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Google Street View – Canberra on the map

By Widdershins - 5 August 2008 138

Google has launched its Street View today, with plenty of coverage for Canberra. Haven’t found any pictures of people yet, which is where the controversy comes in, but it’s a bit addictive.

Google Street View

Google Street View

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ED – a pint for the funniest link any of you can find in the ACT.

The current leader is Sammy who found a bloke in need of a trailer at Hello Sexy.

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There is, however, a challenger. Mick has found this wedding in Queanbeyan:

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Wino found this one and offered up the caption “looking for a screw?”

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Aronde found cars playing chicken on Belconnen Way:

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Jonathan Reynolds found a warp drive on State Circle:

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P1 discovered a badly tied down load and wondered if a traffic infringement would be possible:

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What’s Your opinion?

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138 Responses to
Google Street View – Canberra on the map
Skidbladnir 11:13 am 05 Aug 08

These drivebys are daytime-only events, or night-time?

Either way, I suspect there may be a few people concerned about their car rego, or faces being shown.
IE: Those wonderful people above Timberland, others who frequent the Mimi Club, Kambah Pool, etc.

peterh 11:12 am 05 Aug 08

what about the implications from, say a stalker being able to see where you live? or a pedophile? not very good – this technology could be abused, big time.

MissB 11:12 am 05 Aug 08

Yeah my suburb was taken more than 3 months ago, my old car with my mobile number is on the back. Thank goodness for the not so clear images!

jakez 11:02 am 05 Aug 08

niftydog said :

Simultaneously fascinating and creepy – just like me!

Indeed. I can’t wait to show my fiancee. She didn’t like it when you could see a low res image of the top of a house and the backyard using Google Earth.

Still, I’m not sure we really have privacy in public. There is something unsettling about it all though.

rosebud 10:52 am 05 Aug 08

Igor, more power, I need MORE POWER. It’s ALIVE! It’s ALIVE. Bwahahahahahaa!

OzChick 10:49 am 05 Aug 08

Whoah, this is way intrusive… but interesting…

Widdershins 10:44 am 05 Aug 08

Threeze, there is a way to report inappropriate images (click on Street View help link at the top of an image window). It does have a category specifically for car rego (also for faces and houses).

Ari 10:41 am 05 Aug 08

johnboy said :

So they did the inner north in the last three weeks.

Not for me – the shot of my place is definitely at least six months old.

threeze 10:40 am 05 Aug 08

I don’t think I like people being able to see my car and rego, or the fact that I am the only house in my street without a garden.

johnboy 10:39 am 05 Aug 08

Wow, that’s my car. So they did the inner north in the last three weeks.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:36 am 05 Aug 08

*stupid backward department no adobe flash 9 grumble*

niftydog 10:35 am 05 Aug 08

Simultaneously fascinating and creepy – just like me!

Skidbladnir 10:32 am 05 Aug 08

There -are- people, mostly relaxing in the cafes (Anketell St in Greenway, or Franklin & Flinders Sts in Manuka), but faces are such low-res as to be unidentifiable.

The shots are old for some areas.
Some developing buildings are either foundations or the old buildings, the extension my neighbour started maybe six months ago is still just unspoiled earth in his front yard, Glenloch Interchange isn’t complete…

And there’s a -very- distinct change of seasons as you come across the Commonwealth Bridge, too.

caf 10:23 am 05 Aug 08

This view dates the StreetView visit to within a couple of weeks.

fnaah 9:56 am 05 Aug 08

Bah, more evidence I need to move out of the dump i’m in – it’s not covered! 🙁

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