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Hell on wheels? Summernats22 collides with New Years09

By johnboy 27 August 2008 50

Summernats appears to be casting off recent pretensions as a “family” event.

The Canberra Times notes that with the program running from 1 January the preliminary arrivals and events will be on New Years Eve.

New Years at Summernats: a thin stretched police force, thousands of rum-ed up rev-heads, a smattering of hopeful hookers, and the screams of pack rape in the distance. Aspiring local media types, this could be the story of our careers. If we live to tell the tale…

Summernats on New Years Eve

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50 Responses to
Hell on wheels? Summernats22 collides with New Years09
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Thumper 8:24 am 28 Aug 08

New Years Eve?

WTF were they thinking? A few days after NYE seemed a very rational decision. The bogans could get juiced up on jack and Coke on NYE, spend o a few days recovering, then come down here to show the cars, etc etc,

Everyone was happy.

Now? Fcku knows? Except i don’t think I’d want to be anywhere near Mitchell on NYE.

skaboy12 8:13 am 28 Aug 08

As someone with a love of cars, works in the auto industry and has modified or restored too many cars in my 26 years, I can honestly say that I do not attend the summernats and would even say I hate them.

They are a showcase for everything that is wrong with so called ‘car enthusiasts’ when in actual fact the vast majority of them are just hoons and don’t have any real knowledge of cars or how to work on them.

The true enthusiasts I know would much prefer to work on a car all year then take it to the South Coast Nationals (on this weekend) where the crowds are more respectful and subdued, and people are actually there for the cars.

I also will not enter a car into Summernats after I spent almost $80k and 3 years building a showcar (a 66 mini) only for it to be damaged by people leaning on it and throwing shit at it during summernats. I know approx 60-70 people who share the same feelings and I am sure there are many more out there.

Piss off Summernats and build a dragway. Rather then a single event, how about we build something to get kids away from doing burnouts and racing on the street all year round.

luke79 10:12 pm 27 Aug 08

havnt even bothered to look at the poll.. id hardly consider the riotact to be truelly reflective of everyone in canberra.

Granny 9:47 pm 27 Aug 08

luke79 said :

i hope that the nats is never driven away from canberra from the small sooky minority who carry on each year ….

When you call us the ‘small sooky minority’ you have seen the poll, yes?

Granny 9:42 pm 27 Aug 08

Pure evil genius!


luke79 9:42 pm 27 Aug 08

haha.. the way people carry on about the nats you would be forgiven to think canberra slips into a war torn city for a month.. fact is it only lasts for 4 daysand is very easily avoided. i used to live in watson and last year apart from a few traffic changes and increased traffic i wouldnt have even known it was on. i heard the occasional car reving or wheels screetching and maybe if the wind was right a little bitt of tyre smoke.
i remember thinking to myself that it was very tame.
by the way some of the people on here carry on youd think any woman in canberra is going to get pack raped and the guys will get bashed if they set foot outside their house. fact is that just doesnt happen. sure there is an element of anti-social behavour and some of it does extend beyond epic but unless youve spent your life wrapped in cotton wool most people can deal with it.
i dont have a problem with people not liking the nats. it really isnt for everyone. what has always annoyed me is the people who shoot off random gossip and exaggerated stories as if they were fact.
i hope that the nats is never driven away from canberra from the small sooky minority who carry on each year, and i doubt it will be.
every event that happens in canberra has a dedicated group of sooks who will carry on endlessly.. i dont think ive heard about the nats destroying the habitat of the rare legless lizard that lives everywhere development is set to happen but im sure that will be used as an excuse one day. i remember one of those greeny politician things having sook about the nats maybe scaring native birds once.
at the end of the day, if you dont like it, dont go.

Bungle 9:39 pm 27 Aug 08

Do you know anyone that works at Dickson McDonalds?

Granny 9:19 pm 27 Aug 08

Commission somebody incompetent to engineer the sewerage to drinking water project?

ant 9:04 pm 27 Aug 08

I wonder how you could give them all food poisoning? That’d be pretty funny, the toilet system at natex would collapse and the whole thing would fail dismally.

Granny 9:00 pm 27 Aug 08

Everyone start collecting your gastro germs ….

; )

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