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Government considers photo-ID parking permits

Kerces 30 January 2006 15

The ABC reports the ACT Government is considering introducing a new photo-ID scheme for disabled parking permits.

Apparently a similar system in NSW cut the number of new and reduced permits by 25 per cent — presumably the amount of people who were using them falsely.

Urban Services Minister John Hargreaves said the government would look at whether using photos on the permits would “support people with a disability and their carers”, and it would only be introduced if this is the case.

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15 Responses to Government considers photo-ID parking permits
por 8:55 pm 01 Feb 06

I have a mate whose wife has MS. She is in a wheelchair, he drives. Who’s photo goes on the card.
He takes her somwhere (she tries to be independant) and drops her off; it has to be in a wide park to get her in the wheelchair; then comes back to get her.
Every one of these has a fit driver and disabled passenger.
What goes on the sticker?

Special G 11:45 am 31 Jan 06

Plenty of what ifs there che. The ticket for parking in a disabled spot is about $230. People do it anyway. I guess they are not too worried about the cash fine.

People will do it anyway because they are lazy. I reckon we need those big wheel lock things and then tow the car. Inconvienience is better than a cash fine.

che 10:42 am 31 Jan 06

and how about the situation of, the driver is able bodied but the passenger is disabled
they have a disabled sticker for when driving the disabled person around, whos name and photo is on the car?
what if the disabled person doesn’t have a licence to compare them too?
what if the driver is parking in a handicap spot in order to pick up the passenger from a doctors appointment? so the handicapped person is not near the car when the parking inspectors pounce

shauno 9:52 am 31 Jan 06

Thats a good point Thumper
I really cant understand some people. I would never park in a disabled place it just isnt the right thing to do. Ok some other no parking zones I have used at one time or another but not disabled zones.

Thumper 8:04 am 31 Jan 06

Ha, cynical is my middle name…

However, what about simply bumping fines for parking in a disabled spot when not legitemately allowed to, up to say, $1000 or so.

Now that is disincentive.

nyssa76 7:13 am 31 Jan 06

It was probably put forward by some PS who wants a raise in his salary. All “great” Govt ideas come out that way. They usually get the payrise.

God, I am getting too cynical……

shauno 1:03 am 31 Jan 06

“their name is on the parking permit, their photo is on their licence.

what are we playing at here?”

Exactly more bloody bureaucracy. What a waste of tax payers money

johnboy 11:29 pm 30 Jan 06

their name is on the parking permit, their photo is on their licence.

what are we playing at here?

kingmaker 2:26 pm 30 Jan 06

Its not like theres any f%$#*@& spaces to park in anywhere in the city anyway……

T_Bone 12:52 pm 30 Jan 06

I would think that having to get a photo taken for the permit would be harder for diabled people. I know how much having to front up to get a photo for my license renewal shits me. Maybe the reduction in the number of permits in NSW was because the disabled people that may rarely use the pass, but like to have it just incase, now find it too much of a hastle to get one. But oh no the government wants us to think that the reduction is because they have caught out all those bad people that were robbing the system. Bullshit.

Thumper 12:37 pm 30 Jan 06

Photo IDs. So the parking wallahs wait until the occupant comes trunding back in a wheel chair and then asks for ID?

What a waste of money.

And i’m sure a photo ID would cost vastly more than a simple sticker, given the penchant fro the ACT government to whack a huge admin fee onto anything they do.

Swaggie 12:23 pm 30 Jan 06

While they’re at it they need to check out the section of car park at the top of Marcus Clarke Street, reserved for the pensioners club or whatever it is but apparently for a ‘donation’ to the club you can get one of their keys – all allegedly of course and heard around the water cooler…

Maelinar 12:14 pm 30 Jan 06

100% of parking tickets I have ever received has been when I was not at my car.

How will a picture of the occupant of the vehicle (who isn’t there to be compared against) constitute an infringeable offence ?

Fiona 10:06 am 30 Jan 06

The ones in NSW aren’t even displayed face-up “for privacy reasons”.

ssanta 9:49 am 30 Jan 06

Nice idea. Now all the parking gimps need to do is hang around and wait for the offender to turn up and check that the driver is indeed allowed to use the permit.

Nice waste of a public resource, smackhead.

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