I hate to break it to you Canberra, but these aren’t Australia’s best chips

Max O'Driscoll 1 November 2021 132

Kingsley’s chips: saturated with oil and salt, but it wasn’t all good news. Photo: Genevieve Jacobs.

The Wotif Uniquely Aussie Awards celebrate all the great things about travelling around Australia, from the best jaffles you might find to our best National Parks.

The ACT’s nominees in the six awards were Intra Café (Campbell) in the Best Jaffle category, Dobinsons Bakery (Belconnen) for Best Vanilla Slice, The Tradies (Dickson) in the Best Country Pub, Knightsbridge (Kingston) for Best Hotel Pool, Booderee National Park Best National Park and Kingsley’s Chicken for Best Hot Chips.

Kingsley’s Chicken was the one that stood out to me. Since moving to the Canberra region, I’ve been inundated with people telling me everything I need to try.

“You need to go get a kebab from Yarralumla!”

“You need to try Dobinson’s vanilla slice!”

“You need to have a few red cordials on the d-floor of Mooseheads!”

At every turn, these Canberra experiences have left me wanting more, and with it, the Territory feels more and more like the place I can call home.

So, upon hearing about Kingsley’s Chicken making it as a finalist in the ‘Best Hot Chips’ category at the Uniquely Aussie Awards, an opportunity emerged before me: I could go to Kingsley’s and try their famed chips on company time, and then pass it off as a food review.

It was the perfect plan. A way to tick another item off the Canberra bucket list and do a relatively straightforward review on these assumingly flawless chips. There was no way it could go wrong.

That was until I tried the chips …

Now that I’d travelled out to Kingsley’s Chicken at Woden, I couldn’t go back. I was trapped. A bed I made I now have to lie in. It was time to complete the review and it became a decision about whether to lie or desecrate a member of Canberra’s royal family. I’ve never been a great liar, so the truth it is …

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Kingsley’s chips, while edible and far from bad, were, um, not great. Saturated with salt and oil (no complaints about that on my end), adjectives that came to mind were soft, dull and soggy. You could put that much salt and oil on just about anything and I’d eat it, but what’s so special about them beyond that?

Again, reiterating that they aren’t bad, they’re just a long way off being the best chips in the country, and I’m bewildered as to how they became a finalist.

I think you could find 100 mum and dad fish and chips shops Australia-wide that could outdo those chips on any given day.

For the first time, Canberra, you’ve disappointed me.

Are Kingley’s really Canberra’s best chips, or is there a more obscure chip maker out there that can truly boast Canberra’s – or maybe Australia’s – best chips?

(For the record, Kingsley’s didn’t win.)

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132 Responses to I hate to break it to you Canberra, but these aren’t Australia’s best chips
Jane Elizabeth Jane Elizabeth 5:35 pm 04 Nov 21

Agree, used to be so good but not been great for quite a while now. Sometimes ok, sometimes really crap.

Jonathan Mottley Jonathan Mottley 7:22 pm 03 Nov 21

I thought the best chips in Canberra were from Chicken Gourmet after you’ve fallen out of King O’Malleys after too many pints.

Reece Biddiscombe Reece Biddiscombe 9:40 am 03 Nov 21

I suspect you got a bad batch.

The Belco store’s are nearly always awesome but they do have an occasional miss.

Stu Pickles Stu Pickles 6:31 am 03 Nov 21

Obviously the writer didn't have gravy with the chips.

Steven Brown Steven Brown 10:32 pm 02 Nov 21

In the late 80s and from the Weston Creek store ..... you didn't buy the chicken .... just the chips. Right up there with a Gemini Pizza from Woodstocks

    Stu Pickles Stu Pickles 6:30 am 03 Nov 21

    OMG I had forgotten I about the Gemini from Woodstocks.

    Steven Brown Steven Brown 1:37 pm 03 Nov 21

    Stu Pickles Went there over a 100 times over the years ..... on the first occasion, as a Gemini myself, bought the Gemini ..... never bought a different one after that.

    Stu Pickles Stu Pickles 2:24 pm 03 Nov 21

    Steven Brown I was a kid when my family went there, and yes I used to get the Gemini because I'm a Gemini

Sue Bee Sue Bee 11:55 am 02 Nov 21

Used to be great, no longer are. Service is usually without a smile too. Their chickens are yum though.

Lynn Bean Lynn Bean 8:57 am 02 Nov 21

Kingsleys were good but not any longer. Best chips in the district are from the Royal Hotel in Queanbeyan in my view. Tegan?

    Tegan Johns Tegan Johns 9:36 am 02 Nov 21

    Lynn Bean I agree with you but I do love kingsleys

    Richard Cox Richard Cox 9:05 pm 03 Nov 21

    I think they're not what they were. +1 for The Royal.

Hailey Hill Hailey Hill 7:23 am 02 Nov 21

Rubbish everything at Kingsleys.

Ancel Earle Ancel Earle 3:57 pm 01 Nov 21

Otto, I’m with the Melbournite - Kingsley’s has nothing on midnight-booze-induced Chicken Gourmet chips w/chicken salt and gravy

Lazarus Taxa Lazarus Taxa 12:17 pm 01 Nov 21

Never rated the chips from kingsley's chips , honestly one of the worst ive had ,the chicken is old school great though !

Cary Elliot Johnson Cary Elliot Johnson 6:42 am 01 Nov 21

Cafe D'lish has Canberra's best vanila slice, unless you like the flavour of sugary vanilla, then yeah, Dobos is up there.

    Lynn Bean Lynn Bean 5:48 pm 04 Nov 21

    I'd vote for D'lish too. Amazing vanilla slices.

Liz Lyell Liz Lyell 4:01 am 01 Nov 21

Kingsley's used to have the best chips in Canberra, about 25 years ago. Don't know what happened to them of late. I have to agree with you, they're now very ordinary, at best!

purplevh purplevh 11:33 pm 31 Oct 21

My step daughter did a review of chips a while ago. She rated Kingsleys as good but Oporto chips as the best.

Steven Callender Steven Callender 10:52 pm 31 Oct 21

No they are not Canberra’s best chips they are the worlds best chips

Michelle Toohey Weinman Michelle Toohey Weinman 10:24 pm 31 Oct 21

Kingsley’schips are disgusting 🤮 - tried twice in case first time was a bad batch. Would not be hard to find a better chip anywhere!

Rob Rob 10:13 pm 31 Oct 21

“You need to go get a kebab from Yarralumla!”

I don’t know why people rave about this place. It’s okay but not great, and my experience is that they frequently get orders wrong. The kebabs and Turkish food at Lyneham shops are far better in my opinion.

Jacob Cole Jacob Cole 7:39 pm 31 Oct 21

Jake Morton someone hasn't had Dellas

Christopher Cuba Rabanal Christopher Cuba Rabanal 5:18 pm 31 Oct 21

He’s a Melbournian, what would he know about real chips 🍟!

He’s only used to fancy chips with rosemary and oregano please do as a favour and shhhh

Sharon Daley Sharon Daley 5:02 pm 31 Oct 21

Kingsley’s chips were the greatest until about 5 years ago - the

actual chip is nothing like it used to be - little stubbie nothings now - not the great long thick crinkle cut that made them so good

Kerri Hallas Kerri Hallas 3:30 pm 31 Oct 21

They are pretty bloody good with the gravy and the chicken

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