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Home Invasions in O’Connor

By bulldog - 26 July 2005 25

This was just emailed to me. I know it’s always dubious when something happens to a friend of a friend, but it’s worth reading becasue I have seen or heard nothing in the Media about this. I have changed bits and pieces of the email to protect the privacy of those involved.

Person X got home to her house in O’Connor on Saturday night to find her front door was unlocked. Without giving it any more thought she went to bed. She then woke up some hours later because her covers were off her. She thought someone was in her room, then noticed she had a gash on the back of her neck. Understandably she was hysterical when she called the police. The Police attended quickly and later advised her that there have been similar weird activities going on in that area.

As I said, don’t know how true this is, but perhaps someone out there can shed some light on this.

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Home Invasions in O’Connor
bulldog 12:38 pm 27 Jul 05

Well done Stephen. Did I say covered up? Do I sound like a conspiracist?

I pointed out that whilst I am no expert (I have studied psychology a numner of years ago) I know that the police sometimes like to keep certain types of assaults and attacks quiet in the hope that there is no gratification to the criminals who are often sociopaths.

If you’ve got a “constant problem with this and other websites” get off your arse and find a hobby.

Thumper 12:35 pm 27 Jul 05

“They are a forum for people to grind political axes and spread urban myths”

And what the hell is wrong with grinding political axes? Are we simply to sit here and agree with everything our political masters say and do?

Stuff that for a joke. You may do that but I’d prefer not to be a sheep.

As for urban myths, thats the first I’ve ever seen on the site.

stephen 12:27 pm 27 Jul 05

“what’s your damage? ”
The constant problem of this, and similar websites. They are a forum for people to grind political axes and spread urban myths.

The reason you’ve got a story the rest of the media doesn’t Johnboy is because it never happened.

And Bulldog, there has been a s series of assuaklts in O’Connor ion recent months and an arrest. If you think that was covered up you obiviously don’t listen to the ABC, read the Canberra times or pay attention to this website which linked to the media reports of the arrest.

redneck_ninja 8:31 am 27 Jul 05

The AFP says there’s been a spate of home invasions lately in the area in the past month or two. The media’s actually looking into it (well I am anyway) keep an eye out for it.

bulldog 8:25 am 27 Jul 05

JB: was that directed at me of Stephen? I’ve already acknowledged that it would seem dubious that we’ve not heard anything about this; however I was pointing out that I did not receive the email as spam.

Have also heard another local of the inner north area tell me they are aware of assaults in the area over the last month or so. Maybe the AFP has asked the media to keep quiet about this in the hope that the attacks won’t increase? I don’t know and I don’t claim to be an expert on such matters.

johnboy 10:58 pm 26 Jul 05

I got it in an email so it must be true”

Yes, clearly stated and we’re all as clever as you so take it for what its worth.

Comments allow for a degree of more credible corroboration, suddenly we’ve got a story the rest of the media doesn’t.

what’s your damage?

Absent Diane 4:54 pm 26 Jul 05

Normally quite skeptical of these things but…. recently a relative of mine was drugged at a bar (nothing bad happened)but it certainly made me eat my skepticism and made me want take to this unamed ‘cowboy’ bar near the phoenix with a wrecking ball!! and now I am a smidgen more believing when here such things

terubo 3:15 pm 26 Jul 05

Must be a trainee Nosferatu – he’s only supposed to leave two small puncture marks.

bulldog 3:04 pm 26 Jul 05

If you need me to explain ‘this happened to a friend of a friend’ I’m stumped.

I’m tipping that this is a tad more reliable than spam, but I’m sure you’re happy with your witty comment so more power.

In any case, I have my own doubts which is why I posted this in the first place.

stephen 2:59 pm 26 Jul 05

I got it in an email so it must be true” Has that Nigerian General given you the $20 million yet?

Thumper 2:02 pm 26 Jul 05

Its sounding a bit like an urban legend at this stage.


bulldog 1:26 pm 26 Jul 05

All I got was a gash; no nothing else at this stage.

Pretty frickin’ bad though.

Hadley 1:14 pm 26 Jul 05

Any details on what kind of gash was on the back of her neck? Like a scratch or a bad cut?

Ari 1:14 pm 26 Jul 05

Dunno about that story, but I live in O’Connor and got home from work about 11.45pm last Tuesday night to find several cop cars parked up and down my street.

They bailed me up in my driveway and demanded ID.

The policewoman said there had been several break-ins, “sexual assaults” and backyard prowlers in the area recently.

She said the reason they were staking out several streets on Tuesday night was a report of a backyard prowler in Miller St.

I’m glad my 6-mnth-old dog’s now big enough to provide some sort of deterrent for these sorts of characters.

ssanta 1:07 pm 26 Jul 05

Someone was telling me about this on Monday. Apparently there thave been two other cases of some oddjob doing this…

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