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Havelock House to close?

johnboy 11 December 2006 18

Jacqui Burke is ringing alarm bells on word she’s getting that Havelock House could be about to be closed and its 100 disadvantaged residents flung onto the already swolen waiting list for general public housing.

“The Havelock Housing Association which is the only fully accredited community housing provider in the ACT, must be given the opportunity to maintain this important asset for the community. The Government should release the structural and safety assessments being undertaken on the Havelock House site, situated on Northbourne Avenue. The community housing sector and the broader community deserve to know what the future holds for this significant and historic site

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18 Responses to Havelock House to close?
pjreggard pjreggard 6:29 pm 12 Dec 06

If havelock is closed then I can see the site presenting a tasty redevelopment profit

aich jay aich jay 4:12 pm 11 Dec 06

As a former resident of Havelock Mansions, I’d not be sorry to see a staged public implosion (sorry, couln’t help it).

However, that sentiment is not solely due to the negative side of life in Havelock.

Sure, the junkies living above (and their clients, since one was also a dealer) were a constant nightmare: banging on the doors looking to score at all hours, fights where furniture was thrown around, through windeos, and constant screaming, not to mention the apparently knee-deep garbage throught the apartment when they were finally evicted.

Sure, the drug use and general anti-social beahviour was rife.

Sure, in the apartment I lived in with (generally) students the hygeine level was so poor as to make the average share house look like a freshly scrubbed and disinfected hospital ward.

But the main gripe I have with Havelock now is how easy it is to rort the system (this goes for a lot of the low income houseing schemes available in Canberra too). I am not without blame in this, but when I moved in I genuinely did need the low cost housing. Then I got a real job or three, straightened out my life and got the hell out of Havelock. But some of the people I used to live with are still there, on good money but not declaring it, and taking seriouos advantage of the place. It’s a scam and a half and needs sorting out so the low cost housing can be given to people who really deserve it.

Jey is right about the communal areas, they were generally clean. It was some of the individual tenants who brought the place down, not the running of the place as a whole.

Jey Jey 4:11 pm 11 Dec 06

gee sounds like it’s got much worse

Al Al 4:00 pm 11 Dec 06

I understand that the management (who also took over management of Ainsley Village a few months back) are being very tight-lipped about the stories going around, but people there believe it will close within a couple of months.
Residents with flash BMWs and questionable income streams, drunken parties upstairs from early in the morning almost daily, intimidation of staff and pedestrians…ad nauseum.
Don’t blame the government for this one JB – blame the boss there.

Jey Jey 3:02 pm 11 Dec 06

When I was there the communal areas were cleaned regularly and well. It was the individual units that were bad, which is the joint responsibility of the residents of each unit. When a bunch of strangers of the best ‘breeding’ move in together cleaning is a problem, so, when you have a bunch of ‘less than desirable’ beings, well…

johnboy johnboy 3:01 pm 11 Dec 06

hmm, let it go to the dogs and then close it.

does that sound like the stanhope government to you?

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:58 pm 11 Dec 06

the place doesn’t get cleaned..the occassions I visited my mate, there was rubbish everywhere.. all throughout the halls – it stank.. the toilets hadn’t been cleaned in months and were choccas full of shit (literally) and a syringe or two.. The facilities rooms were trashed.

The speed freaks that lived upstairs were fairly intimidating as well.

A good reference point would be trainspotting.

Jey Jey 2:40 pm 11 Dec 06

Unemployed ppl localised aren’t a problem either, but when you combine things like too much spare time and the easy availability of drugs.

Jey Jey 2:39 pm 11 Dec 06

Perhaps Havelock admin should try and be stricter on who they accept as tenants, though those who really need it wouldn’t get help and that doesn’t address the problem with current tenants.

Toastie, I haven’t been near Havelock for a number of years, but in my past experience there was a dominant culture of drugs, parties and the unemployed.
Parties aren’t so bad unless you get the odd down on their luck student in there who’s still trying hard to study.

toastie toastie 2:35 pm 11 Dec 06


Jey Jey 2:35 pm 11 Dec 06

now we sound silly coz JB deleted comments
darn you JB! :p

FC FC 2:34 pm 11 Dec 06

I have been reading you posts that have been popping up around the place and I didn’t want to automatically jump to any conclusions about you, but I can’t help myself anymore – Mate, you’re a complete tosser!
wake up, learn to write (if it is that hard just type your response in word, spell check it, then cut and paste it back). Its really not that hard.

toastie toastie 2:34 pm 11 Dec 06

Just curious, AB, what’s wrong with it?

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:29 pm 11 Dec 06

ps I don’t believe I said it should close… but I also dont think it is a great environment for people who are down on the luck…

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:27 pm 11 Dec 06

Yes I do.

Jey Jey 2:24 pm 11 Dec 06

AD is merely expressing an opinion
I’d argue you can’t really insult a building

Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:46 pm 11 Dec 06

havelock is a disgrace… such a dive and so run down..recently helped a mate get out of there

Jey Jey 12:40 pm 11 Dec 06

So many memories…

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