Hot in the country: discover The Baker at Sutton

Hannah Sparks 21 May 2021 45
Baked sweet goods at The Bakery at Sutton

Freshly baked sweet treats fill the counter at The Bakery at Sutton. Photo: Hannah Sparks.

Sutton’s bakery is not big on self-promotion.

In fact, a quick Google search can leave you wondering, “Who is The Baker at Sutton?”

While its website is like a baker’s Pinterest board, revealing photo after photo of perfectly baked sourdoughs, Danish pastries oozing with boysenberries, and cakes you want to stick a fork into, there’s nothing about its people.

So let us introduce you to Nick Smith.

He opened the fast-paced bakery in 2016 following a long-standing joke that was repeated enough times to his children that a seed was eventually planted.

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“For about five years, every time I drove through Sutton with the kids I’d say, ‘That’s our next shop,’” says Nick.

He has lived in the village near Canberra since 2010, and loved the charm of its old service station and store.

It was the perfect location to open his second bakery, in the centre of Sutton, but the renovations proved too difficult.

“A lot of the building was condemned before we even moved in so it just wasn’t worth what it would have cost to repair so we knocked it down and rebuilt,” says Nick.

He started baking in Canberra as soon as he left school in year 10, some 35 years ago, and ran several Bakers Delight stores in the capital with his brother for years.

Nick Smith and his daughter, Britney, at The Baker at Sutton

Nick Smith working with his daughter, Britney, at The Baker at Sutton. Photo: Hannah Sparks.

After leaving the franchise, Nick and his wife, Louise, started Crust at Fyshwick Markets. Their daughter, Britney, who returned from Europe at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, is now also working across the businesses.

Whether it’s a vanilla slice, lamington or iced finger, we all have our bakery favourites, deep-rooted from childhood.

The Baker at Sutton prides itself on doing the classics well and, like Crust, was an opportunity for Nick to break free from the constraints of a franchise.

“It’s a lot more intense here, but it’s a lot more enjoyable because Bakers Delight is very regimented – you do the same things right across the board and there’s no avenue for creativity or adjustments,” says Nick.

“Here, we’ve tried not to do anything radical because of the location, but people will readily identify with some of our classics: apple pies and vanilla slice. We wanted to make the old classics, but make them better.”

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Since opening The Baker at Sutton, the village’s thoroughfare seems busier than ever with cyclists, car clubs and retirees regularly popping in for coffee and a sweet treat.

“We didn’t anticipate getting so many car clubs, retirees and cyclists,” says Nick. “We knew we’d get a few, but thought the hardcore cyclists would go to Gundaroo or a little bit further afield. But now we’re the stop.

“It’s also really amazing to see how many caravans come through Sutton. I guess we’re the shortcut between Yass and the coast, but the traffic through the village has been picking up since we moved here.”

For Nick, business is also about supporting local residents.

He has helped Sutton Rural Fire Brigade by providing baked goods for barbecues and hosting a collection box inside the bakery, as well as Sutton Public School with hot cross bun drives and other initiatives.

“You can’t just expect to open the doors and keep on taking – you’ve got to give back,” he says.

Nick is happy keeping the bakery as it is for the next few years, but he sees the opportunity to eventually expand the business into a cafe or restaurant, with the bakery on the side.

He loves the Grounds of Alexandria concept in Sydney, which has built a restaurant, bar, garden, animal farm and florist around the original bakery. He thinks something similar could take off in Sutton.

Original Article published by Hannah Sparks on About Regional.

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45 Responses to Hot in the country: discover The Baker at Sutton
Barbara Brooks Barbara Brooks 4:26 pm 02 Jun 21

Best pies and Vanilla Slices.....

Heidi Hopper Heidi Hopper 9:53 am 01 Jun 21

Leisa Hopper next time I’m in town

    Leisa Hopper Leisa Hopper 12:00 pm 01 Jun 21

    Heidi Hopper , lol we could walk there

    Colin Marchant Colin Marchant 12:17 pm 01 Jun 21

    Leisa Hopper custard tart please

    Heidi Hopper Heidi Hopper 4:18 pm 01 Jun 21

    Leisa Hopper at least it will be something different to garlic bread hahaha

    Leisa Hopper Leisa Hopper 4:29 pm 01 Jun 21

    Colin Marchant tart sorted , just need the custard

    Colin Marchant Colin Marchant 6:05 pm 01 Jun 21

    Leisa Hopper no way to talk about Denise!

