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Has anybody seen my pet camel ?

By Maelinar - 22 September 2005 26

I don’t know how this one got though, but alongside cats, birds, a few reptiles and fish, you can apparently also have a pet camel in Canberra without registration.

Does this sound weird to anybody else ?

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Has anybody seen my pet camel ?
Thumper 7:58 am 23 Sep 05

Are you allowed to let your camel off a leash and let it run around ovals?

I reckon a llama would be cool even if they do appear to be wearing mascara.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 7:09 pm 22 Sep 05

I hear that camels have interesting ways of deterring parking inspectors….

T_Bone 5:15 pm 22 Sep 05

Do you have to pay for parking a Camel?

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 5:09 pm 22 Sep 05

If Brogden was right, then Bob Carr is lucky he didn’t order from New Zealand.

bulldog 4:34 pm 22 Sep 05

SGS, I know this house in Hackett. The bloke sent for a mail order bride… from New Zealand!

bonfire 3:47 pm 22 Sep 05

I used to see a woman walking her pet goat on the grass strip that runs up the centre of Limestone avenue.

I reckon it would be great to have a camel as a pet. I reckon obedience class would be amazing.

I dont think i’d want it sleeping in my laundry over winter though.

Indi 3:45 pm 22 Sep 05

know the toe t-shirts @ – A must in every man’s wardrobe and “Lets face it…nothing says “I have arrived” like a Cameltoe T-Shirt. If you are a woman, guys will see your knowthetoeâ„¢ shirt, and instantly realize that, unlike your friends, you have a great sense of humor and joie de vivre. If you are a guy, women will see you in this shirt and recognize that you are a connoisseur of the finer things in life…a man not afraid to stop and appreciate a beautiful sunset…a man with a sense of aesthetics. Or they might think you are a jackass. But at least they will notice you. What you do with the opportunity is really up to you”.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 2:55 pm 22 Sep 05

There is somebody in Hackett who has a pet Sheep which often stands in the front garden. It is unclear whether the sheep owns the human or the human owns the sheep, but I’ve never seen the human so it could just be that the sheep owns the house.

According to the linked document, “Poultry” has a scientific name of “Domestic Varieties”

el 2:31 pm 22 Sep 05

I’ll have a pack of Camel filters please.

Kerces 2:21 pm 22 Sep 05

At the tip at Surf Beach (a bit south of Batemans Bay), the measure of how large a dead animal is and hence how much you have to pay to dump it is a goat. I’ve always wondered what happens if you have a dead goat you want to dump.

Mr Evil 2:08 pm 22 Sep 05

Ralph, I think you’ll find that not all cameltoes are created equal!

Absent Diane 2:06 pm 22 Sep 05

hahaha ‘Camel Toe Sandwich’

Ralph 1:55 pm 22 Sep 05

I’ll have the camel toe.

bulldog 1:51 pm 22 Sep 05

what kind of stock? Mmmmmm, anyone fancy a camel burger? Or even a camel-toe sandwich?

Chalker 1:19 pm 22 Sep 05

Perhaps they are classed as stock?

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