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johnboy 28 February 2007 16

Canberra news, all storms all the time, with the odd moment taken to remind you of water restrictions.

But our Minister Not Responsible, Katy Gallagher, has taken a moment to announce a new fact sheet to help you clean up safely from flooding:

“Flooding is caused by rivers which have overflowed or by localised rainfall at a rate that exceeds the local drains capacity, often referred to as flash flooding”

Gosh golly, you don’t say? I’d previously had no idea what a flood was and without Katy’s media release would really have been in the dark!

The Fact Sheet itself is an absolute doozy containing such useful advice as:

Wash hands with soap and water after touching flood water and mud or going to the toilet and before eating or making food.

Yes, you’re cleaning up after a flood but be sure to wash your hands after going to the toilet!

There’s plenty more gold there, feel free to share the bits that amuse you most.

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16 Responses to Helpful advice from Katy
James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 10:51 am 01 Mar 07

Exactly what one would expect from the govmit

That’s why any self respecting person gets on with their life and ignores them!

Katie who?

barking toad barking toad 10:07 am 01 Mar 07

Fortunately it’s wet.

Imagine if the fact sheet explained bushfires

louise louise 8:16 am 01 Mar 07

Good to see our rates and the profit from selling Griffith Library at work.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 11:04 pm 28 Feb 07

What a fkn idiot she is.

Roll on election day.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 9:32 pm 28 Feb 07

But a fact sheet about cleaning up after a flood! FFS this is government gone mental. You just mop up the mess and be done with it, and if it’s too much (or your old or infirm) you call big brother at Canberra Connect) … I’m guessing this was put out by her bored staff put while she was dribbling the ususal predictable stream of shit in the Assembly in defense of her incompetent boss’s mishandling of the 2003 fires.

simbo simbo 6:44 pm 28 Feb 07

Aha. I’ll fully admit that government fact sheets are very rarely helpful for anyone. But woe betide the government that fails to provide one…

johnboy johnboy 6:34 pm 28 Feb 07

Simbo I was referring only to the subsection who’d be inclined to check for a government fact sheet.

Bartron Bartron 6:23 pm 28 Feb 07


# gas n electricity services whizzich may have been affected;
# tha possibility thizzat wild animals such as snakes n spida may be present, hatin’ a hazard ta unsuspect’n residents;
# tha presence of broken glass n debris;
# tha occurrence of deceazed pets caused from tha flood;
# n tha risk of tainted wata quality in tha area.

Ari Ari 6:08 pm 28 Feb 07

I love how Katy’s release starts off quoting some unknown woman.

“Flooding is caused by rivers which have overflowed or by localised rainfall at a rate that exceeds the local drains capacity, often referred to as flash flooding,” she said.

Here am I wondering who th f*ck “she” is. There only a picture of that old woman Stanhope at the top … is it him? her? Gaia?

It’s only when one reads on that you find it’s Ms Gallagher.

The advice sheet itself is simply cribbed from a Qld publication, hence the over-emphasis on snakes and mozzies.

simbo simbo 6:04 pm 28 Feb 07

No, of course no labour voters would ever possibly be able to do anything capable whatsoever!

You’re turning into a grumpy old man right before my eyes, JB…

seepi seepi 6:03 pm 28 Feb 07

surely Katy as a professional writing graduate wouldn’t have signed off on this?

seepi seepi 6:01 pm 28 Feb 07

I think they’ve put up a previous draft by mistake, in a rush to get this out while it’s topical. It has a heap of mistakes.

johnboy johnboy 5:41 pm 28 Feb 07

As if those bedwetters will be doing any cleanup themselves.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 5:38 pm 28 Feb 07

Give her a break JB! She’s just pandering to the Labor constituency who demand to have their hand held by government.

Spectra Spectra 5:31 pm 28 Feb 07

Even worse, that’s not really what “flash flooding” means (though granted, she may be technically correct that it’s “often referred to as…”).

Actually, reading it again, that sentence is pretty much a grammatical nightmare…I have no idea what she’s getting at…

terubo terubo 5:29 pm 28 Feb 07

I like the bit about wild animals, snakes and spiders that floodwaters may have swept into houses.

“Gertrude, there’s a python in the dunny. Do approach with care”.

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