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Home Invasions in O’Connor

By bulldog - 26 July 2005 25

This was just emailed to me. I know it’s always dubious when something happens to a friend of a friend, but it’s worth reading becasue I have seen or heard nothing in the Media about this. I have changed bits and pieces of the email to protect the privacy of those involved.

Person X got home to her house in O’Connor on Saturday night to find her front door was unlocked. Without giving it any more thought she went to bed. She then woke up some hours later because her covers were off her. She thought someone was in her room, then noticed she had a gash on the back of her neck. Understandably she was hysterical when she called the police. The Police attended quickly and later advised her that there have been similar weird activities going on in that area.

As I said, don’t know how true this is, but perhaps someone out there can shed some light on this.

What’s Your opinion?

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Home Invasions in O’Connor
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bulldog 12:28 pm 28 Jul 05

Stephen: You must have an interesting approach to making new friends. As dumb and kitch as that sounds that is effectivley what goes on at blogs, you find people with common interests and explore some of the differences.

Joining in for the first time with thinly veiled insults and try-hard witty sarcasm is not a way to endear yourself to a new group of people.

If indeed you have lurked for a while you may realise that posters on the RiotACT are not flamed for having a valid or different opinion.

People get flamed because they are f*cktards.

Maelinar 12:27 pm 28 Jul 05

Goodbye Stephen, I am now lost in the world of centralised schooling leaderless and without a rudder.

I think I’ll switch back to the common sense side that you obviously don’t come from.

Seriously though, I’ve enjoyed stringing you along nearly as much as I do areaman.

In defence for RiotAct, they post hot topics, to which anybody is free to respond. Furfies and idiosyncracies of life are all on the agenda, as well as the persistent ‘Hoff’ topics.

The fact you can’t handle that tells me a lot about you however.

My one question – Just where were you when the whole internet thing came about ?

Your head is stuck so far under a rock I’m scared you’ll get it jammed in there.

Kerces 12:02 pm 28 Jul 05

It wasn’t me who made the comment about the Turner club Stephen.

I’m pretty sure the club being referred to is the Wests Club in Turner, which you can read JB’s story about here.

Which only happened a month ago, so you may well have noted it then but declined to comment if you’ve been lurking for that long.


Ari 11:38 am 28 Jul 05

You sound deranged, Stephen.

stephen 11:35 am 28 Jul 05

What a fascinating little website this is!

Most I take part in welcome debate, even encourage it, in the hope it will attract more readers. They particularly like a bit of a stoush as it means you get more posts (such as this one, which beats by about 20 the replies most posts get).

I assumed (wrongly) that everyone would queue up to take the piss out of the poster for posting such a blatant urban myth. Instead the owner thinks he’s got his second scoop! (Which is unlikely, given he shopped the source of his first one to the cops. No one in their right mind would ever send this site anything sensitive as Johnboy will NOT protect his sources).

I’ve been a lurker here for a while and thought I’d join in. Obviously not welcome so will now depart and leave the 6 of you who post about half the replies to your own private website.

Turner club kerces? Never been there, if there is indeed such a place.

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