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Greens call for buggering up Canberra Avenue

By johnboy - 5 August 2009 25

The Greens’ Meredith Hunter is taking a swing at the residents of Queanbeyan and their filthy motorised personal transit into our fair city every day:

    The ACT Greens have called for the Chief Minister and Queanbeyan Mayor to agree on the need for bus/taxi priority signals along Canberra Avenue.

    “Over 60 percent of Queanbeyan City workers commute to the ACT, and the fact that the vast majority use a private motor vehicle has real impact on parking, congestion and emissions.” ACT Greens Parliamentary Convenor, Meredith Hunter MLA said today.

    “There’s an opportunity for a fresh start with a new Mayor over the border and the Chief Minister taking back the Transport portfolio.”

    “We’re hoping for some concrete results to come out of this meeting and the Greens would look to support investment in sustainable transit between the two cities.” Ms Hunter said.

    Greens Transport Spokesperson, Amanda Bresnan MLA has identified priority signals as the logical first step to improving transit between the two cities.

Well, it’s not as if they vote here.

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25 Responses to
Greens call for buggering up Canberra Avenue
Up The Duffy 10:58 pm 05 Aug 09

Paint half the road off for a cycle lane too, fit healthy NS Welshmen are welcome to commute here to work. The fatties can stay on the other side, as they may be lazy.

c9 10:23 pm 05 Aug 09

They pay for parking, which according to other recent statements by the government, is priced according to its cost/as a social engineering experiment to discourage people driving their cars.

Thoroughly Smashed 9:51 pm 05 Aug 09

“Greens call for buggering up Canberra Avenue”

Bus/taxi priority signals doesn’t mean bus lanes, it just means a few more seconds waiting for that precious green.

bd84 9:10 pm 05 Aug 09

if they were serious about fixing the transport, the NSW and ACT government would negotiate to have a reciprical arrangements for bus travel between the city and the hole. It’s about $11 a trip on a Deanes bus from what I’ve been told, I wouldn’t want to pay that. I think Amanda has got her figures mixed up too, I’m pretty sure she was referring to the unemployment rate of Queanbeyan when she said 60%.

bannister 8:44 pm 05 Aug 09

Queanbeyan is a filthy mess.

Addison 8:35 pm 05 Aug 09

something that actually resembles a bus service would be a very good start.

GregW 6:41 pm 05 Aug 09

The numbers of NSW drivers traveling to Civic during morning peak hour would suggest a significant number of public servant / retail / white collar workers.

Given that the ACT’s bus services are subsidised by taxes incurred (mostly) by ACT residents, shouldn’t the NSW government be responsible for improving the frequency / appeal of public transport?

An alternative could be toll roads at the border, funds raised go to public transport. The toll is varied to achieve the desired mix of public / private passengers. Is it naive to think this would change behavior?

taco 5:36 pm 05 Aug 09

Priority bus lanes for the what, one bus per half hour from Queanbeyan?

To stereotype, aren’t most Queanbeyan workers in blue collar trades that are geographically dispersed?
The transport problems between the cities is a bit more complex than getting pubes from Gunghalin to the City (priority bus signals on Flemington rd and Northbourne ave)

Greens need to stop smoking the green stuff and actually think.

p1 5:28 pm 05 Aug 09
caf 5:12 pm 05 Aug 09

I call for the introduction of “Y” priority signals for cars with ACT plates 😉

Calwell Resident 4:51 pm 05 Aug 09

Do you mean the Greens. Good idea.

Jim Jones 4:28 pm 05 Aug 09

Can’t we build a giant wall around the city to keep them out?

LG 4:26 pm 05 Aug 09

really long bike lanes?

JC 4:23 pm 05 Aug 09

Before they install any priority they better improve the bus network to make it a viable alternative. Without that any priority will be a waste of money and not acheive anything.

Holden Caulfield 4:18 pm 05 Aug 09

Concrete results, hey! I hope that’s eco-friendly concrete Hunter is referring to.

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