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How does one get to the National Community Day of Protest? (Assuming one wishes to)

By johnboy 14 November 2005 46

Well tommorrow (today by the time most of you get to it) is the National Community Day of Protest (NCDP) against the proposed changes to Industrial Relations laws.

I don’t propose to debate the pros and cons extensively here (the Chamber of Commerce tellingly is keen, which indicates it is a step towards their long sought after slavery).

What is interesting, however, is the counterintuitive legalities being deployed by both the Government and the CPSU in trying to manipulate the size of the protests.

We covered the start of this last week but now loadedog has more.

Personally I regard taking sick leave if I’m not sick as fraud. But I don’t see why annual leave or flex can’t be used by free people in a free society wishing to associate freely.

UPDATED: Loadedog has more on the seemingly underhand tactics being used to keep Public Servants at their desks.\

FURTHER UPDATE: A little bird tells me DIMIA have issued a directive to dock the pay of everyone who attended today’s rally, despite them having pre-approved

ANOTHER UPDATE: A different bird brough word that DEH staff were directed not to take the day off unless they had a specific reason, other than attending the rally. Also AFFA staff were simply denied leave for today, even rec leave.

I think we can say, regardless of one’s views on the IR laws, that the Government has behaved immorally here.

What’s Your opinion?

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46 Responses to
How does one get to the National Community Day of Protest? (Assuming one wishes to)
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el 5:57 pm 15 Nov 05

You’re a dead set arrogant wanker Samuel. Maybe once you’re out in the real world (although you seem like the sort to live with your folks until you’re in your late 40’s) you might realise things aren’t as black and white as you might think.

Cameron 5:46 pm 15 Nov 05

Just spoke to a mate who works at DEWR, seems they were warned off taking leave etc. – some were even threatened with the sack (!!!)

Cameron 4:34 pm 15 Nov 05

I would think it highly illegal for those departments to not allow leave because they know it is associated with some sort of industrial action.

I think it’d be reasonable for some public servants to have their leave denied because of a certain number of employees already receiving leave, but a blanket ban? Hmmm… seems that DEH and DIMIA may have done something silly.

Are they the only departments to have issued such a ban?

Slinky the Shocker 4:23 pm 15 Nov 05

To get back to the original thread (as the updates from the departments roll in): Do public servants you have to specify what you use your rec leave or flex time for? Is the behaviour of DEH and DIMIA illegal, on top of immoral?
I think the government should be bloody happy they are not in Europe or Canada, otherwise there would have been no buses running, flights taking off or newspapers printed. I also have vivid memories of living in Toronto in summer 2002, when garbagemen went on strike for weeks in the middle of a heatwave. Here workers even sacrifice their rec-leave, so give them a break Johnny!

Maelinar 3:30 pm 15 Nov 05

Sorry, I didn’t hear it. Must have been listening to something else at the time.

I should re-iterate, he needs to KEEP saying it.

Kandy A 3:19 pm 15 Nov 05

All it would take is Beasley to stand up and say “next election it’s out if you vote for us”

Big Kim did say exactly that Maelinar, (still didnt get him much of a cheer)

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