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Here come the kiwi headhunters?

By johnboy 30 August 2006 14

If, like me, you get a little ashamed whenever God Defend New Zealand tramples all over Advance Australia Fair before a Bledisloe Cup game you might be interested in today’s offering in the Canberra Times.

It seems they just can’t find enough Kiwis willing to leave the sheep alone and knuckle down to the grind of the public service:

“They are looking for recruits for 15 agencies, including education, economic development, inland revenue, police, customs, health and energy.”

They’re not promising better pay but they think the lifestyle would be nicer, plus there’s less pesky checks and balances so once you get a policy approved nothing can stop you!

What’s Your opinion?

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14 Responses to
Here come the kiwi headhunters?
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Thumper 1:04 pm 01 Sep 06


KaneO 12:59 pm 01 Sep 06

Lets just say we know why the kangaroos learnt to box….

Maelinar 8:50 am 01 Sep 06

There are no statues of sheep in NZ…

Unfortunately this predisposition to bring up sheep merely exposes Australian’s own latent sexual ideology in the same way that a homophobe gets a blowjob off a gay man and then kicks his lovers head in for being gay.

Seriously, it’s not that funny when they are really laughing AT you when you say a joke that was meant to be a piss take at them.

And I am an Australian before the accusations begin to fly – I’m just aware of the reason why they snigger whenever an Australian mentions sheep.

KaneO 6:01 pm 31 Aug 06

I dunno about the breath freshener. The toothy end of the beast holds little fascination for furry farmyard fetishists.
Apologies for absolutely awful alliteration.

Absent Diane 2:56 pm 30 Aug 06

yeah I hear those sheep are pretty intolerant to our bad breath

Big Al 2:06 pm 30 Aug 06

Breath freshener, KaneO, you forgot breath freshener – nothing worse than kissing a sheep with bad breath!

KaneO 12:40 pm 30 Aug 06

I’m an ex-kiwi and I take issue with the sheep remark. Aussie sheep are ugly.
The Kiwi’s that come here are the non-sheep loving variety (in most cases)
NZ certainly has its good points, and Wellington isn’t one of them. Neither are the draconian employment laws and associated laws.

4 more reasons for staying in Oz…
There are no Murray Cod in NZ.
There are no Silver Perch in NZ.
There are no Golden Perch in NZ.
There are no Barramundi in NZ.

The thought of leaving Canberra for Wellington (or even a city like Melbourne or Sydney) is just insane. The lifestyle, employment opportunities and available recreational activities in this region are phenomenal.
With some shampoo, lipstick and beer googles the sheep aren’t half bad either….

Danman 12:01 pm 30 Aug 06

I reckon a whole pig hungi style should bolster my double salary services

Thumper 11:42 am 30 Aug 06

A hungi no less….

Danman 11:14 am 30 Aug 06

Double my salary and cook me sum “iggs”

Nik_the_Pig 11:14 am 30 Aug 06

I love the south island, almost worth a look

Thumper 11:10 am 30 Aug 06

Double my salary and I’d think about it…

bonfire 11:05 am 30 Aug 06

better lifestyle ?

i almost snorted my soy chai latte out my nostrils.

have you been there ?

what a dump! its like tasmania 20 years ago.

thats why they all come HERE!

they would have to double my salary to make it worthwhile, and even then after a few years id be back in oz.

smokey2 10:34 am 30 Aug 06

You mean swapping a small country town like Canberra for the bee hive in Wellington.
Love to if they would give me a visa. If I had a pommy grandparent I could get a passport to the UK. Unfortunately I only had a grandmother born in Napier NZ and that is worth Jack shit to the NZ high commission.

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