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How Mr. Stanhope stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb…

johnboy 12 September 2005 4

What did they do to our brave leader on his recent trip to Washington DC?

First he acquired a taste for gun selling. Now he’s put out a media release in support of the war in Iraq.

Is there a pod in the bottom of his garden with your face growing inside?

I suspect that, in the wake of Katrina, Mr. Stanhope is anticipating a hasty US withdrawl from Iraq (imagine a crippled W trying to get the next appropriation Bill through Congress while New Orleans lies in ruins). So positioning continued support of the struggle now gives him room to let rip when the carnage begins after christmas.

Now I maintain that the views of the Chief Minister of the ACT on this sort of subject are so irrelevant as to be a waste of time better spent elsewhere. But it will be interesting to see what others make of his position here which would appear to be (at face value) very sensible.

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4 Responses to How Mr. Stanhope stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb…
Maelinar 10:21 am 13 Sep 05

Perhaps he could initiate the refugee repatriation committee from Iraq itself ? (complete with green welcome mat)

In my way of thinking, since Iraq is now non Saddam Hussein controlled, anybody claiming refugee status is a Saddam Hussein supporter (as the ousted group) and should be extensively questioned as to the reasons why they are claiming refugee status.

If they didn't do anything wrong then there should be no problems going home, but if they were responsible for the killing and maiming of innocents under the auspices of maintaining the regime, then perhaps the Iraqi prison service is the more appropriate detention centre.

All things told, there's no real reason to be a refugee, hence on a SIEV from Iraq unless you're more appropriately a rat deserting your sunken empire.

Thumper 9:11 am 13 Sep 05


Mr Evil 9:01 am 13 Sep 05

I think Jon should volunteer to go to Iraq to fix the place up: the people there need a leader who can give them all the things they need, like bicycle lanes and a SIEV-X memorial!

Thumper 8:09 am 13 Sep 05

My views are simple. he's the leader of a tiny, insignificant little territory in Australia, and yet acts as if he should be up there making policy and decisions with the big boys.

Meanwhile we get green painted bike lanes, longer hospital waiting queues, buildings approved with no real consultation, roads unable to be built due to incompetence, inquiries into fires that don't happen, an ESA that is severly underfunded, schools that are an absolute joke, etc etc.

I wish he'd concentrate on the thing s he was elected for, that is, the running of Canberra.

Plainly we know he is dead against it. And yet he now says he supports it, after many years of totally opposing it. One would have to wonder, what is in it for him?

And that answer completely eludes me unless he's stitched up some sort of deal in the US that is going to benefit him and Canberra in general.

As for his remarks about Iraq, that is very odd.

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