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Government blocks information about school closures

By louise - 13 February 2007 29

The ACT Opposition has accused the Government of taking unprecedented action to block the release of documents related to the decision to close 23 schools across Canberra.

A story on ABC online shows just how shy the government is about letting people know the reasoning behind its school closures agenda.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this item is that anyone expected the government to treat the community with any less contempt than it did last year.

The 2008 election can’t come soon enough.

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29 Responses to
Government blocks information about school closures
Thumper 8:36 am 14 Feb 07

“Not in the publics interest”

Funny that, it seems to me that the public is very, very interested.

Roll on 2008 and kick these arrogant, incompetant, lying bastards out.

(Okay, I agree, we don’t have much of an opposition….)

nyssa76 11:00 pm 13 Feb 07

Hasdrubahl, well considering the land for Griffith Library sold for a mint, what other reason is there for closing the schools?

It’s all about money.

You can’t write a decent policy in 3-6 months. It was too hastily put together with maximum impact and confusion.

School communities will still be feeling the “sting” for the next 2 years, if not longer. This includes student numbers and staffing issues.

seepi 9:35 pm 13 Feb 07

They probably just odnt’ want people poring over the documents and finding illogicalities and inconsistencies.

The towards 2020 mob only had a few months to work out which schools to close, so I’m sure it was a pretty chaotic process and some random decisions were made. They just don’t want people examining the fine print now.

Hasdrubahl 9:35 pm 13 Feb 07

Correction: WAS your money.

Ingeegoodbee 9:32 pm 13 Feb 07

Mate it’s like putting bread out for pidgeons … the more money you let slip through your fingers as tax, the more leeches and parasites the government employs to spend your money … never forget that it’s your money!

Hasdrubahl 9:05 pm 13 Feb 07

You mean there’s only one?

Ingeegoodbee 9:04 pm 13 Feb 07

I do find it difficult to imagine how transparency in a decision that directly affects the Canberra public can be deemed ‘not in the public interest’ by some faceless leech in the bureaucracy.

Hasdrubahl 8:57 pm 13 Feb 07

So what, fellow conspiratorialists, are the REAL reasons for the closure of these schools?

swissbignose 7:39 pm 13 Feb 07

Has anyone considered that the reason why the release of these documents is “not in the public’s interest”, is because they recommend that far more than the 39 targetted schools should be closed down, including the reduction in force of an equivalent number of teachers/administrators/support staff?

Imagine the chaos then.

(I’ve made the assumption that these documents were part of/came out of/were derived from the Costello report. Costello’s brief wouldn’t have been “deliver us a report that would be easy to spin to the media and public”.)

nyssa76 7:28 pm 13 Feb 07

One would think though that if the people are requesting them in “large” numbers, the Govt would release the information without prejudice.

As per usual it will be a game of cat and mouse, ignoring the taxpayers of the ACT who pay their over-priced salaries.

LG 7:15 pm 13 Feb 07

All that appears to have happened is that the department has sought more time to prepare for the AAT – not suprisingly considering how many FOI requests the department would have received on the subject!

nyssa76 7:07 pm 13 Feb 07

caf, all documents relating to the school closures were requested.

caf 6:17 pm 13 Feb 07

It’s impossible to judge this without knowing what documents were requested.

nyssa76 5:58 pm 13 Feb 07

Why not look at the post instead of being a smart-arse?

The Govt is covering up something and I’d be safe to say its re: numbers (students, monies paid etc).

bonfire 5:39 pm 13 Feb 07


yep. top level codeword info that….

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