    Leisa Hopper Leisa Hopper 8:38 pm 01 Jun 21

    Colin Marchant you are in trouble!!!

Brisal Brisal 9:27 am 01 Jun 21

They need to put proper iced coffee on the menu!

Koby Allan Koby Allan 8:04 pm 31 May 21

Matt Allan next Sunday drive?

Chris Van Der Sanden Chris Van Der Sanden 3:29 pm 31 May 21

Allyse Wilson and Matt Wilson do you know about this bakery? Heheha

Mel Rose Mel Rose 11:04 am 31 May 21

Marji R Curran is this the one?

Helen Jones Hazlewood Helen Jones Hazlewood 10:08 am 31 May 21

Fabulous pies, cheesecake and almond croissants 🥰

Julie Jefferson Julie Jefferson 9:36 pm 30 May 21

Not to mention their amazing pies

Deborah McCarthy Deborah McCarthy 8:38 pm 30 May 21

Ill be seeing you soon 😆💖

    Lesley-Anne Watson Lesley-Anne Watson 9:47 pm 30 May 21

    Deborah McCarthy

    ... should we? ... they do look yummy ...

Cheryl Thuillier Cheryl Thuillier 5:47 pm 30 May 21

Has fabulous food

Fiona Green Fiona Green 3:48 pm 30 May 21

Roger Booth....we need to go!!

    Kerry Taylor Kerry Taylor 6:36 pm 30 May 21

    Fiona Green, let me know when you are going and I will put an

    order in

    Scott Taylor Scott Taylor 7:33 pm 30 May 21

    Fiona Green such a nice bakery!!

    Helen Robertson Helen Robertson 9:09 pm 30 May 21

    Scott Taylor Rob and I went out there on Saturday for lunch, it’s so good

Adrian Sandrey Adrian Sandrey 3:26 pm 30 May 21

Ploughmans roll is the bomb !!

Michelle Mohr Michelle Mohr 3:05 pm 30 May 21

We just had meat pies 🥧 from here this afternoon ❤️ we visit here regularly, one of our favourite spots for pies and bakery 🧁 goodies. They also cater for dietary requirements which is even better👌

Penelope Jane Penelope Jane 2:46 pm 30 May 21

Nicole Teariki we need to go here

    Danielle Minney Danielle Minney 3:15 pm 30 May 21

    Penelope Jane their pies and sausage rolls are the best also......

    Penelope Jane Penelope Jane 3:28 pm 30 May 21

    Danielle Minney I'm down for that!!!

    Danielle Minney Danielle Minney 3:30 pm 30 May 21

    Penelope Jane I haven’t been for a while but it’s such a quick drive from where we live just up the road a bit 😆

    Penelope Jane Penelope Jane 3:32 pm 30 May 21

    Danielle Minney wonder if they're open tomorrow.

    Danielle Minney Danielle Minney 3:33 pm 30 May 21

    Penelope Jane according to google it is as the public holiday is only for ACT

    Penelope Jane Penelope Jane 3:35 pm 30 May 21

    Danielle Minney then I might take a drive.

    Danielle Minney Danielle Minney 3:37 pm 30 May 21

    Last time I went it was busy but that was a Saturday

    Nicole Teariki Nicole Teariki 4:04 pm 30 May 21

    Penelope Jane I’ve been here, they do have lots of yummies. 15 min drive from me I have a gf that lives down there

Drew Norrell Drew Norrell 2:32 pm 30 May 21

We should go out for a look.

    Lizzy Edwards Lizzy Edwards 2:39 pm 30 May 21

    Drew Norrell definitely

    Judy Zilber Judy Zilber 3:09 pm 30 May 21

    Lizzy Edwards you haven't been there yet? Totally worth a drive out there!

    Lizzy Edwards Lizzy Edwards 3:17 pm 30 May 21

    Judy Zilber ok! We’ll definitely go. We’ve been trying to get to country bakeries for Drew to try different things out 😊

Ingrid Decak Ingrid Decak 1:57 pm 30 May 21

Ali Decak we should go for a drive one weekend!

Anna Mitchell Anna Mitchell 1:38 pm 30 May 21

Doing something similar to The Grounds of Alexandria would opens so many doors as a destination for everyday and special events.

Jackie Winkler Jackie Winkler 1:07 pm 30 May 21

John Winkler we will have to go 😁

Alison Jones Alison Jones 1:07 pm 30 May 21

Thank you. Shall file this away under potential school holiday excursions with teens!!

Angie Carey Angie Carey 12:56 pm 30 May 21

Any cream horns?. Remember them?

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