23 August 2007

Happenings at Sanity in the Canberra Centre

| kimba
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Looks like a crisis at Sanity in the City.

Five-Six cop cars and two ambulances. Also security staff in a flatter. There was someone lying on the floor in the shop. Could be a botched hold up.

Anyone know any more?

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I don’t think he’ll get off either.

Westin was breaking the law with her driving, but had no intention to harm the lady she hit. This guy intentionally shoulder charged a few pensioners, with the intention of hurting them. and for fun apparently – he didn’t even rob them.

And he’s older, so his chances for rehabilitation will be slim. And even if he had an unpredictable mental snap (what is that anyway??), any future snaps would be predictable now, so he should be locked up in a mental health facility.

Is there a mental health bit in our fancy new prison?

He won’t get off entirely, at least, not get off without a conviction. His actions resulted in a death, the prosecution will easily prove causation. Resulting in a charge of Assault occasioning actualy harm and possibly the DPP could up this to manslaughter. But you are right in that he will not be charged with nor convicted with anything a bad as low life Westin, and will very likely get off with a slap of the wrist.

Compare this to the Westin case. Because she had a stroke or heart attack, this scumbag will get off. No jail for him. It’s a shame that the public can already predict what this low life will get in court. Says a lot about this legal system. Good thing it’s a priority for the governement too……

they should ‘banish’ him from town like in the simpsons haha… build a MASSIVE slingshot and just catapult the useless pile in the general direction of Qbn..

At this stage, there’s a bloke in custody who will appear in court soon. He may not be the perpetrator. He may have had some kind of unpredictable mental snap. He may have behaved in an ugly and terrible way. He may have done a bad thing, but not at the level where any reasonable person would expect death or severe injury. The victim’s heart attack may have happened anyway and not been affected by what happened. He may have some defence that makes sense. If guilty, any sentence from life down to a modest fine might be correct, depending on what the court finds happened.

As of now, we don’t know enough, which is why it’s always a good idea to stop talking once charges are laid.

Perhaps we should all take a lesson from channel 10 and vote him out of the house. In this case, the house being Canberra.

Particularly in this case, if he comes back as an intruder, we tie him to the Siev X memorial that’s at the bottom of LBG with about 1 foot less of rope necessary to break surface.

I would hand down a sentence of life in prison. And none of this 25-year life in prison bullshit either.

For the term of his natural life it should be.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt9:46 am 24 Aug 07

That may be so WMC, but it doesn’t make this incident any better. I say we burn this bastard at the stake.

Woody Mann-Caruso8:25 am 24 Aug 07

This is a nail in the coffin of every senior who thinks that they are still independent. Whats the world coming to?

Come on. The world isn’t coming to anything. This is terrible, but hardly a regular occurrence or some kind of new and unprecendented crime. People have been taking advantage of seniors since Jacob and Isaac, and many, many more seniors died yesterday while living at home or in care than being assaulted at the shops.

Big guy.

Too late to suggest getting a job to support his habits.

This is a nail in the coffin of every senior who thinks that they are still independent.

Whats the world coming to ?

What will it be like when I am a senior ?

Hope Bubba tells him who is boss when he has him bent over in a cell.

It’s unfashionable to say it, but (assuming the coppers have got the right person), big ups to them.

This guy better not have any children that make the court show sympathy.

I hope he burns.

Now I don’t normally use this language. But, here it goes:
Get the f**king c**t coward who targets senior citizens, probably to rob them of a few bucks for his next drug hit, and drop him from one of the penthouses in Sky Plaza.

Seriously, it’s one thing to attack someone. But it is quite disgusting when people target people who are weaker or less able to defend themselves. No one deserves this sh*t. If that were my grandmother he knocked over, I wouldn’t wait for the police to deal with him. Bloody disgusting low lifes.

latest ABC link – http://abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/08/23/2013371.htm?site=canberra

looks like someone died unfortunately.

Gungahlin Al3:46 pm 23 Aug 07

Likely to be that little blonde turd from up Bega Flats way that gets around the Mall all the time beating and swearing at his drugged-up women – he’s about 5′ tall, and judging from his heroic treatment of women, about 5cm in the third leg department…
If ever there was a person on this planet that deserved getting his friggin head smashed in, it’s that guy.

I’d say he was likely to be a customer of this mob.

Jesus, there really are some a-holes out and about.

No doubt if they’re caught, they’ll end up facing Justice Higgins, and walk away with 5 mins community service as punishment.

Radio is saying two elderly people were head-butted by a mid twenties guy – 5′ tall. They stated that the women was in a serious condidtion but didn’t say anyone died.

F-ing scumbag junkies…. (I assume)

Time to put a vigilante group together I think!

It wasn’t Hargreaves and Pratt stepping outside to sort out their differences?

Civic is fast turning in the the posterior exit point of the national capital. Every City’s CBD has trouble, but more and more of it is happening during the day and at traditionally safe times.

An old bummy guy with crazy hair got run over out the front

someone at my work is talking about how someone was stabbed there?!

loving the canberra rumour mill…

The customer was last heard to say “…but I could download this from iTunes for 1% of the price!”

They must have looked at the price tags.

Does that mean it was a stroke of in-Sanity?

Apparently a customer had a stroke

Maybe someone in the store accidentally listened to Paris Hilton’s album?

Gungahlin Al1:01 pm 23 Aug 07

You heard it first here on RA.
Hope they are OK.
A distinct taint coming over the city centre of late.
Where are the plods walking the beat??? Even 8.30AM on a workday can be dangerous lately.

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