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Hip Hop Workshop: Learn how to create your own illest lyrics over hip hop beats: Sunday 24 June

By Youth Project Officer - 20 June 2007 33

Hip Hop Workshop

2-5 pm Sunday 24 June.

Learn how to create your own illest lyrics over hip-hop beats.

The ACT Writers Centre is offering a workshop for young people (aged 14 to 25). The workshop will be run by renowned Canberra duo MC Roshambo and DJ D’Opus who burst out the box with their recent debut EP The Question. The workshop will cover aspects of The Lyric, Beat and Production in a live setting.

Cost: only $10 for young people aged 15-25 / Others $45

Venue: Fireplace Room, Gorman House, Ainslie Avenue, Braddon
Bookings ESSENTIAL on phone 6262 9191 Hal Judge, Project Officer, ACT Writers Centre, Gorman House Arts Centre , Ainslie Avenue BRADDON ACT 2612 , Phone: 02 6262 9192 | Mobile: 0412 661 929 |

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33 Responses to
Hip Hop Workshop: Learn how to create your own illest lyrics over hip hop beats: Sunday 24 June
jemmy 5:27 pm 20 Jun 07

I pretend to be a gangster so stupid people will identify with someone doing it tough, despite my millions of dollars and silly lifestyle.
I solve problems with violence.
I kill people and other people think that is cool.
I am homophobic, racist and mysoginist.
I have advanced women’s rights by decades when I refer to them as bitches and whores.
I wear ridiculous jewelry.
I have a complete lack of musicality which I attempt to counter with rhythm.
My rhythms are monotonous and the same as everyone else’s.
I don’t understand why white middle-class suburbanites in a foreign country empathise with me, but I will luxuriate in their money anyway.
I am a hip-hop god even though I have prostituted my hip-hop roots from the 60s.

[Flame away, gangstas. Hip-hop is just complete crap from any perspective: musically uninteresting , rhythmically repetitive, lyrically mindless. And the people who are in it, my god… you’d poke them with a stick rather than let them near you.]

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 5:12 pm 20 Jun 07

I’m a crazy broke man
From the weekend can
Dropping pipe bombs freaky
From my Charnwood van
On those Holt-side folk
While I’m high on coke
Scored from Amber Westin
On a weekend toke
Yah yah yah yah..

Don’t mess wit me
I fizz like alka selzo
I’m a tuff muthaphukka
With a tat that sez BELCO
I enhance my rage
Stealing cars from Page
And smash em up live
Down on Barry Drive
yah yah yah yah..

Absent Diane 5:01 pm 20 Jun 07

don’t juxtapose me to the hoes
with tha gangsta woes
cause I got my 12 gauge shotty
shooting lyrical blows

cring 4:34 pm 20 Jun 07

They see me trolling…

… They be hating…

Thumper 4:19 pm 20 Jun 07

Suzis on my left arm
and Marys on my right
and Janie is the girl i’ll be dating tonight.
So get a dog up ya homie…

apehammer 4:02 pm 20 Jun 07

It’s called RiotACT, yeah that’s A.C.T.
filled with old wrinklies that smell like wee,
we whinge about this, we moan about that,
“Someone drove too fast!”
“Somebody shot my cat!”

Word-up, beeatches, jam nitty gritty,
we’re from the urban jungle called Canberra city,
well may be not a jungle, more like a garden,
and if you don’t like it the I beg your parden

Life in C-city is totally hard,
drive-by yellings and Floriade,
and you think that’s bad check out Civic at night,
full of little kids all hypo on Sprite

Word-up, beeatches, jam nitty gritty (etc etc)

Snahons_scv6_berlina 2:48 pm 20 Jun 07

I’m a bad-a$$ booner
from quambyland
i’ll sell you coke
while I puff on smoke
and be damned if you don’t choke

on my .44 calibre bling
I’ll make you sing
my gangsta rapper prayer

“Please don’t shoot me quambo booner”
“please don’t shoot me quambo booner”
“I’ll give you want you need”

don’t mess wif me with your east coast,west coast cr@p
I’m a bad-a$$ booner from quambyland
who’ll take your face
right off the map.

Danman 1:50 pm 20 Jun 07

wiggiddy wak – I dont have to run riotact through Gizoogle today 🙂


Mr Evil 12:28 pm 20 Jun 07

I’m the terror from Canberra and I’m on a roll
I’ve got ADHD and just like all me mates, I’m on the dole.
Mike in my left hand, Uzi in my right
Fu%k wiv me and I’ll shoot you out like a light
I’m a no hoper and I’ve got no brain,
and I’m gonna flush my whole life down the drain

West_Kambah_4eva 12:28 pm 20 Jun 07

I can already do that, check this out!:

I’m the kung-fu hippy
From gangsta city
I’m a rappin’ surfer
You the fool I pity

Thumper 12:08 pm 20 Jun 07

Someone forgot to turn on their humour meter this morning….

papadoc 11:52 am 20 Jun 07

Well it’s nice to have someone as positive as Stung on the site. You do better then champ.

Maelinar 11:50 am 20 Jun 07

speling optinal

Absent Diane 11:11 am 20 Jun 07

whackas fukus? Rapping Romans?

Stung 11:05 am 20 Jun 07

wack as fuk

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