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Happy New Year 2006

By johnboy - 1 January 2006 8

Well I’ll be down at the coast, hopefully in a disgraceful state, by the time this message appears.

But in the meantime why not amuse yourself and others with accounts of your own New Years adventures?

What’s Your opinion?

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8 Responses to
Happy New Year 2006
Spitfire3 11:07 am 04 Jan 06

Sam, what makes New Year’s Eve a big event is that a lot of people celebrate and party all at once. The year number ticking over is just a point for everyone to focus on simultaneously. What really matters is lots of people getting together all at once in a big party and enjoying life and each other’s company. Now do you understand?

colsim 8:43 am 04 Jan 06

Cake and champagne on a blanket in Glebe park, watching half a dozen cops pissbolt past after some rowdy teens – top entertainment. Nice fireworks too.

Thumper 11:17 am 03 Jan 06

That must be the same tumbleweed that just blew past my desk. I swear I can hear ghosts whispering stuff about spagetti western movies….

Okay, New Years….

Got drunk for a change….

But all in all a pretty quiet night drinking, eating prawns and watching Michael Palin’s ‘Ripping Yarns’.

Bloody hell it was hot!

bulldog 10:23 am 03 Jan 06

Had a few folks around at my place, there was much to drink and eat, some riveting (if only slightly drunken) conversation and a new years cracker a-la (sp?) Chinese New Year.

Back at work now and it’s a bit like a ghost town (I swear that a tumbleweed just rolled past my desk), and I’m losing the battle with trying to not duck out for a coffee before eleven…

Anyway, happy new year y’all.

Jey 6:48 pm 01 Jan 06

I was at a house party, we were outside and two people were walking ‘home’ one being pushed in a trolley by the other.
We got talking to the them, they were backpackers from Switzerland.
They hung with us for a few hours.
It was great fun.
I enjoy meeting people from other places.
They girl had the sexiest accent too!

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 12:09 pm 01 Jan 06

I said happy new year to my family, had a cup of tea and rang a Sydney radio station who can’t be heard in Canberra (webstream excluded) to wish an ex-2ue announcer a happy new year and congratulate him on his new job. Whilst on hold I saw some of the fireworks out of my window and some on TV. Not long after this I had a shower and went to bed.

New years eve isn’t a huge event in my view, and I think celebrations for it go a bit overboard. Apart from which it would have been far to noisy (and uninteresting) for me at any of the celebration points.

I wrote a lengthy article about it here for those who are interested in my full opinion on the matter.

None the less, happy new year, I hope you are all well!

ancientartifact 11:56 am 01 Jan 06

I could have gone out last night and got absolutely sloshed/muted/pissd/troshed/sluaghtered/inebriated/bored/stoned/trashed/legless/wizzedout/wacked/blind/smashed/hammered/blotto/deranged/screwed/buzzedout/freakedout/friedup/fkdup etc. But I decided to be an ulrta boring gimp and stay at home conserving finances (which I have so little of) and my liver blah blah wo is my blah…

Anybody go into Civic for the * Dance Party * ? How was Civic last night ? Let’s hear all the stories …

I also have to start work on the 3rd. So have pitty for this boring Canbrlurred soul.

In any case. Happy New year 🙂

Fiona 10:20 am 01 Jan 06

Happy new year to everyone!!!!

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