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Hargreaves wants to ban bastard window washers

By Kerces 28 September 2006 52

Municipal services minister John Hargreaves is preparing a cabinet submission banning roadside window washers, NowUC reports.

He said that although the ACT Government is tolerant of these window washers, he personally does not hold the same view. “The language that I portray to them leaves them in no doubt about whether I want my windscreen washed, but does often cast doubts on the marital status of their parents,” he said.

Canberra is one of the few places in the country where it isn’t illegal to seek money for washing windows on the side of the road.

Ian, who works at the Dickson intersection, told NowUC that they often get approached by police for help looking out for stolen cars and missing children and animals. Mr Hargreaves agreed that the window washing jobs are useful for keeping people out of trouble, apparently arguing against his want to ban them. “What would you prefer: to put up with somebody slopping dirty water on your windscreen or robbing your house so they can pinch your DVD?” he said.

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Hargreaves wants to ban bastard window washers
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DrShrink 9:59 pm 16 Oct 06

Hargreaves better be careful in laying the blame elsewhere, the interview was fully recorded, with transcripts provided to the CT. He shouldnt be allowed to just blame this one on students.

AK 1:45 am 04 Oct 06

Why didn’t the ABC interview Andrew Bucklow instead of allowing Hargreaves to tear apart the comments that were apparently taken out of context?? If the Canberra Times were willing to run the story than surely this kid has a bit of cred… not the incompetent student journo Hargreaves made him out to be.

Thumper 8:14 am 03 Oct 06

They can get fucked for all I’m concerned. If I want my windscreen washed I’ll do it myself.

I don’t like people touching my car.

seepi 7:21 pm 02 Oct 06

I must be a cheapskate – I usually only give them a few silver coins.

terubo 10:32 pm 01 Oct 06

I delight in closing the window when they greedily reach in for their gold coin reward, just as I whack the V6 through 3000rpm on the lights turning green.

schmerica_ 2:25 pm 01 Oct 06

I kinda like sitting at traffic lights without being checked out and stared at by old sweaty men who wash windows for a living. They clean my already clean windows!

TAD 7:25 am 30 Sep 06

Not and alleged bad way to allegedly sell alleged heroin either (allegedly).

Kerces 10:29 pm 29 Sep 06

Interestingky the CT ran this story today under the joint byline of Andrew Bucklow (the NowUC journo) and Markus Mannheim. My pal Markus had added about two pars, but otherwise it ran verbatim as on the NowUC site. Wonder which of the three publications Hargreaves spotted it in first?

vg 7:19 pm 29 Sep 06

“Ian, who works at the Dickson intersection, told NowUC that they often get approached by police for help looking out for stolen cars and missing children and animals.

What a load of bollocks. “

I 2nd the bollocks

Big Al 6:10 pm 29 Sep 06

Since the ACT Govt is so cash strapped why don’t they license these people? They could call for expressions of interest from people wanting to work particular intersections and let the bidding begin … of course they’d have to get a commitment that the provider was compliant with OH&S requirements and that they had a super scheme and public liability and professional indemnity insurances and issued tax receipts … it’d be cheaper to pay the scum-bag to do it for free as a community service.

On another note, didn’t the squeegee boy that floats between the intersection in Manuka and the one on Hindmarsh Drive, Red Hill run for election to the Legislative Assembly last time around?

Mr Evil 3:42 pm 29 Sep 06

Maybe they could work at building the arboretum and/or the dragway?

bonfire 3:23 pm 29 Sep 06

in salt lake city a few years back a bum approached me for change, i didnt give him any, but a few people who saw it told me that there was a workhouse nearby that if they really wanted a feed, clothing, a blanket etc they coudl go there and for a few hours labour they would be fed and clothed.

seems sensible to me. act is small enough to try it.

btw – salt lake city ‘hooters’ rocks…

bonfire 3:21 pm 29 Sep 06

id rather they wash windows than busk like that tuneless junkie who infested garema place for about a year with her tiresome yodelling.

RandomGit 2:09 pm 29 Sep 06

I think they’re allowed to express private views without being called corrupt.

Oh that’s cool, but I got the impression from the article he is moving to legislate his personal view, not just express it.

Avy 1:48 pm 29 Sep 06

>For fuck sake leave the tax office out of it. Last thing we need is them bearing down on the poor unfortunates. Its way overly complicated as it is and still to high. If these guys get away with it good on them.

Are you high?? “Poor unforuntates”??? Let’s say that figure about is correct – 3x$120 a day. Let’s be conservative and average it out to $200 a day.


That’s the other side of $70K. TAX FREE.

mouseketeer 12:33 pm 29 Sep 06

Personally, I’m bloody glad of the window washers. I am not that short but I am unable to reach the other side of my windscreen with a squeegee. This means I end up with those stupid streaks on one side. I’ve tried a longer handle but then I just don’t have the control you need to press firmly enough against the window to get a good clean.

If there were no more intersection cleaners I would never have a clean windscreen.

On a more political note Hargreaves ought not to be the Minister for Multicultural Affairs if he can’t help but discriminate.

Perhaps we should encourage cleaners to wear suits, then he might view them as entrepreneurs.

andy 10:20 am 29 Sep 06

personally, i won’t let them wash my window, or give them money, but good on them for doing it.

andy 10:13 am 29 Sep 06

i’m pretty sure you’ll find centrelink and the ATO DID crack down on them all a while back.

I know the cane begger you talk about, and he hatttes me… I let him have it

johnboy 9:34 am 29 Sep 06

I think they’re allowed to express private views without being called corrupt.

and he’s dnying it now.

RandomGit 9:18 am 29 Sep 06

Where the public outcry about window washers?

Isn’t this personal move by Hargreaves otherwise known, therefore, as corruption?

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