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Idiots pummel each other on Youtube

By Joe Canberran 3 April 2008 10

I’d like to thank “Baddestkunt” for posting his footage “canberra boyz” on Youtube and showing the world how refined we Canberran’s can really be.

Anyone got any comments on the participants technique?

What’s Your opinion?

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Idiots pummel each other on Youtube
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Queenie 7:00 pm 03 Apr 08

That’s all right with me, I watched the first minute of it and had to close the window in disgust. I don’t want to see that kind of thing, really.

spoonbill 5:26 pm 03 Apr 08

As at 5.20pm the video was no longer available.

Bludger 4:41 pm 03 Apr 08

I was in the Woden Bus interchange the other day around the time that shcool finishes and gee isn’t that a lovely place. I didn’t see the footage but I can imagine it. Some kids go through their ‘experimental moron stage’ but it seemed like most of the kids in the woden interchange were destined to be morons for life.

Mr Evil 1:41 pm 03 Apr 08

Sorry – “teenagers”!

Mr Evil 1:40 pm 03 Apr 08

“i’m wondering what compells peopel to firstly do this sort of thing, and secondly record it and put it on youtube.”

It’s because many teensagers are morons.

Skidbladnir 12:12 pm 03 Apr 08

There was a spate of recognisable and uniformed schoolkids putting these videos up on YouTube a while back.
(And a few videos of “XXXX gets stuffed in a locker”, “XXXX getting rolled down some stairs in a wheelie bin”)
I have on good authority these tend to get dealt with very strictly at the uniformed private schools.

Quick emails to the Deputy or Headmaster have previously resulted in a quick “Thankyou for bringing this to our attention” and subsequent removal from YouTube as a ToS violation on the authority of the Headmaster.

It also prevents having “School XYZ students were suspended after appearing in YouTube brawling videos” moments on WIN news, so they can get back to other (apparently important) things, like giving mouthbreather hippies airplay.

Jazz 11:43 am 03 Apr 08

i’m wondering what compels peopel to firstly do this sort of thing, and secondly record it and put it on youtube.

realityskin 11:05 am 03 Apr 08

damn missed it 🙁 i like idiots

Ozhair 10:59 am 03 Apr 08

“We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”

That was quick.

Meconium 10:15 am 03 Apr 08

Where were all those clips taken? I noticed what I thought was Telopea, what was definitely the Woden Bus Interchange, the bottom of some escalators somewhere with red writing on the wall… inside another school, and that last king hit was at the Woden interchange again, wasn’t it?

As for technique, there were a couple of good knockout punches to the jaw, but these were likely lucky shots against unwitting opponents. The schoolyard fights were pretty unskilled IMO, all fist-heavy boxing-wannabe technique. There was no grappling/wrestling in any of those fights, except the one near the end that was taken in the dark near a school – one of those guys was trying to take the other to the ground. We should be seeing more grappling and less boxing – if you pin someone to the ground and sit on top of them you have clearly won the fight, without having to mess each others’ faces up. Or you can continue to ‘ground and pound’ so everyone knows you’re the best.

Cheers for posting Joe and baddestkunt. lol

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