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‘Hot water’? in Civic? bubblers a bottled water plot?

By Shinigami_Josh - 6 January 2012 22

While i am currently away from our “beloved” city. Social networking keeps telling me that

“They’ve heated the tap and fountain water at civic center in order to bolster sales of bottle water. ”

In reference to both DFO and Canberra centre, from my understanding its been quite hot so hot water in the pipes makes sense due to the ambient conditions, not some huge shadowy plot to make us buy bottled water but just due to it being summer.

Is there anything serious behind this, or are my friends nuts?

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
‘Hot water’? in Civic? bubblers a bottled water plot?
breda 8:07 pm 06 Jan 12

It’s just another sign of global warming.

My kitchen tap water has been having the same problem recently.

Deref 2:49 pm 06 Jan 12

A conspiracy nut and illiterate (“bottle water”).

And they’ve heated up the fountains too?

dpm 2:43 pm 06 Jan 12

Perhaps your friends have been bumping up the figures in this study:

user_unknown 2:36 pm 06 Jan 12

You’ve obviously never tried to have a “cold” shower in Brisbane in the middle of summer in a house where the water pipes are partially outside 🙂 warm pipes equals warm water.
Or drink from the hose when it’s been sitting in the sun to cool down & cop a mouthful/faceful of hot water!
Haha love the Ralph Wiggum comment 😉
Honestly though, I really don’t think there’s anything suss going on

johnboy 2:32 pm 06 Jan 12

The mind control lasers heat them up when the tin foil is working.


Henry82 2:25 pm 06 Jan 12

bd84 said :

I would say the water may be hot because their artistic looking bubblers are made of stainless steel and would conduct the heat of the sun excellently..

This. Also OP’s friend might notice his/her tin foil hat will get warm on warm days

poetix 2:12 pm 06 Jan 12

I’m sure your friends know about the secret chemicals being added too.

john87_no1 1:54 pm 06 Jan 12

NoImRight said :

Is your friend Ralph Wiggum?

HAHA +1 – made my day.

artuoui 1:44 pm 06 Jan 12

I can’t find this contradicted at so it must be true.

Your friends are nuts, though.

AG Canberra 1:35 pm 06 Jan 12

There will be an email from Jeff Manny on it next week….he’ll have a solution.

Instant Mash 1:34 pm 06 Jan 12

From my experience, warmer days mean warmer water.

matt31221 1:30 pm 06 Jan 12

It sounds like a loud of shizen to me. I am an electrician not a plumber but I presume that any water fountains for drinking would be installed with a fresh water pipe feed and that it would rely on the water mains pressure to make the water come out when you turn the little knob – and would not need a power feed. So to warm the water up artificially you would need electricity, and more equipment to be installed that may be bulky. That would be a complete stuff around and wouldn’t be cheap (plus it would need to be metered as well). Pure conjecture on my part as I have never installed water fountains or know how civic water feeds are installed but I’ve wired up storage hot water systems, three phase instantanious, solar hot water and many of those little public service undersink hot and cold water units and things like that. Any plumbers out there?

NoImRight 1:26 pm 06 Jan 12

Is your friend Ralph Wiggum?

bd84 1:23 pm 06 Jan 12

I would say the water may be hot because their artistic looking bubblers are made of stainless steel and would conduct the heat of the sun excellently.. Given that the bubblers are owned and maintained by the government, I doubt they would have anything to do with people who sell bottled water.

Not sure why people believe conspiracy theorists.

buzz819 1:20 pm 06 Jan 12

Umm…. I think you need new friends…

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