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God squad hot and bothered

By Ari - 23 October 2006 65

The holy rollers are up in arms over Jon Stanhope’s renewed push to reach the end zone of same-sex “partnerships”.

With a growing cabal of Federal Libs jumping on the back of the gay rights bandwagon, Howard may find it harder to screw the ACT over the issue this time.

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65 Responses to
God squad hot and bothered
Absent Diane 8:42 am 24 Oct 06

taylor – only 4% of species don’t have some form of homosexuality. And we are part of other 96%.

Let them get married.. give them the full rights of anyone else.

Mr_Shab 8:31 am 24 Oct 06

Hey – We’re 14 comments into a gay rights debate and no word from VY?

Bit slow off the mark, old son.

FC 8:25 am 24 Oct 06

“all evidence suggests that man and woman compliment each other in every sense of the word. just because technology or jon stanhope says we can change things, doesnt mean its ok. ”
All the legislation is going to do is RECOGNISE ppl’s relationships.
Its not about whether being gay is right or wrong, or whether gay couples can have children, JUST about their relationship being recognised.
It F*cken stupid that it is not already legalised. A complete embarrassment actually.
What the hell are the christian idiots going on about anyway, I think the sanctity of marriage was lost long ago anyway..
Maybe they think that if this goes through even one will all of a sudden become homosexuals and take over the world.

Thumper 7:59 am 24 Oct 06

I heard Mr Corbell on the radio earlier this morning and his argument was quite sane and sound.

Woody Mann-Caruso 7:46 am 24 Oct 06

just because technology says we can change things, doesnt mean its ok

I was against the +3 Orbital Mind Control Laser of Gaydom from the start.

Special G 7:42 am 24 Oct 06

Next thing you know, we will be allowing the gays to vote.

lateralis 6:38 am 24 Oct 06

I dislike fundamentalism and extremism whoever it comes from.

taylor 11:01 pm 23 Oct 06

no possible argument to say you are wrong? whether you beleive we are relatives of the chimps or placed on earth by a higher power, all evidence suggests that man and woman compliment each other in every sense of the word. just because technology or jon stanhope says we can change things, doesnt mean its ok. i guess i am just saying that i dont think you are any more definitely right than the church is.

Absent Diane 10:02 pm 23 Oct 06

anyone who has these idiotic ideas I have no time for religious or not. anyone who has spiritual beliefs but is still open minded I have all the time in the world for.

but i am right,there is no possible logical argument that can say I am wrong.. there is no place for these exetremist religious morals in society.

bassman… yes that is my personal opinion.. which is deeply based in is to fight people who are unfit to have children from having them, which will improve the standard of living and also provide stem cell research specimens. Unlike the churches I have no power so anything I say in public has no real bearing… so get a grip mate πŸ™‚

taylor 9:19 pm 23 Oct 06

AD, do you lump every Christian person into this category?

KaneO 8:16 pm 23 Oct 06

Lesbians should be allowed to marry, as long as the wedding nuptials are broadcast live on the internet.

Pandy 7:16 pm 23 Oct 06

I don’t care what the poofs and lesbos do as long as they don’t adopt kids.

Bassman 6:59 pm 23 Oct 06

Sorry AD, who is the one with extreme views?? I seem to remember you mentioning mandatory under 25 abortions??

futto 6:30 pm 23 Oct 06

no seriously. Tell us what you really think, diane. Jezz. πŸ™‚

Absent Diane 5:48 pm 23 Oct 06

fuck they are seriously a bunch of idiots. keep your fuckhead christian wank morals out of society there is no place for these lunatic idiotic arcahic ideals. man i hate these extremist cunts.

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