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HyperDome Going Down Drain?

By thomped2 - 19 May 2010 28

I was at the Hyperdome today and got bored so I counted the number of empty shops.

I counted around 30 empty shops, give or take a couple of those short lease furniture and giftware shops.

Whats going on? Is the hyperdome slowly closing down to being just woolies target coles and myer?

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
HyperDome Going Down Drain?
Leinna 6:31 pm 19 May 10

The Hyperdome seems pretty good to me when I visit. Those ads are bizarre though.

I haven’t seen that many empty shops. I haven’t counted them specifically but most shops seem to be full. It’s not as classy as the Canberra Centre but it’s a nice short trip from anywhere in the Tuggeranong region, as opposed to the 30 minute drive into the city.

gooterz 6:12 pm 19 May 10

They should liven the place up a bit for the crowd of people that shop there.

Most southsiders are younger and dont want all the fashion and stuff that if they did want they’d go else where.

Needs to make some of the stores into things likes a fitness centre and put the interchange in the middle of the centre. Not where you have to walk around a big blank wall.

Woden used to have a lazer zone. Something like that would be cool. Needs to stop trying to be a civic and aim at the people that live there

p1 4:34 pm 19 May 10

Grail said :

It puzzles me what the management at Tuggers were thinking with their series of posters displaying things like a wooden toy train, titled “Electronics”, or a doughnut titled “Vegetables”.

Got a photo? Sounds like a classic. On the subject of “Brand” Depot and DFO etc, I couldn’t agree more.

Grail 4:14 pm 19 May 10

My opinion is that the death of retailers at Tuggers is a mixture of Mr Snow’s “let’s kill Canberra’s economy” business park out at the airport, mall management at Tuggers being too hungry for money and too slow to provide service, and people simply not spending as much money on fripperies like new jewellery and butter keepers (because they’ve already spent their spending money on “bargains” out at DFO/Brand Depot/Bunnings).

It puzzles me what the management at Tuggers were thinking with their series of posters displaying things like a wooden toy train, titled “Electronics”, or a doughnut titled “Vegetables”. Perhaps they think it’s cool and edgy to mislabel their goods? And why are they trying to market the place to the people who are already shopping there?

georgesgenitals 3:36 pm 19 May 10

Lot’s of the bargain shopping that used to exist at Tuggers (and also at Belco) is moving out to Brand Depot and DFO. There are only so many shops a city can support.

OzChick 2:57 pm 19 May 10

grunge_hippy said :

Bring back the catchy rap song they had in the early 90’s… goin’ down to the hyper D. That will bring back the crowds. word.

“Hyper D is the place for you and me, come down and bring the family…”

That’s all I remember of that ad. Lol.

nsn 2:46 pm 19 May 10

I know this is a bit off-topic, but… on the issue of vacant shops in Canberra Centre, it seems that there’s a whole heap of vacant shops down in that space outside DJs on the ground floor – Stocks has shut up shop, Telstra shop has moved, Mineshaft has moved, the tailor that used to be there has been closed for ages. Looks like something big might be going in there – does anyone know more?

As for the Hyperdome, I think the OP should have said “going *further* down the drain” since it was pretty low to start with.

Genie 2:16 pm 19 May 10

I say bulldoze the place!

Put something smaller in so woolies and coles can stay and not whinge. Then build more housing 🙂 please..

nexus6 2:00 pm 19 May 10

if you wonder why people are closing down quicker than people are moving in , give them a call and try and negotiate a lease. the rent and conditions of the leases they offer are obscene.

i have been told that shopping centers ( not just hyperdome ) are better off having a place they cant rent for $5k a month than renting it to someone for $3k because the value of the property drops if they are only getting $3k a month.

trevar 1:33 pm 19 May 10

If you were bored, why were you at a shopping centre? I don’t get this idea that a shopping centre is supposed to be somehow exciting! It has shops. You buy what you want. You leave.

Instead of going to shopping centres, why don’t you get a life?

p1 12:58 pm 19 May 10

Maybe they should demolish it and build a stadium?

grunge_hippy 12:41 pm 19 May 10

I like the hyperdome because it has everything I need, is 5 mins from my house and its fun playing ‘spot the junkie’.

While I was there yesterday, I overheard the manager of a store complaining about centre management being complete morons about an issue so perhaps that is the reason for its decline, poor management.

Bring back the catchy rap song they had in the early 90’s… goin’ down to the hyper D. That will bring back the crowds.


OzChick 11:48 am 19 May 10

This is no different to the Canberra Centre at the moment. Quite a few tenants have shut up shop there as well.

madamcholet 11:34 am 19 May 10

The Hyperdome has been spiralling down the gurgler for a long time, even though they spruced up the outside a couple of years ago. I find the thought of having to go there too depressing and go to Woden instead these days. Even the larger stores you mention in your post as perhaps being the only remaining outlets are a disaster, especially Myer.

dvaey 11:30 am 19 May 10

Whats even more strange, is with the number of shops dwindling, that there are new retail blocks still being developed but sitting there unused. Not only completely unused but often their carparks are even fenced off to avoid the public parking on the developers white elephant.

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