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Hard work cleaning up after the storm

By johnboy 23 January 2009 37

Good blow last night eh?

Sky turning weird colours, clouds straight out of a Spielberg movie, continuous rolling thunder, sheets of rain roping in from all angles. Who could ask for more?

But there’s a downside to such entertainment. The ACT Emergency Services Agency has pushed out a note on the work going into the cleanup:

    The ACT State Emergency Service (ACT SES) will continue the clean up today following last night’s storm in the Territory.

    12 crews from the ACT SES were activated last night with 105 calls for help from the public following the wild weather around 7:30pm.

    Volunteer members worked until 12:30 this morning dealing with 76 of the jobs with the help of the ACT Fire Brigade and ACT Rural Fire Service.

    The majority of the calls came from residents in Gungahlin with Harrison and Nichols the most affected. The majority of households reporting roof damage and minor flooding.

    ACT SES crews reactivated at 7:00am today to complete the jobs still outstanding from last night.

    Anyone still requiring assistance should call the ACT SES on 132 500.

    With more storms forecast in the next 24 hours, the ACT Emergency Services Agency urges residents to make sure they are fully prepared for the threat of storms.

UPDATED: Simon Corbell is congratulating his people for their efforts:

    “ACT Police and Emergency Services Minister, Simon Corbell, has congratulated the ACT Emergency Services personnel on their response to calls for assistance following last nights major storm event.

    “With over 100 call for assistance coming through following the storms passage, ACT State Emergency Services, assisted by ACT Fire Brigade and ACT Rural Fire Service have been working hard over the past 12 hours to tackle damaged roofs, fallen trees, minor flooding and other property damage,” Mr Corbell said…

    “Our volunteer and full time personnel deserve the community’s thanks for their hard work last night,” Mr Corbell said.”

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Hard work cleaning up after the storm
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ant 8:31 pm 25 Jan 09

Incoming smoke again! It’s just got to me, so should be in Canberra shortly. Brought, once again, by the easterly wind coming in with cooler air. And smoke.

SheepGroper 11:04 pm 24 Jan 09

True, the smoke is too widespread to be from there, but I’d rather what looks like a fire be investigated than not, it’s not usual for Mt Taylor.

ant 10:37 pm 24 Jan 09

This smoke ain’t from Mt Taylor. it came in from the east, thickly.

SheepGroper 10:28 pm 24 Jan 09

There’s lights on top of Mount Taylor that look they could be fires burning, the fireys are investigating.

Granny 9:04 pm 24 Jan 09

Darnit! Blinkin’ bloomin’ blimey! Can’t it make up its mind whether it’s going to fire or flood?

ant 8:53 pm 24 Jan 09

Hey Canberra, close your windows! There’s a massive cloud of bushfire smoke headed your way right now. Tehre’s a cold easterly wind blowing and it brought with it the smoke from teh bushfires. Awful stuff.

BerraBoy68 10:34 am 24 Jan 09

Thumper said :

SES crews are still out today. Remember this whilst you enjoy your long weekend.

Maybe give them a wave or a quiet thank you 😉

Agreed Thumper. Helping out a mate when he needs it and expecting no thanks is a typically Australian thing to do. But say thanks anyway – it’ll make their day.

Thumper 10:16 am 24 Jan 09

SES crews are still out today. Remember this whilst you enjoy your long weekend.

Maybe give them a wave or a quiet thank you 😉

Danman 6:45 am 24 Jan 09

Deckard – I concur – after further educating myself as well 🙂

Granny 11:47 pm 23 Jan 09

Well, I do keep expecting to be struck by lightning, but it hasn’t happened yet. Thumper on the other hand must have been really bad!


; )

Deckard 11:23 pm 23 Jan 09

Danman said :

Ground strike lightning actually travels upwards.

And now that I’m an expert, ground strike lighting can travel both up or down.

…according to wikipedia.

Deckard 11:21 pm 23 Jan 09

Wikipedia says that a direct hit can ‘flash’ around the victim and goes into the ground, where a ground strike passes through the ground and up both feet, causing more damage. It all depends on what the ground is made of that you’re standing on.

Sand apparently is good, and wet spongy ground is very bad – like a well watered fairway or sporting ground.

GardeningGirl 11:18 pm 23 Jan 09

peterh said :

Danman said :

Ground strike lightning actually travels upwards.

That humming/sizzling/crackling was the earth preparing to send a bolt up.

If you’re ever in a storm in the open and hear this, and get hairs standing on end, drop ASAP and make yourself as small as possible.

lie flat!
face down…

The version I’ve heard is crouch down on the balls of your feet, ie make yourself as small and low as possible while minimising contact with the ground?

Deckard 11:13 pm 23 Jan 09

Apparently it’s worse for you to be nearby a lightning strike rather than struck directly by the lightning.

Granny 10:32 pm 23 Jan 09

Wow! I had no idea it could do that from so far away. I guess I always imagined that if it didn’t strike you umbrella-style like in the cartoons then you were fine. That’s amazingly powerful for it to be able to blow somebody into a wall.

Thumper 9:17 pm 23 Jan 09

I once got whacked by lightening. Not directly mind you but about 20- 30 metres away from a building that got hit.

My body felt like every bit of it had been punched for a few hours by Mike Tyson. Oh, and I had a sore shoulder from where it blew me against a neighbouring wall.

Thumper 9:14 pm 23 Jan 09

SES crews are still out and will be backing up again tomorrow.

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