I can’t stand that hat she wears in the second scene – it looks so stupid on her.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 10:17 am 09 Jul 09

I think the song is called “Premenstrual Princess Blues” by the Stormtroopers Of Death (aka S.O.D.).

Anyone else rememther this band?

Ozhair 10:08 am 09 Jul 09

Yeah, I have to admit I’m not a fan of the Ginger Catering ads (even though there are people I know in them). I think they totally fail as far as selling their product. You watch them, and if it wasn’t for the company logo at the end, you wouldn’t know what they’re selling.

ant 9:26 am 09 Jul 09

I loathe those Ginger Catering ads. Bearcage usually do much better than that. They’re clunky… I thought the lady in the shiny dress was pregnant; the first front shot certainly suggests it, but then she’s guzzling champagne so I figure she’s not pregnant, just wearing a very unflattering dress. Clumsy ads that don’t really portray the image I think they want to portray (fun plance, sophisticated and stylish).

Ozhair 8:56 am 09 Jul 09

Since it’s an ad for a local company produced locally, I doubt it’s anything well known. Most likely a local band, or a professionally produced jingle.

I think the ad was produced by Bearcage Productions. If it’s really bugging you, you could always email them and ask 🙂

Nambucco Deliria 8:55 am 09 Jul 09

What are the lyrics?

Mike Bessenger 8:43 am 09 Jul 09

Why not call them, I’m sure they could find out for you.

screaming banshee 8:40 am 09 Jul 09

Not sure about the song but what shi!ts me about the ad is when she pretends to drink the coffee. It looks so stupid, why not just drink the coffee or whatever.

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