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Grapevine – what is going on!?

By taiyaki 26 September 2007 26

No email for grapevine users since Sunday, but patchy and incorrect information from grapevine all the way through.

Despite the proclamation on the grapevine website yesterday that as of 2pm yesterday that the email outage is resolved, and then again last night at 10.30pm that email issues are resolved, I – and I’m guessing most grapevine custromers – still have no access to email. We rang this morning, and after waiting ages to get through, were told that the complete non-access problem we have (we can’t even log on) was across the system. But there is no notice about it, and no recorded message about it. The information on their website still claims the system is up an operating. I’m glad I don’t have a small business or rely on my grapevine account for work, because this is just not good enough.

If there is a problem with the network, they should be upfront about it and not have posted incorrect information on their website. The heading “Total Email Outage – Resolved” and “Email Issues – Resolved” when they are clearly not, is irritating and frustrating for customers in the extreme. I hope they offer us all a refund or reduced access fee this month.

Anyone else affected by this or been told it’s fixed when it isn’t?

What’s Your opinion?

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Grapevine – what is going on!?
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QUID 4:09 pm 25 Oct 07

We had our Transact service disconnected as we were moving interstate, hence there was no email available through Grapevine as there was no line and upon attempting to login 2 Grapevine on a friends computer, the Grapevine Homepage promply advised us that our previous user name was now unknown, and the bastards then tried 2 stick us with a bill for three months service of email. I had to explain to them why they couldnt bill me for a service they were no longer providing. Im not so sure that my new intertstate ISP is any better yet but atleast I got net. Good luck with Grapevine guys! Quid

jemmy 12:43 am 28 Sep 07

Give Internode a look too. iiNet’s not bad, but not great either. I was with iiNet and switched when I moved house and had to disconnect the old adsl. No regrets, I didn’t like the changes to iiNet’s usenet service.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 9:32 pm 27 Sep 07

Just another word on iinet – 24 hour phone helpdesk if there are connectivity problems, and *useful* phone operators.

boomacat 11:40 am 27 Sep 07

I’ve tried a few different ISPs, I’m with iinet at the mo on an ADSL2+ plan and it’s the happiest I’ve ever been with an ISP.

Was with bigpond, but their plans were way overpriced compared to their competitors, and their service was terrible (generally true with any Telstra products in my experience). Although very reliable.

Tried TPG, terrible service and don’t offer ADSL2+ in my area.

shady 10:31 am 27 Sep 07

I’m with Grapevine as well… They are the most useless F^*&*s I have ever come across. Network status link on the site was down the entire time email was down. I sent them some hate mail (from a hotmail account) but that bounced! Can’t even keep their own email up! Pathetic service constantly. I’m getting straight on the next train to velocity and warning everyone about their lack of… well.. everything. Werrrst ISP.. everrrr.

ogrex 7:13 pm 26 Sep 07

I’d tend to agree that grapevine lacks something as far as reliable service, but their early plans (pre 2007) were pretty good for the money. I’m on a $38 10GB plan with true unlimited offpeak download (according to my original T&C). The new plans have that “acceptable off-peak download limits” which I think are complete shit. They keep calling me to ask me about bundling my services, and seem completely ignorant when I explain to them that their new plans aren’t as good.

Anyway – if I had to buy now I wouldn’t go with grapevine but so long as they stick to my original contract I’ll stay put.

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