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Happenings at Sanity in the Canberra Centre

By kimba - 23 August 2007 34

Looks like a crisis at Sanity in the City.

Five-Six cop cars and two ambulances. Also security staff in a flatter. There was someone lying on the floor in the shop. Could be a botched hold up.

Anyone know any more?

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Happenings at Sanity in the Canberra Centre
grundy 3:01 pm 23 Aug 07

F-ing scumbag junkies…. (I assume)

Time to put a vigilante group together I think!

Thumper 3:00 pm 23 Aug 07

Doesn’t surprise me, see my post previously.

poor old person…

huwr 2:56 pm 23 Aug 07
Mr Evil 2:44 pm 23 Aug 07

It wasn’t Hargreaves and Pratt stepping outside to sort out their differences?

asp 2:30 pm 23 Aug 07

Civic is fast turning in the the posterior exit point of the national capital. Every City’s CBD has trouble, but more and more of it is happening during the day and at traditionally safe times.

Stung 2:18 pm 23 Aug 07

An old bummy guy with crazy hair got run over out the front

toriness 2:02 pm 23 Aug 07

someone at my work is talking about how someone was stabbed there?!

loving the canberra rumour mill…

Kramer 1:48 pm 23 Aug 07

The customer was last heard to say “…but I could download this from iTunes for 1% of the price!”

Sammy 1:27 pm 23 Aug 07

They must have looked at the price tags.

Ari 1:19 pm 23 Aug 07

Does that mean it was a stroke of in-Sanity?

Thumper 1:18 pm 23 Aug 07

five or six cop cars for a stroke?

Maybe time to wait for some official explanation ,peoples….

Colin_Dixon 1:15 pm 23 Aug 07

Apparently a customer had a stroke

Kramer 1:10 pm 23 Aug 07

Maybe someone in the store accidentally listened to Paris Hilton’s album?

Thumper 1:06 pm 23 Aug 07

We had some spastic (big angry looking f*cker to boot) wandering around Braddon the other day threatening to kill everyone that looked at him.

Don’t know what he was on, but he shouldn’t have been out in public.

Gungahlin Al 1:01 pm 23 Aug 07

You heard it first here on RA.
Hope they are OK.
A distinct taint coming over the city centre of late.
Where are the plods walking the beat??? Even 8.30AM on a workday can be dangerous lately.

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