5 July 2010

How To Spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R - Save Collector Creek YouTube protest video

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If you care about the local environment, please watch the “Save Collector Creek”

How To Spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R YouTube video here:

Thank you!


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troll-sniffer8:32 pm 05 Jul 10

Joisus some people just don’t get it do they? The bridge had reached the end of its life. it was demolished to make way for a perfectly acceptable crossing that will serve 99% of the time. The other 1% when the creek flows most swiftly the Collectorites will jolly well have to travel an extra km to go around the top end.

This OP just doesn’t seem to understand that everyone bar a few misguided types in the village do not give a toss about a rather nondescript bridge that certainly does not qualify for heritage status.

Surely there are more productive uses you could be putting your boundless whining energy into?

savecollectorbridge6:44 pm 05 Jul 10

LOL, thanks for your comments and views guys, thankfully for every critic on here we’ve gotten ten support emails, plus the Heritage Dept finally taking the interest they should have. Fingers crossed for an environmentally sound solution for our creek that will keep everyone happy!

I think you spelled pollution wrong in the 15th (or so) slide. A bit emotionally targeted and I think that will turn people (who have no active interest in the issue)against you because they will feel a certain amount of intended manipulation with the lovey-dovey music and the pictures of the fluffy animals.
Good luck to you though, it was a much nicer looking bridge before and I hope you can work a compromise out with the council.

The questions you dramatically ask in that video are hilarious.
“How will people know about how Collector once had the Shire Council build them a bridge, someone at a totally different time gave a completely unrelated speech, or how on yet another unrelated occasion someone was shot at, etc?”
Unless your entire history was engraved on the bridge (and only on the bridge?), I reckon they’ll do it much like the rest of your historical society did, through oral reports, documentary evidence, and those photos you showed.

Besides, there’s another road into and out of town, connecting you directly to the Federal Highway, so its not like you’re all going to starve.

If, in the fullness of time, Collector’s volume of trans-creek traffic creeps above what the culvert or alternate route can cope with, you can then have a newer bridge paid for by the Shire (with the great majority of payment sourced from the rates of people who will never use it), and you can take photographs for future residents to cry over when it gets torn down.

You have 160 online petitions, 40 of which are from Collector. Collector has a population of 300 (approx), I`m betting the majority of the town does not give a F***!

If these box culvert bridges were so bad they would not have them in the Yanga National Park in NSW, Devon Downs Wetlands in SA or Swampy Plains Creek at Khancoban to name a few.
There are guidelines regarding the installation of box culverts that address all of your concerns, make sure the council follow them.

If you are concerned about the lost history, petition the council for the timber. Build a playground for the kids, bird hides, community info site or a foot bridge parallel to the box culvert (use your imagination) ensure that the bridges history continues as something else the community can benefit.

It is totally unbelievable what people get up to when they have too much time on there hands. There are better causes to get behind than this.

Becareful what you ask for. Look at the rediculus amount of $26,000,000! spent of replacing the Tharwa Bridge (yes REPLACE – there is very little of the orginal bridge left!). At the time of the dedate of the Thrawa bridge it would have cost less to built a new two lane bridge up stream and kept the old bridge for foot traffic.

With your new crossing, I can’t see any problem if the fish, etc can still get thorugh. Leave history to the books.

savecollectorbridge10:12 am 04 Jul 10

Hi screaming banshee, thanks for your comments! If you’d like to read about how culverts really work, just google them. Re the stormwater comment, um, there’s a slight difference to cars driving in a creek in flood, LOL

Vote the Council out and then sack the town engineer and manager.

Democracy at work.

screaming banshee8:46 pm 03 Jul 10

savecollectorbridge said :

instead of the stormwater drain that means the cars drive in the creek water, fish, etc can’t swim through – the creek is already polluted now, that’s a given

Where do you think stormwater runs off to normally?? Along with oil deposits and tyre rubber and whatever else happens to be laying on the road a good fall of rain pushes it all into the nearest creek bed.

As for fish not swimming through and driving in the creek water, do an image search for culvert before bringing your nimby whinging to the teh interwebs.

savecollectorbridge6:33 pm 03 Jul 10

Actually guys, the bridge is already demolished – we’re just trying to save the environment by asking that they put a bridge over the creek, instead of the stormwater drain that means the cars drive in the creek water, fish, etc can’t swim through – the creek is already polluted now, that’s a given – thanks for watching anyhow 🙂

You have it all wrong.
In this case “disaster” is spelled C O L L E C T O R B R I D G E.

No project is built with an eternal support timespan in mind, and eventually every infrastructure maintenance plan has a point where its cheaper to upgrade or replace with something more reasonable.
F*** the bridge.

Sounds more like F-A-I-L to me.

That really is an ugly looking bridge. Perhaps you should…get over it? (Before it’s demolished, that is.)

Personally I think that video is emotional claptrap and would appeal to those who can’t think too clearly. Claiming ownership of the bridge is bizarre!

Demolition and a culvert Xing is the only way to go. I bet you those beaut looking fish they have in the creek won’t have any trouble swimming through it.

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