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Heads Up (and don’t crash)

By che - 4 April 2007 28

ABC Online have this little bit on ACT traffic police targetting mobile phone use whilst driving over Easter and that double demerit points come into force from midnight tonight.

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Heads Up (and don’t crash)
DJ 1:30 pm 05 Apr 07

Everybody repeat after me “I must follow the simple road rules and not become a statistic”.

Double demerits is a good thing. If you don’t break the law you’ll be fine (pun not intended). If you do, you can’t say you weren’t told of the consequences.

andy 10:56 am 05 Apr 07

And once again, with the advent of double Demerits, I have established that I am, in fact, able to drive at the speed limit, and not higher.

bonfire 9:52 am 05 Apr 07


attacking the real cause of road tauma – inattention.

RandomGit 9:01 am 05 Apr 07

There’s a shock troop patrolling the gauntlet around Calvary and the new flyover, every day I see her with someone pulled over and having a lovely conversation. She looking strict, they looking exasperated.

Good on her. She’s a shark.

Maelinar 8:08 am 05 Apr 07

double demerits is merely a non-effective excuse to diffuse the spotlight from enforcement agencies under a period of increased media scrutiny.

The 60, 80, 100 or 110 you see on the road as the appropriate speed to travel was designed to be appropriate in all weather conditions, thereby if you are not driving down the road during 90 degree sleet hail (the worst driving condition I can think of at the moment), it can in some circumstances be appropriate to exceed the speed limit.

Reducing the amount of time spent on the right hand side of the road whilst overtaking springs to mind immediately – I don’t want to be in the path of oncoming traffic for any longer than necessary.

I would much prefer that the police targetted people holding up traffic doing 80 in a 100 zone with 25+ vehicles behind them during holiday periods personally, because the smooth flow of traffic is REALLY hampered by those a**holes.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 7:16 am 05 Apr 07

I’d be surprised if the statistics show Easter is any worse for road fatalities than any other weekend.

That said, good on ’em for targetted other dangerous driving behaviours.

gurunik 8:17 pm 04 Apr 07

i see some incredible driving by people using mobiles whilst attempting to drive a cage. ten years ago i would have assumed that they were pissed, but now it is usually some clown gabbing away. i reckon it should be a $1000 fine with an extra $1000 if your vehicle has rims larger than 16″.
mind on the job people, it’s a car not a phone box.
and yes, it’s my pet hate….

Hasdrubahl 6:45 pm 04 Apr 07

Ladies, just don’t wave your t-shirt and bra at me when you drive past – I find it distracting.

bigred 6:02 pm 04 Apr 07

Guess that means speeding, tailgating, drink driving and red (yellow) light running is ok over easter.

fnaah 2:50 pm 04 Apr 07

From the press release:

any distraction while driving is dangerous

… what, like, blue and red flashing lights on the side of the road, or someone talking to you from the passenger seat? Or roadside signs/ads/billboards designed to attract your attention?

I guess there’s dangerous distractions, and dangerous-but-we’ll-take-the-risk-anyway distractions.

Sammy 2:48 pm 04 Apr 07

Why over Easter?

Because it’s double demerits, so its more worth their while.

Maelinar 2:48 pm 04 Apr 07

Reskepth Che’s Authority !

che 2:39 pm 04 Apr 07

I’m guessing coz theres more people driving faster and further after working all week and hence traditionally that are more accidents. So its a good period of time to focus resources into.

Al 2:18 pm 04 Apr 07

Why over Easter? Why not any old normal Canberra week day in Civic???

stan_bowles 2:05 pm 04 Apr 07

Last time I took a call while driving, a cop car pulled up alongside me. He popped on the sirens for a second to get my attention, gave me a hard look, and then sped off.

No demerits, but it got me off the phone quick smart.

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