Hot in the City: Tea Connoisseur celebrates ancient traditions with fine tea and specialty food

Lucy Ridge 22 December 2021 36
Coco's family stands in front of tea cannisters

Yun ‘Coco’ Zeng (right) with her father Zhao Xiang Zeng and mother Lianfang Yang. Photo: Lucy Ridge.

Yun ‘Coco’ Zeng has spent her career working in high-end hotels across Asia and Australia and her recently opened tea lounge, Tea Connoisseur, combines this hospitality experience with her roots in the tea-growing province of Yunnan in China.

I was invited to taste what’s on offer and learn a little more about the humble cup of tea.

Coco’s family has been picking and processing tea for several generations in Yunnan, an area famous for its ancient tea plants that grow wild in the mineral-rich mountain soils.

“My mum is from Yunnan and I was born there and grew up there,” Coco told Region Media.

“Since I was very little … I started to learn to pick tea. Even during school time, when we had holiday season we would have to go to the tea farm and go into the forest to pick tea.”

It is estimated that some of these wild tea plants have been growing for hundreds – perhaps thousands – of years. Coco’s uncle runs the family business in Yunnan and is considered a Tea Master because of his expertise.

Glass teapot and cup against backdrop of tea shop

Tea Connoisseur serves fine teas from the Yunnan Province of China. Photo: Lucy Ridge.

Coco has partnered with her uncle to import most of the specialty teas on the menu, which means that she can speak with great authority on the origin and quality of each tea.

A specialty of the Yunnan region is pu-erh tea, made from fermented tea leaves which are pressed into “cakes” and aged. Coco explained that these teas are appreciated much like fine wine, with enthusiasts buying and aging them for many years.

The pu-erh teas on the menu are listed by vintage and elevation as each variety differs in flavour based on location and the conditions of that year.

“[The variation is the] same as wine, because of the weather, the rain, the soil,” Coco explains.

“That’s why whenever we drink tea I want people to really appreciate where the tea comes from.”

I tried the Ancient Wild Black Tea, which was served in a beautiful glass teapot so I could watch the colour change as it steeped.

The first pour tasted grassy and sweet but subsequent brewings brought out stronger flavours that changed with each cup. As someone who generally just dunks a teabag in a mug I found this a far more mindful and luxurious approach to tea, which is part of Coco’s vision for Tea Connoisseur.

“We want people to come and feel relaxed and calm when they drink the tea,” she says.

The thoughtfully designed interior adds to the feeling of relaxation, with cool green colours and soft furnishings. Coco explained that she drew inspiration from the high-end hotel lobbies where she used to work.

Photo of salad

Tie Guan Yin Salad is garnished with crispy Oolong tea leaves. Photo: Lucy Ridge.

Tea Connoisseur also offers a menu of traditional Yunnan food cooked by Coco’s parents. Many of the dishes use tea leaves as a starring ingredient.

I tried the Tie Guan Yin Salad, which is a dish of cos lettuce, cucumber, and a spicy sesame dressing topped with crispy fried Oolong tea leaves. The flavour of the tea leaves added a delicious complexity to the freshness of the salad.

My favourite dish was the Beef Tripe Noodles. The rice noodles were perfectly chewy and the tripe and mushrooms were mild in flavour but added great texture to the chilled dish. These noodles are also available with braised pork.

bowl of noodles

The menu at Tea Connoisseur features traditional Yunnan food like this cold rice noodle dish. Photo: Lucy Ridge.

There’s nothing better than tea and cake, and Coco has teamed up with a pastry chef who creates tea-infused desserts like a moreish cheesecake flavoured with Wild Ancient black tea and a subtly sweet panna cotta made with Yunnan Moonlight Beauty white tea.

Cheesecake with cup of tea

Tea-infused dishes like this black tea cheesecake will form part of the planned high tea sessions. Photo: Lucy Ridge.

Coco plans to share her deep knowledge of tea by hosting tea appreciation courses, educational classes, cupping sessions and other special events. She’s also planning regular high tea sessions, alternating between tea with Japanese-inspired sweets and classic English afternoon tea with cakes and sandwiches.

Visitors to the shop can also purchase tea and taste some of the different varieties on offer.

The day I visited they were offering tastings of Oolong tea and an iced Green Tea made with butterfly pea flowers which turned the tea a vibrant purple colour.

Coco holds a round tea cake

Yun ‘Coco’ Zeng holds a ‘pu-erh’ pressed tea cake made by her family in Yunnan. Photo: Lucy Ridge.

Tea Connoisseur is a luxurious experience that will change the way you think about your morning cuppa!

Tea Connoisseur is in Founders Lane, G07/2 Batman Street Braddon. Open Monday to Saturday 10 am to 9 pm, Sunday 10 am to 8 pm. Lunch between 10 am and 2.30 pm, dinner between 5.30 pm and close. Cakes and tea service available all day.
More information on upcoming events can be found on their website.

