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How many mowers for one small park?

By johnboy - 9 January 2009 38

I was amazed this morning by the spectacle of a small park in Ainslie getting mowed.

Not that the mowing was taking place. Ainslie is much better serviced than, say, Macquarie.

But that one tiny park was being mowed by five (one, two, three, four, FIVE) ride on mowers.

They had to stay synchronised to avoid running into each other!

Once upon a time a lonely bloke would have gone from park to park, but now it seems the boys can all hang out together.

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
How many mowers for one small park?
p1 3:05 pm 09 Jan 09

…Two men went to mow, went to mow a meadow…

Thumper 2:46 pm 09 Jan 09

One man went to mow, went to mow a meadow.

tortfeaser 2:44 pm 09 Jan 09

Several men mow a lawn. More news at six.

Holden Caulfield 2:30 pm 09 Jan 09

It’s like that Vanilla Ice song … rollin, in a five joint mow.

54-11 11:41 am 09 Jan 09

I must say that I was impressed by the mower driver (rider?) in the week before Chrismas with his Santa suit on. He got quite a few waves of appreciation. I saw him around the Woden cemetery, and it just sort of looked right.

Kramer 11:39 am 09 Jan 09

Around inner Belconnen I see them very quickly cover over graffiti whenever it appears (although there are a few spots where they don’t notice / ignore it. Also grass cutting, tree trimming, and street sweeping is pretty damn good & regular.

niftydog 11:37 am 09 Jan 09

They were doing the same in O’connor and Turner before Xmas, admittedly on a much larger grass area.

In fact, the guy mowing alongside the bike path was more observant that most pedestrians! Despite a big diesel engine rumbling away, all the inherent noise of a massive mower, and the fact he was concentrating on not running over stuff or driving into the storm water drain, he STILL managed to notice cyclists coming from all directions, moved off the path and throttled down the engine as you went past. The guy deserves a bonus!

tylersmayhem 11:35 am 09 Jan 09

I’d imagine that because these mowers generally operate in fleets when mowing large nature.median strips, it was quicker and easier for them to knock over the park on the way to a bigger job?!

wot said fred 11:34 am 09 Jan 09

what local crews? hard pressed to see local crews – Sapphire Coast seems to have the tree pruning market locked dowm, road repair crews seem contracted from out of state, footpaths are a mess of cracked and distorted sections aching for a personal injury claim or covered in botanical or ‘geological’ debris – we used to have district parks and gardens depots but outsourcing seems to have become the governing mantra and standards are crappy.

chrispy 11:28 am 09 Jan 09

The local govt’ services crews are awesome in Canberra. It’s like a ground force decending on an area and thoroughly tidying it all up. Once I saw about 6 guys with leaf blower/vacs operating in the same small part of city walk. Compared to other australian cities where you struggle to see one government maintenance guy, the parks look like shit and highly public grafiti stays around for weeks.

Granny 11:21 am 09 Jan 09

It would look quite graceful I think, really!

: )

neanderthalsis 11:16 am 09 Jan 09

Put them in HiVis mankini’s, pink earmuffs and nose plugs and have them mow to some easy listening tunes. I think you’re onto something there granny.

Kizzle 11:16 am 09 Jan 09

Allow me…

They see me rollin’ they hatin’

Granny 11:11 am 09 Jan 09

Synchronised mowing! Now there’s a potential new Olympic sport for you ….

Overheard 11:11 am 09 Jan 09

Maybe they have separation issues and don’t like to be apart. ‘Togetherness’ might be a clause in their certified agreement, combating feelings of isolation and abandonment. They might just need a group hug every now and again.

Or they’re light on for work and want to get to Edgar’s by opening.

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