Heartless Vandals or Weather?

TP 3000 29 March 2010 15

This afternoon I went to check up on where my mother is buried in Woden Cemetery. However when I arrived some of the plastic flowers had been pulled off. I suspect the cockatoo’s may of done this. Until I noticed other plots had had flowers stamped on, the silver things next to the headstones pulled out (some had been pocketed while others had been left next to them-they take a bit of force to put back in) , a spinning wheel had been pulled off its stick among other things.

It looked like most of the damage had occurred in the Anglican Lawn section, so I wondered if it was a deliberate attack. I couldn’t see a Catholic (or any other religious) group doing this, so I ask what low life could of done this?

An article in yesterday’s Canberra Times which mentions where the dead from last Saturday’s incident are to be buried & their religion could lead some to believe the family groups from a certain side are attached to this, but without proof if I say something another attack on Woden Cemetery Anglican section may occur.

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15 Responses to Heartless Vandals or Weather?
rottweiler rottweiler 9:27 am 30 Mar 11

yet again Grave site have been damaged at woden cemetery anglican lawn, visiting my family’s graves yesterday I discovered all flowers, trinkets and notes left at my recently pasted family plot were missing or broken. I really hope this isn’t going to be a yearly event, the ground keepers did inform us they had trouble there last we with a large group gathering to remember someone’s 1 year anniversary. I personal take offence to this I should not have to replace flowers and windminds on a yearly basis due to heartless groups that only care about there own grief.

rottweiler rottweiler 9:10 pm 31 Mar 10

After reading your post I heading out to inspect my grandfather and uncle’s resting place as they are located in same area and unfortunately all flowers and trinkets were gone along with many others and picking a few bits of rubbish up discovered 2 bins almost full of fake sun bleached flowers, trinkets and beer bottles. I am mortified by this. What the hell did any of these families who’s family members final resting place have been trashed do to these low life attending another low life’s funeral while asking the media to show respect for the dead what respect did they have for other round them. LOW LIFE RATS.

54-11 54-11 10:35 am 31 Mar 10

I’d report it to the cops – there were around the perimeter of the cemetery, including at least a couple of mufti cars. Perhaps they saw something.

bd84 bd84 11:08 pm 30 Mar 10

Whoever did it, if you notify the staff they will normally clean the mess up pretty quickly.

On a side note, if you have a plot in the name of Williams close by, the “show him some respect” brigade probably did it.

Ian Ian 5:23 pm 30 Mar 10

Grail, it is not a certainty that they did it, but there’d be a fairly high probability that it was. That’s just realism.

54-11 54-11 3:19 pm 30 Mar 10

Grail, there were a hundred or so of these lowlifes wandering aropund the cemetery where and when the damage was done. They were aggressive toward the media and appeared to be just looking for trouble. It was a natural, and in my view quite logical progression that these bogans did the damage at the time.

They were demanding respect for Williams, but clearly showed no respect for anyone or anything else.

Grail Grail 2:37 pm 30 Mar 10

What kind of lowlife immediately seeks to implicate the friends and associates of a career criminal in the desecration of graves? Especially when said lowlife is desecrating the English language in doing so?

jennybel75 jennybel75 2:05 pm 30 Mar 10

Jim Jones said:

could HAVE done this,
may HAVE done this


Tooks Tooks 2:04 pm 30 Mar 10

Jim Jones said :

could HAVE done this

may HAVE done this

I’m glad someone said it. One of my pet hates.

Regarding the vandalism: these people probably have no respect for the living, so what chance do the dead have?

54-11 54-11 11:14 am 30 Mar 10

They buried that criminal bogan, Williams, on Monday morning at Woden.

Bet his mates had something to do with this.

I saw the funeral director keeping a very close eye on the hearse to make sure none of them made off wih it (I was wandering past at the time).

Jim Jones Jim Jones 9:27 am 30 Mar 10

could HAVE done this

may HAVE done this

BimboGeek BimboGeek 9:24 am 30 Mar 10

#2 I wouldn’t be too quick to judge a culture by how it treats its dead. Some eat them. Some put them on a mountaintop for birds to eat. Some bury them for 5 years then dig up the bones. Some make sculptures out of bones!

It’s not a culture you need to judge, it’s the jerks you’ll find within any culture.

But I blame kangaroos. Those guys will stomp on any place they shouldn’t be!

Ceej1973 Ceej1973 2:17 am 30 Mar 10

Sad to say, but “it is Australia after all” where you live. We still have that convict/lack of respect mentality.

Tempestas Tempestas 10:47 pm 29 Mar 10

If it is vandalism, that is just appalling, it’s often said you can judge a culture by the way they treat their dead. If someone intentionally did this, then they are truly a lower lifeform then the average parasite.

My condolences for your nasty discovery, I hope it doesn’t devalue the visits to your mother’s gravesite in the future.

There can never be any justification for defiling a cemetery.

Sammy Sammy 10:40 pm 29 Mar 10


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