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Hoyts Belconnen Cracking Down on Contraband Consumables

By earworm70 29 December 2012 86

Now for the important debates of the day!

My wife and I were recently refused entry to Hoyts Belconnen for the heinous crime of carrying delicious take-away Muffin Break coffees into the cinemas.  Apparently the condition of not allowing any food or drink from external sources has always been a policy of the cinema –  but has only been enforced over the last month, and of course there is no extra signage or such explaining the sudden change in heart.

My pleas that the caffeine was required to stay awake during Mr Jackson’s latest masterpiece were unceremoniously ignored by the teenage attendant, and subsequently the teenage manager, leading to a refund and a quick drive into Civic Dendy where we received no such rubbish.

Whilst I respect the business owners rights to enforce whatever policy they dream up what do Rioters think about this in the age of digital delivery?  At the very least let this post serve to give you warning to brush up your food-smuggling skills/techniques or save up for that 80 inch tele in JB.

What’s Your opinion?

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Hoyts Belconnen Cracking Down on Contraband Consumables
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Henry82 10:00 am 22 Jan 13

LSWCHP said :

I’m not joking, there was a f*cking soda Tsunami of biblical proportions that went roaring down towards the screen. Small children had to be rescued from drowning, etc etc.

hahahahaha great read

thebrownstreak69 9:32 am 22 Jan 13

LSWCHP said :

I took the boys to Hoyts to see the new James Bond movie a few days ago. When we rolled up to our reserved seats there was a guy and a girl in our seats. The guy had the biggest container of soft drink I’ve ever seen, courtesy of Hoyts.

When I pointed out the error of their ways they got up to move, and in doing so the guy tipped over his humungous soda and the entire contents went on the floor. I’m not joking, there was a f*cking soda Tsunami of biblical proportions that went roaring down towards the screen. Small children had to be rescued from drowning, etc etc.

I didn’t say a word, just went and sat down elsewhere in some empty seats. The boys were goggle eyed. When I informed the cleaning crew on the way out, they thanked me, and rolled their eyes at each other.

Given that event, I would say that the restriction may have some hygiene and cleaning aspects, but a lot of it just has to be about gouging people for popcorn and lollywater.

🙂 LOL.

devils_advocate 8:51 am 22 Jan 13

Sandman said :

Is this the IMPORTANT debate of the day?

For starters people, $17? Try a Club Dendy membership for $22 which gives you 2 free tickets on joining and $12 tickets thereafter. They have a not too bad coffee machine and the young ‘uns are reasonably adept at operating it. They even let you take coffee into the movie (there goes the hot drink theory). Of course, the coffee is just something to wake you up a bit and distract the staff away from the Brewski’s in your cargo pants/backpack. Of course, the true smuggler must be prepared for that moment where they have to ditch the booty or consume it on the spot. No point jumping on the Internet and whining about getting called out on an obvious infraction of policy.

Beers are an amatuer smuggler’s game. If you want to get drunk in the cinema (either for the lols, or because you’re underage and it’s a dark place away from the prying eyes of police etc) then volume for alcohol content, beer is for suckers. It’s large and unweildy. Flasks of the hard stuff, please.

Captain RAAF 8:47 am 22 Jan 13

Easy fixed, if they stop you at the ticket collector for your externally sourced food and drink and you still really want to see that movie, just pour the contents of everything on the floor right there and then and head on in to the movie. What are they gonna do? Take your birthday off you? Worst they could do is what, tell you to leave and have to give you your money back?

A few people do that and they’ll stop asking you about the food you have!

devils_advocate 8:44 am 22 Jan 13

mareva said :

I am going to start by making a few assumptions about OP.

OP is white, middle-aged, male (obviously), and almost certainly works for the APS.

I actually laughed (in my mind) when I read that you, OP, got a damn refund for your damn tickets because your damn coffee was taken off you which is the most basic damn cinema policy of all time. Don’t take in food from outside, plus don’t take in hot drinks.

Maybe OP you should quit your job at the Department of Bullshit and go work at Hoyts and instigate some bottom-up change, i.e. eradicating all the most basic and sensical public health and safety policies they have practiced for many years. Maybe you can start by drafting a policy paper about it.

No I don’t work for Hoyts, I’ve never worked for a damn cinema but OP your classic Canberra asshole attitude has really pissed me off.

I wholeheartedly endorse these comments.



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