Images of Canberra – Unhappiness at Griffith Library

johnboy 6 November 2006 18

casalingo has sent in a picture of the scene outside Griffith Library now that the Government has announced it will be closed.

Apparently there’s a protest to be held on Saturday at 10am which will no doubt be ignored.

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18 Responses to Images of Canberra – Unhappiness at Griffith Library
suzie suzie 11:26 am 05 Jan 07

The library cards last 20 years! I’ve had mine since I was 3 and it expires in 2012. Griffith was really convenient for me so it is unfortunate that it has closed so I have now started going to civic and woden.

Avy Avy 11:14 am 08 Nov 06

I love these people who don’t care about libraries. These are the people who read the Cliff’s Notes for their Year 12 texts. “No I haven’t read Pride and Prejudice but I’ve seen the movie – wasn’t Mr. Darcy good!”. “I don’t need a new thought, I’m happy with the ones I have”. The ignorance is palpable.

I love the ACT Library Service. I can’t think of a single thing I would change about it – Action Buses would be fantastic if it was run in the same way.

Regardless of your opinion on this library, you would have to agree that it’s better than a STATUE OF AL GRASBY.

casalingo casalingo 9:07 pm 06 Nov 06

I would have thought it was the literate who borrow books from libraries, regardless of net worth. In any case there’d be plenty of Griffith Libary users who are far from poor, but this does not disqualify them from having decent library services provided with the taxes they pay.

Pandy Pandy 8:53 pm 06 Nov 06

Well they can walk to Civic.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 8:32 pm 06 Nov 06

Only poor people borrow books from libraries.

Close em all I say.

terubo terubo 5:04 pm 06 Nov 06

But not marvellous enough to save Griffith, unfortunately.

Snarky Snarky 4:40 pm 06 Nov 06

We use Woden Library constantly. You know you can access the entire ACT-wide system via the net? I regularly search the online catalogue to reserve books, DVDs and CDs, then collect ’em from Woden where they get delivered for me to collect. Marvellous system!

Fiona Fiona 4:33 pm 06 Nov 06

When i lived at Griffith I’d toddle up there every few weeks. Nice to be able to walk someplace to borrow a book. Not have to buy a bus ticket or petrol to access the public library.

(admittedly I can now walk to woden, but yu can’t walk to the city fro griffith)

emd emd 4:24 pm 06 Nov 06

We love storytime. I know of a playgroup that regularly meets at the Griffith Library storytime. With the demographics in Griffith changing to more young professionals than retired or small children, perhaps this affects the library’s usefulness? Regardless, there should have been more time allowed for community consultation.

futto futto 3:15 pm 06 Nov 06

Traffic Camera Office is at the Griffith Library (i think)…

I wonder if that is closing too? 🙂

CouldExpire CouldExpire 2:56 pm 06 Nov 06

well there you go… I’ve learned something today and I have you lot to thank.. honestly, without coming across like some anal moron, I really had no idea that libraries were utilised as often as you say they are 🙂

bonfire bonfire 2:50 pm 06 Nov 06

i use the belco library quite a bit (to read magazines i wouldnt buy) but rarely borrow.

i wonder if my card is still current ?

miz miz 2:50 pm 06 Nov 06

Griffith Library is in the old Griffith Primary School. Should we be afraid that this one, too, is a target for affordable housing???
(I think there are some govt depts co-located there)

miz miz 2:46 pm 06 Nov 06

Our family goes to the library (Tuggers and Erindale) often.

How did they measure how utlised the various libraries are? Does anyone know?

I hope they didn’t just measure borrowing records. Plenty of people (including me) don’t borrow every visit but read the newspapers/journals, jump on the internet, do research, take the preschoolers to storytime, collect information, etc.

johnboy johnboy 2:44 pm 06 Nov 06

I like to know they are there for the day I might need one.

They also perform a crucial access and equity function by allowing the disadvantaged to access the internet via their computers.

Having to hop a bus to civic to use the internet to performa service you used to be able to do in a shopfront is passing strange.

Thumper Thumper 2:44 pm 06 Nov 06

I used to regularly use Kippax library.

They are importnat for kids, pensioners, and others that don’t have access to books.

What in the world is the government thinking about by taking away the access to books.

terubo terubo 2:43 pm 06 Nov 06

Any resemblance to the front entrance of Moruya public library is purely coincidental. At least that one is happily uncondemned.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 2:37 pm 06 Nov 06

Call me ignorant if you like, but I had not idea the damn library existed.. and besides does anyone go to libraries these days?

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