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Goodbye Starbucks – you were never good enough for this town

By johnboy - 30 July 2008 117

[First filed: July 29, 2008 @ 17:28]

Starbucks have announced that they’re retreating to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

This means the filthy muck-slingers are running out of town with their tails between their legs.

Well done everyone.

UPDATED: Jon Stanhope has astonishingly weighed in advising sacked Starbuckers to use the “Live in Canberra” program to find another job. Does this only apply for cases with a high media profile or has he started an employment service?

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117 Responses to
Goodbye Starbucks – you were never good enough for this town
Footloose 8:24 pm 29 Jul 08

Hooray for small business!
Dont worry about the staff y’all…they will be happily absorbed into a seriously understaffed and underskilled local hospitality industry.

Woody Mann-Caruso 7:55 pm 29 Jul 08

*shrug* Tasted all right to me. But then maybe I can see that coffee is just a drink, and I don’t feel the need to rail against a company to maintain my jaded hipster image.

I-filed 7:35 pm 29 Jul 08

Starbucks was crap. This town way too sophisticated. Maybe they should have put Starbucks at Charny.

VicePope 7:20 pm 29 Jul 08

As one who went there only when others insisted, I’d have to agree with those who thought the coffee stank. I hope the pleasant and hardworking young people get jobs somewhere, but perhaps not involving coffee. They deserved a better product. And so did we.

Mr Waffle 7:04 pm 29 Jul 08

I never had their coffee, but I absolutely adored their frappaccinos, especially the green tea one. RIP Canberra Starbucks 🙁

RuffnReady 6:55 pm 29 Jul 08

I’m as disappointed by the homogeneity of franchise culture as the next rational man, and it’s annoying to have a Starbucks on every corner like they do in Japan, but we had what, ONE? What’s the big deal?

McDonald’s/Hungry Jacks/KFC are a lot worse than Starbucks ever was in this town, and I see kids eating that shit all the time. Isn’t that more of a concern than running one Starbucks outlet out of town? McDonald’s in particular must soak up 10s of millions of dollars from local businesses whilst pedaling horrible food that sets up poor eating patterns for a life time to kids not even old enough to make conscious decisions about what they are eating… hook them at 2 and you’ve got them for life, as the McDonald’s marketing memo said…

johnboy 6:43 pm 29 Jul 08

Another cafe else might buy up the site, although I’m guessing the fittings will go through a central clearing system.

ogrex 6:41 pm 29 Jul 08

Coffee = bad… yes.

Unfortunately, they did have the most comfy places to sit (for extended periods) and read while sipping something caffeinated. Great people watching location in Garema Place.

While I make a better coffee at home, I for one, will miss them.

Overheard 6:05 pm 29 Jul 08

There are a few reports today about the yanks getting all moist in the loins over these Clover machines.

But seriously, would you (as apparently the Clover machine partons are doing) line up around a city block just for a cup of coffee in a styrofoam or whatever cup? I’d personally just do what I do now: chuck a few scoops of Tradefair coffee into the plunger, or go to the local independent barista (whom I hope will now benefit from the demise of Starbucks and also pick up any ex-Starbucks workers).

Jonathon Reynolds 5:57 pm 29 Jul 08

Not a huge fan of Starbucks myself. Hopefully the local employees can transition to cafes and take away coffee shops around town.

I was anticipating that we might have seen the Clover Coffee machine that they were deploying in the US – a sophisticated version of a French press:

Avy 5:43 pm 29 Jul 08

With a name like Starbucks, it is more likely to be Battlestar Galactica…

Thumper 5:41 pm 29 Jul 08

What did they sell?

Buck Rogers or Stargate memorabilia?

Whatsup 5:35 pm 29 Jul 08

Did we have a Starbucks ?

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 5:34 pm 29 Jul 08

Capitalism at work. It’s like natural selection, but for businesses.

iCanberran 5:32 pm 29 Jul 08

Not a day too soon I might say. Bitter, burnt, tasteless (yet awful tasting as well) murky swill.
Now, if they can take Gloria Jeans and Coffee Guru with them… yes!

Quite a number of the staff though are young students though so I do sympathise for them.

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