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If the skin cancer doesn’t get you, the osteo will.

By johnboy 26 April 2006 11

Watching the children of today huddling under their shade structures where once kids would roam free and unfettered has always depressed me. As does seeing them swaddled in those silly legionnaires hats. I’ve long wondered if the health benefits on the skin cancer front aren’t coming at too high a price.

Now the ABC brings news that “Osteoporosis Australia is calling for the ‘no hat, no play’ policy in school playgrounds to be reassessed in the ACT and Tasmania, because children are not getting enough sunlight.”

I look forward to the squeals from the fun police.

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11 Responses to
If the skin cancer doesn’t get you, the osteo will.
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Absent Diane 2:39 pm 27 Apr 06

I have never had to worry about hats or sunscreen too much….
Just a thought… If our weather is changing and kids are being forced to not adapt… how the hell are we gonna evolve…

terubo 2:36 pm 27 Apr 06

Thumper turned up his collar because Kim Hughes did. I turned mine up because Gary Sobers did (admittedly, a few years earlier).
-This is not to point out our age difference, nor that we are/were both hero-worshipping wankers, but to make the point that even black guys take precautions against the sun. Must be a reason…

Maelinar 2:18 pm 27 Apr 06

I’m not too sure that one’s 100% correct Thumper, my doctor told me last time I checked that it’s the over-abundance of Melanins that causes Melanoma…

On the other hand, I’ve never heard anybody complain about getting sunburn on their melanoma’s so there could be something in that…

Thumper 1:56 pm 27 Apr 06

Being somewhat darkish in a white way, I never worried about hats and long sleeved shirts with the collar turned up, except when playing cricket, and that was only because Kim Hughes turned his collar up.

As with Sssanta, I climbed trees, fell out, swum in flooded rivers, caught crocodiles in Townsville, played with brown snakes in Victoria, threw rocks at other kids who generally threw them back. Crashed bikes into fences, etc…

Oh, did mention that i dug the Murray one afternoon as an irrigation trench? No, well maybe I lied with that one.

For sure, don’t get toasted, but for Christsakes, don’t wrap the kids in cotton wool.

We evolved under a hot bloody sun and we are supposed to get sunlight. Otherwise we would not have that little chemical called melanin which is there to protect our skin from those nasty hot rays.

It also increases the bodies protection against exposure. Put simply, a bit of sun will do you good because it increases the Melanin therefore you won’t get toasted as much.

Mr_Shab 1:35 pm 27 Apr 06

If you were a weird, pale, easily grilled kiddie like me, you learned to wear the stupid hat pretty quickly. Pain can be a great tutor

Allow the kids to have the consequences of their actions. Stop trying to wrap them in cotton wool. Grazed knees and the odd broken bone are part of being a kid, ferchrissakes.

Sssanta 1:28 pm 27 Apr 06

Utter shite. Never wore hats and sunscreen as a kid, ate whatever my body asked for. played on the road, fell out of trees, got hit by cars. made mistakes and learnt from them.

When are all these good-for-nothing-don’t-do-this-or-the-sky-will-fall-in wankers just piss of and let the kiddies learn to fend for themselves, the same way many of us grew up.

Big Al 7:02 am 27 Apr 06

here’s somthing for the mix – theres some good evidence to suggest that not getting enough sun on you can be a fast track to skin cancer as well! I heard a radio story last summer abour research that seemed to suggest that people who get a lot of sun year-round – like construction workers, farmers etc, but who are careful to avoid sun-burn if they can, reported far fewer cases of skin-cancer than pasty office types who only get out on the weekend and end up turning pink at the cricket or down the beach.

My kids have to where a hat at school. I don’t make them wear one any other time unless they want to – I also dont let them play outdoors in the heat of a summer afternoon either.

DaNmAn 6:50 pm 26 Apr 06

I can remember circa 1989 ny primary school ( St Michaels in Kaleen ) was just phasing in this type o fpolicy.
We were still to have the covered play areas and what not. I think if I had a choice I would prefer rickets than cancer….

Unbeliever 1:19 pm 26 Apr 06

For a so-called ‘developed country’ we sure are incompetent when it comes to managing our health. We have little concept of health which isn’t just non-illness and we cling like the proverbial charred fat to the bbq grill in following every piece of empirical study saying that sunlight is good for you; sunlight is bad for you; chocolate is good for you; chocolate is bad for you; wine is…- forsaking plain common sense.

Still, I may not get much support here for this view.. I seem to remember the high praise from RA members here on the ‘all you can eat’ restaurants around town. I hear there’re plans to syndicate ‘The Biggest Loser’ show to Somalia and Ethiopia.

Absent Diane 1:08 pm 26 Apr 06

think of the hair dresser bill

Les Whinin 1:06 pm 26 Apr 06

Having been through my fair share of family skin cancer related illness I am quite happy that I was made to wear a “silly legionnaires hat” as a child.

They’re by no means a new phenomenon, I remember that this style of headwear was mandatory in country schools decades ago when I was growing up. with the same policy as today – “no hat, no play”
Admittedly you learned pretty quickly to remember your hat!

Although I can see why this policy needs to be reassessed in Tasmania, hats for all those two-headed children must cost a bomb!

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