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Hip Hop Workshop: Learn how to create your own illest lyrics over hip hop beats: Sunday 24 June

By Youth Project Officer 20 June 2007 33

Hip Hop Workshop

2-5 pm Sunday 24 June.

Learn how to create your own illest lyrics over hip-hop beats.

The ACT Writers Centre is offering a workshop for young people (aged 14 to 25). The workshop will be run by renowned Canberra duo MC Roshambo and DJ D’Opus who burst out the box with their recent debut EP The Question. The workshop will cover aspects of The Lyric, Beat and Production in a live setting.

Cost: only $10 for young people aged 15-25 / Others $45

Venue: Fireplace Room, Gorman House, Ainslie Avenue, Braddon
Bookings ESSENTIAL on phone 6262 9191 Hal Judge, Project Officer, ACT Writers Centre, Gorman House Arts Centre , Ainslie Avenue BRADDON ACT 2612 , Phone: 02 6262 9192 | Mobile: 0412 661 929 |

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33 Responses to
Hip Hop Workshop: Learn how to create your own illest lyrics over hip hop beats: Sunday 24 June
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Woody Mann-Caruso 7:37 pm 21 Jun 07

Go touch your kids.


Absent Diane 12:51 pm 21 Jun 07

there you go.. don’t know that much about blondie.. I think the clash started doing it on sandinista, which was also a 1980 release.

Thumper 12:31 pm 21 Jun 07

That’s the one….

xman 12:21 pm 21 Jun 07

The song “Rapture” from their 1980 album AutoAmerican is supposedly the first Hip-Hop song to reach number one

Thumper 12:02 pm 21 Jun 07


didn’t Blondie have some rap in one of their early songs? Probably around the same time the Clasg did?

Youth Project Officer 11:54 am 21 Jun 07

Some hip hop has all the elements of fine poetry. Thanks for your erudite comments, Absent Diane, and your brilliant rap lyrics, VYBerlinaV8. The Writers Centre offers workshops for all ages and genres of writing including how to write fantasy, journals, historical novels, poetry, essays, biography writing, comedy, magazine articles etc. Check it out:
It only costs $35 for electonic membership. Phone 62629191. Cheerz.

Thumper 11:45 am 21 Jun 07


I just happen to be listening to the Clash at the moment…

‘Should i stay or should I go….’

Absent Diane 11:34 am 21 Jun 07

Pharrel Williams is a very talented producer. Timbaland is also a fairly talented producer but has low cred in some circles for completely ripping off unknown producers music without paying royalties or credit.

Don’t get succesful confused with talented.

Jazz 11:21 am 21 Jun 07

AB, if they had telentless producers their stuff wouldnt be in the top 40.

Talentless performers perhaps. Talentless producers, i think not

Absent Diane 11:09 am 21 Jun 07

A good rapper is exetremly percussive (not unlike beat boxing – which although impressive doesn’t do much for me).. check out someone like Gift of Gab (blackalicious) who uses complex rythymic movements coupled with complex lyrics in his songs, infact I am pretty sure he has one song where he is quoting/reciting chemistry or maths formulas or something; very impressive.

Other groups like Us3 (cantaloop anyone?) and more recently ozomatli incorporate heavy jazz elements(live muso’s and samples) into their music.

Also guys like G Love and Special Sauce who incorporate blues and pyschodelic stuff.

Then you have happy hip hop guys like J5, De La Soul, Ugly Duckling.. who are more trad DJ/ MC set ups but use funkier music and don’t promote violence.

And I think The Clash (one of my all time fave bands) were acredited as one of the first bands to incorporate rap into a more live/musical sense.

I think it is really sad that the crap that is played in the top 40’s is what most people associate with rap/hip hop. That stuff is rubbish laden with talentless performers and producers.

Thumper 10:37 am 21 Jun 07

Each to their own…

personally I think rap is absolute rubbish. I’d rather have heated needles poked into my eyeballs than listen to it.

But, each to their own….

apehammer 10:29 am 21 Jun 07

“There are some good artists out there, such as the Australian group Butterfingers.”

Easily the worst band in the world.

papadoc 9:51 am 21 Jun 07

[Flame away, gangstas. Hip-hop is just complete c**p from any perspective: musically uninteresting , rhythmically repetitive, lyrically mindless. And the people who are in it, my god… you’d poke them with a stick rather than let them near you.]

Another narrow minded f**k who likes to think that hip-hop is for criminals. Go touch your kids.

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