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Hatchet Job

By Ntp - 31 May 2005 27

When I came into work yesterday and heard this my first thought was that two people are lucky to be breathing today. Basically a ACT policeman assisting NSW police after a chase crossed over into their jurisdiction was “allegedly” attacked by an offender with a tomahawk with the officer suffering a deep laceration to his hand and a blow to the head. That sort of weapon could have easily taken his hand off. A clean blow to his head would have been the end of him.

The “alleged” offender on the other hand is lucky he wasn’t shot.

ED – Special G also posted the following in relation to the same incident:

Canberra’s Finest [Tomohawk Mayhem!]

It was reported on the TV yesterday of a pursuit which ended in Queanbeyan and an AFP officer being injured with cuts to head and hand.

After being attacked by an offender wielding a Tomahawk and a Knife the officer still chased down the offender and apprehended him with the assistance of his partner and NSW Police.

Love your work.


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27 Responses to
Hatchet Job
vg 1:09 pm 01 Jun 05

No, my arse wasn’t hairy enough 😉

My favourite little inter-service rivalry banter went somewhat like this

The Navy has traditions, the Army has customs, and the Air Force has habits

Thumper 12:53 pm 01 Jun 05


Not a stoker I hope….

(Not that I want to see any inter-service rivalry …)


LurkerGal 12:26 pm 01 Jun 05

Ah, VG is ex RAN. Explains a lot…….

LG, keeping the inter servicer rivalry alive and well, because she has Sweet FA else to do today……

vg 11:55 am 01 Jun 05

OK JB, next time we chase someone across the border from ACT to NSW in a battleship then I’ll give you a ring for some advice. The dosctrine of hot pursuit has NO RELEVANCE whatsoever in this instance.

Please try staying on topic instead of relying on maritime law to try and make a silly point.

Staggering ignorance and unchecked authority, oh puhleezz!!! Its the 21st century, if I was like that I would not have gone as far as I have. While we’re at it would you like to apply the maritime law regarding wrecks to shooping trollies found at the bottom of LBG?

There is no doctrine of hot pursuit as it relates to the situation you are talking of here, but thanks for reminding me of the extensive time I spent in the RAN before my current job. I can point to a specific situation which invalidates this one, this situation refers to something that happened between Canberra and Queanbeyan, not chasing someone illegally fishing for Patagonian toothfish in Australian Territorial waters.

Settle down a bit champ and leave the personal barbs to people of lesser intelligence than yourself

johnboy 11:33 pm 31 May 05

Of VG you are an ignorant prick for someone with such authority in the community.

frankly what you represent (staggering ignorance and unchecked authority) is terrifying.

Google has a fair start but it’s part of common law which the RAN relies on its own affairs (chasing fishing boats mostly). If you can point to a specific part of Australian law which invalidates this WELL KNOWN part of common law then i’d be happy to concede the point but as you seem to be ignorant of it’s existance I won’t hold my breathe.

vg 11:06 pm 31 May 05

What doctrine of hot pursuit? No such animal. If the miscreant crosses the border between 2 states you can’t lawfully continue a pursuit unless you have special constable status. A citizen may make an arrest, but they can’t pursue someone in a car

johnboy 10:20 pm 31 May 05

Forget special constable status.

Under the doctrine of hot pursuit you can cross national boundaries and still make an arrest.

Special G 4:43 pm 31 May 05

4 members of society with questionable scruples, driving around in the early morning with knives, tomahawks and balaclavas. Who knows?

ALLEGEDLY they didn’t stop to Police directions. I can tell you where the newspapers can put their allegedly.


che 3:00 pm 31 May 05

So is there any info on what this lot were actually doing or planning on doing?

Special G 1:45 pm 31 May 05

Have found an article that covers the story.,10117,15452941-1702,00.html


RandomGit 12:20 pm 31 May 05

Including himself.


Nik_the_Pig 11:06 am 31 May 05

Wasn’t there so don’t know but I can only suggest that the officers involved must have done a good job to de-escalate the incident with out anyone ending up on a slab

Nik_the_Pig 10:51 am 31 May 05

No, not powerless. Most ACT police are “special constables” giving them powers in NSW as per your HWP example.

che 10:40 am 31 May 05

POA – centre of seen mass
why wasn’t he shot?

Ralph 10:37 am 31 May 05

Once they cross over into NSW, aren’t the AFP out of their jurisdiction (i.e. powerless)?

One exception I know of is that some NSW HWP have special privledges to chase people over their nearest state border.

Occasionally you see Queanbeyan HWP driving through Canberra along the Barton Highway. I often wonder what would happen if you popped a burnout in front of them.

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