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johnboy 14 February 2009 13

[First filed: February 13, 2009 @ 12:05]

Last night I was lucky to go along to the dress rehearsal of Free Rain’s Guys and Dolls which is opening at The Q (Queanbeyan’s shiny new theatre complex) tonight.

Loesser’s musical is an archetypal Broadway show with singing, dancing, and the requirement for some serious acting chops too.

The band is big brassy, and booms out of the dedicated orchestra pit in a way one expects with so many members of the RMC Band moonlighting in this production.

There’s not much Free Rain can do about the show lagging in the first act, that’s just the way it’s written. But after the intermission the action heats up and the big songs arrive.

I was really struck by the total quality of this production. Costumes, choreography, and casting combined with clever set design and well executed lighting.

A gorgeous cast of characters who can all sing, dance and act made the most of the production for a really enjoyable evening.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Guys and Dolls it’s set in New York in the 1950s and is a tale of gambling, crime, love, deception, salvation, and of course, the theatre.

Without meaning to detract from a host of great performances standouts for mine were Adrian Flor as Sky, and Georgia Pike as Adelaide.

It’s running until Saturday 28 February. Performance times and booking details can be had from The Q’s website.

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13 Responses to Guys and Dolls at the Q
Ozhair Ozhair 8:30 am 23 Feb 09

Starring the now-award-winning Georgia Pike 🙂 Georgia took home the CAT Award on Saturday night for Best Actress in a Musical, for her performance in Thoroughly Modern Millie last year.

This is a great production, with an all-round superb local cast. Catch it while you can.

crabb crabb 8:25 am 23 Feb 09

I was blown away by the quality of this production. I took He who loves Musicals and expected to have to grit my teeth and endure, but it was a delight. The singing, dancing. acting and orchestra were outstanding. This is no hokey local amateur gig, get yourselves there while it’s still on this week!

Kerces Kerces 6:44 pm 13 Feb 09

Oddly enough elcapitan, one of the saxophonists in this production also did the show when she was in Year 9 at CHS…

(check next week’s chronicle for Adrian’s thoughts on switching roles)

elcapitan elcapitan 5:57 pm 13 Feb 09

It’s funny how things go full circle. When I was in Year 9 at Canberra High School, we did a production of Guys And Dolls – and guess who was playing the part of Nathan Detroit? A talented young guy named Adrian Flor. He was great then, I’m sure he’ll be fantastic now.

djk djk 5:06 pm 13 Feb 09

We actually did Guys and Dolls at school under the same director, Anne Somes. I am sure this is based on the success of ours.. 😉

Thumper Thumper 12:51 pm 13 Feb 09

Great musical…

I’ve got the horse right here his name is paul revere….

Gobbo Gobbo 12:48 pm 13 Feb 09

It was Ricky May playing Nicely in the production I saw!

johnboy johnboy 12:48 pm 13 Feb 09

Not so I noticed… which isn’t to say I didn’t miss it somewhere in there.

jakez jakez 12:41 pm 13 Feb 09

Did they include ‘Luke be a jedi tonight’?

Gobbo Gobbo 12:32 pm 13 Feb 09

I’m sold. I’m going.

johnboy johnboy 12:31 pm 13 Feb 09

Tony Falla’s “Nicely” also blasted that song out like a champ last night, if it was a highlight for you before then you’ll love this.

Gobbo Gobbo 12:27 pm 13 Feb 09

I love this musical.

I saw it down in Melbourne eons ago. I can’t remember who was playing Nicely Nicely Johnson in the production, but he had to perform 23 encores of “Sit down your rockin’ the boat” before the audience would let the rpreformance continue.


dreamed last night I got on the boat to heaven
And by some chance I had brought my dice along
And there I stood
And I hollered “Someone fade me”
But the passengers, they knew right from wrong.
For the peopel all said sit down, sit down, you’re rockin’ the boat

People all said sit down
Sit down you’re rockin’ the boat.

And the devil will drag you under
By the sharp lapel of your checkered coat,
Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down,

Sit down you’re rockin’ the boat.

I sailed away on that little boat to heaven
And by some chance found a bottle in my fist
And there I stood,Nicely passin’ out the whisky
But the passengers were bound to resisist
For the people all said beware
You’re on a heavenly trip
People all said beware
Beware, you’ll scuttle the ship.
And the devil will drag you under
By the fancy tie ’round your wicked throat
Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down
Sit down, you’re rockin’ the boat

And as I laughed at those passengers to heaven (laughs)
(gasps!) A great big wave came and washed me over board!
And as I sank And I hollered “someone save me!”
That’s the moment I woke up Thank the lord
And I said to myself, sit down, sit down,
You’re rockin’ the boat!
Said to myself sit down, sit down, you’re rockin’ the boat
And the devil will drag you under With a soul so heavy you’d never float,
Sit down, sit down, sit down
Sit down, sit down, sit down, you’re rockin’ the boat

George George 12:27 pm 13 Feb 09

I also went along last night while there were a few hic cups I really enjoyed the production. The set, chorography and costumes are excellent. I didn’t like the really long lead in to each act though.

I think Adrian Flor steals the show. He has so much talent that lad.

The Q is a top venue.

I’ll be returning next Friday with a group of 12 to watch again.

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