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Grapevine – what is going on!?

By taiyaki - 26 September 2007 26

No email for grapevine users since Sunday, but patchy and incorrect information from grapevine all the way through.

Despite the proclamation on the grapevine website yesterday that as of 2pm yesterday that the email outage is resolved, and then again last night at 10.30pm that email issues are resolved, I – and I’m guessing most grapevine custromers – still have no access to email. We rang this morning, and after waiting ages to get through, were told that the complete non-access problem we have (we can’t even log on) was across the system. But there is no notice about it, and no recorded message about it. The information on their website still claims the system is up an operating. I’m glad I don’t have a small business or rely on my grapevine account for work, because this is just not good enough.

If there is a problem with the network, they should be upfront about it and not have posted incorrect information on their website. The heading “Total Email Outage – Resolved” and “Email Issues – Resolved” when they are clearly not, is irritating and frustrating for customers in the extreme. I hope they offer us all a refund or reduced access fee this month.

Anyone else affected by this or been told it’s fixed when it isn’t?

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Grapevine – what is going on!?
asp 2:46 pm 26 Sep 07

ADSL2! Damn it. It would coast me $129 to get ADSL2 with Bigpond. That’s it, I’m swapping to a local ISP!

el ......VNBerlinaV8 2:42 pm 26 Sep 07

DO NOT go on any plan which has excess usage charges when there are shaped plans available. A mistake by my Dad cost us $500+ extra in one month.

Damn, that’s a lotta porn!

Back on topic – I’ve been very happy with ADSL2 through iinet myself, and have only ever heard good things about Internode too.

asp 2:36 pm 26 Sep 07

Quite right. Last time I priced them against other local ISPs and even Bigpond, I wouldn’t be saving anything.

While on the subject of ISPs. Just as Federal Labour has been saying, the more people who use wirless internet (such as nextG), the slower it goes. My internet speeds have dropped from 1400kb/s to just 500kb/s in just four months. And the Liberals think that wirless internet and nextG is going to give the bush “world class” high speed internet. What a croc.

hk0reduck 2:25 pm 26 Sep 07

Oh yeah, a bit on topic.

Grapevine is notorious for being a cheaply-run ISP by TransACT for a bit of extra revenue. Unfortunately these savings are not passed onto the customer. If there is anyway that you can break out of your contract I would reccommend that you do and change to either Velocity or Netspeed.

hk0reduck 2:23 pm 26 Sep 07

I also recommend Velocity if you’re on transACT for whatever reason.

We’re on a shaped plan and Speed-scheduled our downloads in the off-peak times, managed to get 110+gigs last month without getting capped. I think from the T&C we could go to 120gig a month without receiving any notice from them to slow down.

DO NOT go on any plan which has excess usage charges when there are shaped plans available. A mistake by my Dad cost us $500+ extra in one month.

DawnDrifter 2:03 pm 26 Sep 07

I use Internode and have for 3 and a bit years. not 1 outage has effected me.. best ISP out there IMO

asp 2:02 pm 26 Sep 07

I’m with Bigpond and in four years, it has only been down for 4 hours total between 9am and 12 midnight. Usually their out for an hour every few weeks at 3am in the morning. Very reliable, but their prices are murder for large download plans (20GB). I’d love the change but with the outages I hear about from local providers, especially on Whirlpool, I feel like I’m dammed either way I go.

darkmilk 1:22 pm 26 Sep 07

check out the forum on grapevine mailserver etc.

(BTW, for everyone else, whirlpool is a great site for info on all ISPs and quick answers on issues like this as many ISP staff are on there)

As for “I’m glad I don’t have a small business or rely on my grapevine account for work, because this is just not good enough”: this is the reason some ISP’s offer ‘business’ ADSL plans which cost more than residential… see whirlpool above!

Growling Ferret 1:20 pm 26 Sep 07

Boney – that’s why you use gmail or yahoo mail or hotmail….. It doesn’t matter who your ISP is then

boneymaloney 1:19 pm 26 Sep 07

[muses] if you could easily transfer your email address to another provider like you can with your mobile number, perhaps service would improve…

grundy 1:18 pm 26 Sep 07

Solution =

Grapevine is the most hopeless ISP I have seen…. and I say that even after working for Bigpond at one stage…

bighead 1:13 pm 26 Sep 07

That sucks, Get a better ISP. Outages once every so often are understandable, but certainly no emails for days is a bit much. I left a Canberra ISP a few months back to switch to internode. Best decision I’ve made in a long time.

Jazz 12:55 pm 26 Sep 07

you could always use velocity. just follow the link to the right of this comment [end freebie plug]

seriously though I’m with grapevine & havent been overly impressed with the outages of late. I did notice the email issues last night but of course their tech support line wasnt open.

schmerica_ 12:38 pm 26 Sep 07

No problems with mine… I just received all my new emails about 30 seconds ago

Gungahlin Al 12:26 pm 26 Sep 07

This was subject of an article in CT today. Something about an upgraded server wouldn’t reboot on Sunday. Emails are getting through but very slowly, and they are putting another server in pronto but still don’t know what the problem is….

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