HELP I need flowers for my wedding next weekend

Hank 9 June 2020 29

As the title suggests I’m getting hitched next weekend and I’ve forgotten about the flowers. My jobs included beer/wine, entertainment and flowers. To be honest I was too excited about the beer and forgot all about the flowers… until now.

I have a $300 budget to get anything in season the bride is not a zilla she’s relaxed and grateful for anything.

If you all could suggest places I could buy flowers in bulk or pick up a bargain I would be very grateful.

PS keep it on the down low I have told her I have it all sorted.

For a list of Canberra’s best florists – as recommended by the community – take a look at our article, The Best Florists in Canberra and The Best Flower Delivery Services in Canberra for some helpful information.

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29 Responses to HELP I need flowers for my wedding next weekend
dvaey dvaey 11:18 am 22 Apr 12

Do people look at the date on articles before posting anymore?

astrojax astrojax 6:57 am 22 Apr 12

no idea about a florist, but you could start a new thread on divorce lawyers… 🙂 [actually, i second the idea of the wholesalers in the lane behind working gear in fyshwick]

have a bonza day – and bonzaerer life!

Very Busy Very Busy 10:53 pm 21 Apr 12

Could you spare an hour or two on the morning of the big day? You and your groomsmen should just spend the morning doing the rounds of Canberra’s cemeteries. Plenty of fresh flowers can be found there.

yourmate yourmate 6:54 pm 21 Apr 12

beautifully suggested by amanda 🙂
same i would recommend that you must consider factors like time duration, place and suitable with your dress code etc.

Amanda Hugankis Amanda Hugankis 1:10 pm 13 Jan 12

Getting the flowers is the easy bit … although, given the timeframes ‘ordering’ anything will be a problem, just go with whatever they have that comes close in colour and style to what you’re after.

Its the arranging bit … who will be doing that? Could take longer than you think (remembering the rule – anything always takes at least 3 times as long as you estimate). Or is it just a divide and shove into receptacles deal?

If its outdoors and ‘country’ like, maybe some large bottling jars (large preserving type ones … probably acquire at any foody type shop like the one at Belco markets) with ribbons tied in bows round the necks, or even raffia (its a job you can give to anyone to do) … makes inexpensive flowers look more expensive.

sweetlibby sweetlibby 9:36 pm 12 Jan 12

+1 Poetry in Flowers!

Hank Hank 6:10 pm 12 Jan 12

smeeagain said :

colourful sydney racing identity said :

You’re screwed.

No, he won’t be. Ever again 🙂

I’ll let you know 🙂

Hank Hank 6:09 pm 12 Jan 12

NoImRight said :

Got ice for the beer?

yes, all over that.

katkat katkat 5:29 pm 12 Jan 12

Another +1 for Capital Flowers.

They sell wholesale flowers if you’re planning to DIY (or rope in a friendly family member to DI for you…) but also have a florist on-site who can do arrangements if you want something a bit fancier.

NoImRight NoImRight 4:56 pm 12 Jan 12

Got ice for the beer?

Henry82 Henry82 3:45 pm 12 Jan 12

Madman said :

You should call a reliable wedding decorator and they will sort everything out for you.

OP has a $300 budget….

smeeagain smeeagain 3:11 pm 12 Jan 12

colourful sydney racing identity said :

You’re screwed.

No, he won’t be. Ever again 🙂

Mumbucks Mumbucks 2:06 pm 12 Jan 12

You might see if there is a wholesaler in Canberra or Queanbeyan. We saved heaps when I did my own arrangements. Unfortunately the place i used has closed. Failing finding a wholesaler . I would try and do a deal with a florist for bulk flowers. Ie all the same flower and use your own greenery. You can buy florist wire from the florists also. You can make up simple bouquets that way. Or if you get really desperate go ask your friends and neighbours to raid their gardens!

semaj semaj 1:16 pm 12 Jan 12

+1 for Capital Flowers in Oaks Estate.

We used them for the reception venue flowers for our wedding earlier this year and where very happy.

They are one of the flower sellerss at the Farmers Market at EPIC (the one outside) but we found it easier to pick the flowers up on the Friday before so we didn’t have to deal with the crowds at the markets.

gertel gertel 12:42 pm 12 Jan 12

Poetry In Flowers – Gungahlin (they deliver for free and have online ordering although I would suggest a visit in person to look at pics and stock)

They did my wedding flowers, including button hole flowers for the boys ordered the day before the wedding when they suit hire place discovered the silk kerchiefs hadn’t been returned from the last hire.

I’m pretty sure the total for all flowers was less than $300 inc big bunch for bride, smaller replica for matorn of honour and basket for flowergirl.

Madman Madman 12:34 pm 12 Jan 12

You should call a reliable wedding decorator and they will sort everything out for you.

The best one that I’ve heard lots of good things about is Just Like Magic

Send them an email and tell them what you want and they should put them in vases and setup and pack everything down for you!

Good luck!!

AG Canberra AG Canberra 12:31 pm 12 Jan 12

And if it on a property gum tree branches can act as great fillers

AG Canberra AG Canberra 12:26 pm 12 Jan 12

Think about the colour theme as well. Red roses might clash if the bridesmaids are all wearing blue….

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:18 pm 12 Jan 12

There’s lots of daisies about when the sun is out.

Shanski_0 Shanski_0 12:06 pm 12 Jan 12

Shanski_0 said :

If your wedding is in the afternoon, You can go to the markets…

My friend got hers from the markets, and did all the designs herself… alot cheaper…. and very pretty…

.. I read that as it was this Saturday…. oops…

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