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36 Responses to Hot in the City: Tea Connoisseur celebrates ancient traditions with fine tea and specialty food
Kathy Coombe Kathy Coombe 4:42 pm 08 Jan 22

Lisa Coombe Caitlin Coombe Nanna Pa - looks like a place to visit!

Heather Whittle Heather Whittle 7:11 pm 07 Jan 22

Erin Kate Shearwood let's go drink fancy tea and eat stuff!

Skye Turner Skye Turner 5:31 pm 06 Jan 22

Aimée, Kelly, Melissa, Jodie I think a beau-‘tea’-ful catch up would be nice here. Perhaps in feb?

    Jodie Kafer Jodie Kafer 5:37 pm 06 Jan 22

    Skye Turner I read a review of this place the other day - sounds great!

    Kelly Bolton Kelly Bolton 5:41 pm 06 Jan 22

    Sounds lovely. Coco is an ex student of mine from CIT 💕

    Coco Zeng Coco Zeng 6:34 pm 06 Jan 22

    Kelly Bolton Happy New year! Kelly.

    Would love to catch up with you for a cup of Fine 🍵:-)

    Aimée Vassallo Aimée Vassallo 8:33 pm 06 Jan 22

    Skye Turner sounds good

Coco Zeng Coco Zeng 10:33 pm 05 Jan 22

White Tea Panna Cotta( Must Try)

Coco Zeng Coco Zeng 10:30 pm 05 Jan 22

Tie Guan Yin & Grapefruit Honey Tea Pork Rip 😊

Coco Zeng Coco Zeng 10:28 pm 05 Jan 22

Hi Everyone,

Greetings from Tea Connoisseur 🍵

Thank you for your support and interest. Also big thank you to Lucy Ridge from Riotact.

We are so happy to bring this exciting project for all Canberran people. Tea Connoisseur is open 7 days per week from 10am to 8:30pm on Sunday to Wednesday and 10am to 9pm on Thursday to Saturday.

Lunch will be closed on 2:30pm and dinner will be served at 5pm everyday, however Fine tea & Tea Cakes are available all day. First high tea will be served on 12th of February. Please check our website for more information.

Tea Connoisseur offers 40 types of Highest Quality Fine Tea from around the world, Tea dishes and fresh Tea desserts. Future events includes Tea&Food Preparing, Tea&Cheese Preparing, Asian High Tea( Connoisseur hour) and Classic High Tea on the weekend, Tea Education Course, Tea & Health Event, Kids high tea......Online shopping for all teas and luxury gift pack. All information will be ready within in next two weeks.

You are more than welcome to walk in without booking( Unless is more than 5 people). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Lots of Love From Tea Connoisseur Team

Lisa Jones Lisa Jones 4:18 pm 05 Jan 22

Jade oooo new high tea place soon 👀

    Jade Herbert Jade Herbert 4:21 pm 05 Jan 22

    Lisa Jones yes! I was looking at it but couldn’t figure out what sort of high tea it was 😂

    Lisa Jones Lisa Jones 4:23 pm 05 Jan 22

    ikr real vague 😅

    Jade Herbert Jade Herbert 4:25 pm 05 Jan 22

    should still check it out just to make sure 😏

    Lisa Jones Lisa Jones 4:26 pm 05 Jan 22

    everybody gets a chance 😌

Olivia Anderson Olivia Anderson 1:13 pm 05 Jan 22

Mary Henkel for when you're back in Canberra 😍

Kooms Sam Kooms Sam 12:26 pm 05 Jan 22

Rianna let's go here

Jasmine Li Jasmine Li 12:19 pm 05 Jan 22

Brydie Arundell shall we go there next time?

Laurie Berry Laurie Berry 11:34 am 05 Jan 22

for the right price. Just the name is out of my league.

Rebecca Luttrell Rebecca Luttrell 10:44 am 05 Jan 22

Katey van der Sterren tea date thx

Melanie Anne Melanie Anne 10:41 am 05 Jan 22

Nikki Gingell let's do a high tea here when they start them

Frank Spencer Frank Spencer 10:02 am 05 Jan 22

Oooohhh Betty lets try this!

Vicki Williams Vicki Williams 9:50 am 05 Jan 22

Bri Williams here is one to review

Hayley Storen Hayley Storen 12:20 am 05 Jan 22

Elyse Bellingham i want to try this place!

    Elyse Bellingham Elyse Bellingham 1:09 am 05 Jan 22

    Hayley Storen sounds like a plan to me :)

Teresa Tranzillo Teresa Tranzillo 10:12 pm 04 Jan 22

Megan Jane we will need to try this place

Toni Good Toni Good 9:55 pm 04 Jan 22

Em let's do this

Kathryn Williams Kathryn Williams 9:50 pm 04 Jan 22

Michael this reminds me of that tea you ordered when we met 😆

Alexander Kary Alexander Kary 9:28 pm 04 Jan 22

Cathryn come back immediately!!

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