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Gus’ feels the sting of the Silo laws as Health launches a crackdown

By johnboy 10 March 2012 49

prohibition order

Dark rumours about the kitchen at the iconic Gus’ cafe in Civic are older than this website.

But Kyle has sent in this pic showing us what the new public naming of defective food service regime will look like.

Now can we extend this to the legal and medical professions?

UPDATE 10/03/12 10:40 It appears this is part of a wider crackdown applying hitherto little known standards. If you see more prohibition orders around town send them in to .

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49 Responses to
Gus’ feels the sting of the Silo laws as Health launches a crackdown
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MissChief 5:44 pm 13 Mar 12

Unclean, food at the wrong temperature and compromising clean hands doesn’t sound like wear and tear to me.

Pork Hunt said :

TheDancingDjinn said :

TheDancingDjinn said :

madamcholet said :

Interesting that two Canberra “institutions” have been caught in recent times! Never been there myself, but have heard people mention it as if it is the holy grail.

Same, every second person i knew had a love for Gus’s as if it were heaven – so i went one day. It was horrible!! – i don’t know why people thought it was great. Coffee was disgusting and the food worse – i didn’t finish either and had to pay an arm and a leg for it – never again! – glad i like the way i make my own coffee at home hehe

I added an extra s in”Gus’ ” there by accident – don’t get your grammer nazi knickers in a twist 😛

You spelled ‘grammar’ incorrectly…

+ you were technically correct when you added the extra s…

devils_advocate 4:38 pm 13 Mar 12

I have a strong dislike of food poisoning. I support the direction these laws are heading in.

Intersting that they have plastered up on their window a large photocopy of a newspaper article bemoaning how penalty rates will roon us all…nice attempted dodge there.

I-filed 7:47 pm 12 Mar 12

Holden Caulfield said :

Furry Jesus said :

…underpaid and cash in hand…

Surely that comment could apply to virtually every hospitality related business in Canberra, and probably Australia, at the time and well beyond.

Gus’s was extreme though. e.g. He paid $5 an hour on Christmas night after midnight, and sacked staff who wouldn’t work those holiday shifts. One Chinese student worker he exploited in the 1980s was hospitalised after working 21 nights in a row – 2 pm to 1 am. She was shipped home with a complete breakdown, without completing her studies.

farnarkler 5:38 pm 12 Mar 12

I don’t think the authorities kept quite as keen an eye on eateries back in the late 70’s and early 80’s as they do now. Gus may’ve kept a dirty shop but his waffles with maple syrup and cream used to rock!! I’d have some after eating a taco at the green and white foodvan that used to park up the road at the servo. Yummy.

The cat did it 1:25 pm 12 Mar 12

GardeningGirl said :

Isn’t there a street in Gungahlin named after him?

Gastro Crescent?

astrojax 1:07 pm 12 Mar 12

Bramina said :

milkman said :

Diggety said :

Banning people from their choices is a last resort, in this case it not necessary.

If people were smart enough to make goood choices then we wouldn’t have a highly regulated society in the first place. There are reasons that there are lots of things that many people think are safe that are against the law.

The problem is that politicians and public servants are people as well. Their choices in policy, laws are as bad as people’s every day ability to make choices.

you’re kidding, right? bureaucracies have strict protocols within which they operate and, whille government policies are often questionable, to suggest the operation of government is as random as the great unwashed is incredibly naive…

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