Goodbye Starbucks – you were never good enough for this town

johnboy 30 July 2008 117

[First filed: July 29, 2008 @ 17:28]

Starbucks have announced that they’re retreating to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

This means the filthy muck-slingers are running out of town with their tails between their legs.

Well done everyone.

UPDATED: Jon Stanhope has astonishingly weighed in advising sacked Starbuckers to use the “Live in Canberra” program to find another job. Does this only apply for cases with a high media profile or has he started an employment service?

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117 Responses to Goodbye Starbucks – you were never good enough for this town
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sepi sepi 10:05 am 01 Aug 08

Kingleys and Ali Barbars are Canberra franchises.

jakez jakez 9:59 am 01 Aug 08

So get rid of everything but the store that you personally like?

I see…

OzChick OzChick 9:50 am 01 Aug 08

^ Get rid of those, but Borders should stay. I love that store…

jakez jakez 9:47 am 01 Aug 08

If that was it (I doubt it), KFC could have fixed that easily by setting up a contractual term where you don’t waste food. Many all you can eats do so with signs. They don’t like it, you can then safely bounce them out the door never to come back.

johnboy johnboy 9:46 am 01 Aug 08

They have drive throughs.

If Starbucks had drive through they’d still be with us.

DJ DJ 9:44 am 01 Aug 08

So it’s off with Starbucks – no tears here. Now, how do we get rid of other American cancers like KFC (Kingsleys is better – hope it isn’t American!) or McDonalds (anything is better) or Burger King (better than Maccas but not as good as the old suburban ma and pa shop burger with the lot)….

RuffnReady RuffnReady 12:36 am 01 Aug 08

Woody Mann-Caruso said :

That KFC store was all-you-can-eat, too. Never seen anything like it before or since. That was also when KFC in Canberra did home delivery. Ah, the mid-nineties – what a golden age we lived in.

It’s just a rumour, but I heard that the all-you-can-eat KFC went by the wayside because a few uni students would consistently turn up and go through massive quantities of chicken by just eating the skin and leaving the rest! It’s wrong that they ruined it for all of us, but I see what they were getting at. Why hasn’t KFC brought out “deep-fried skin balls”? They’d sell by the trillions.

johnboy johnboy 11:40 pm 31 Jul 08

For mine it was the poor product and the structure built around filter coffee which made them useless.

JC JC 11:11 pm 31 Jul 08

Ahh the comments here are so typical of the anti big business ditibe that gets spurted out on The Riotact. Although I know Starbucks have been accused of anti-competative tactics elsewhere can anyone tell me how they were anti competative in Canberra? Which shops closed or where a victum of their tactics? The answer is none. The only ones they have done out of business are themselves for nat adapting their product to suit the local market. The coffee and service they give is so American but clearly doesn’t work in Australia.

As for local business and the like, companies like Starbucks certainly make more possitions available than the small family owned business. That little coffee shop being ran by the Greek, Italian or the Chinese guy are employing their own family, and no doubt not paying their full amount of tax due to the Australian government.

For a massive retail chain Starbucks is different in that no shop anywhere in the world is a franchise. All are company owned, with the exception of a few (thousand) which are operated under licence. What that means is everyone working in a store is an employee. I know I prefer that to franchise arrangements where you need big money to buy in in the first place. At least there is a better chance for people to work their way through the ranks without being family as you see in a lot of franchise businesses such as McDonalds.

stonedwookie stonedwookie 7:50 pm 31 Jul 08

LOL its got nothing 2 do with canberra there closing in alot of places.
crashing us economy has cuase them to shut alot of stores

Hugo Hugo 3:54 pm 31 Jul 08

I-filed said :

Starbucks was crap. This town way too sophisticated. Maybe they should have put Starbucks at Charny.

To sling off at Canberra suburbs is smartarse not sophisticated. And Canberrans are not “sophisticated” they are intelligent.

jakez jakez 2:29 pm 31 Jul 08

Coffee snobbery seems to be a true passion of our towns wankers.

astrojax astrojax 2:00 pm 31 Jul 08

I love my coffee, and I know the difference between a good and bad coffee, and one thing that annoys me is coffee snobs slagging Starbucks for the simple reason it is a chain store. I’d like to know how many of them have actually tried their coffee. In my opinion, Starbucks is the best chain coffee store around. It runs circles around Gloria Jeans. I always enjoyed my weekend coffee at Gungahlin or Brand Depot Starbucks. I will miss it.

‘the best chain coffee’ is like saying pus tastes better than citrus mould. you may ‘love your coffee’, but i’m guessing i wouldn’t.

OzChick OzChick 1:43 pm 31 Jul 08

It looks like just the Manuka one will remain open.

jakez jakez 12:40 pm 31 Jul 08

Woody Mann-Caruso said :

That KFC store was all-you-can-eat, too. Never seen anything like it before or since. That was also when KFC in Canberra did home delivery. Ah, the mid-nineties – what a golden age we lived in.

OH MY GOD! I had completely forgotten about that. Those were the days.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 11:52 am 31 Jul 08

That KFC store was all-you-can-eat, too. Never seen anything like it before or since. That was also when KFC in Canberra did home delivery. Ah, the mid-nineties – what a golden age we lived in.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 10:27 am 31 Jul 08

I realise there are some people who dislike Starbucks because of their coffee, and other people, like me, who just dislike and disagree with the Company and their ethics. By them closing their doors and giving their staff zero notice and minuscule compensation – is yet another reason why they suck. They are a large multinational corporation who, while they are loosing money, take little care of those who have been working for them. They clearly give not thought or value to their employee’s lives. It’s absolutely unacceptable. Very typical of these companies. All that matters is the bottom line. I hope the ex-employee’s find jobs with little problem. From what I understand, there is still quite a shortage in the hospitality industry here.

As for Panhead’s comment – I really feel for the hard-working franchise owners such as your Dad. Franchise owners are another victim to big companies closing their doors. Also they are often the ones affected in the initial saturation of a market area:

Franchisee 1 spends a huge amount buying into a franchise and opens up shop in a town centre. Franchisee 2 does the same. The company set these two businesses up to saturate the marketplace and push out small business. Then head-office closes franchisee 1 (or 2’s) shop now that all competition has been pushed out of the market place, and it is not “company viable” to have to have two franchises open so close to each other. Franchisee 1 loses their money and investment, and all their staff are out of work.

While different to what has most recently happened, this sadly happens all the time. This time is has backfired for Star*ucks, but sadly there are thousands of casualties.

jakez jakez 9:35 am 31 Jul 08

Overheard said :

There used to be one where the Holy Grail is now across from Glebe Park. And a KFC a few doors down, both now gone. That strip leading down to where there are now pedestrian lights used to be a late night meeting point for young blokes and their hot cars. Not sure if the disappearances are linked. (Maybe not since the car club went on way later than the stores were open.)

Yes the closure of that McDonald’s was an amazing thing due to how rare it is for that to happen.

When that was open it was still only two (that and James Court) as I can recall. So the original point does not stand.

toriness toriness 8:15 am 31 Jul 08

p.s. good riddance to starbucks and their awful overpriced brown coffee-flavoured hot water.

toriness toriness 8:14 am 31 Jul 08

isn’t it the case that we have negative unemployment in canberra – ie more vacancies than people drawing the dole? certainly it seems to me, in civic anyway, that every 3rd shop has an ad in the window for a vacant position. so really while it would of course be inconvenient to be working for starbucks and have to now find a new job, i just don’t think it would be that hard a task.

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