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Is Canberra in the grip of a plague ?

Danman 31 December 2006 14

Just thought I would post this up to see everyones opinion.

On X-mas eve – I had a sore throat – and I fought it off and felt fine the next day.
This happened a few nights in a row.

On boxing day and the day after I was running myself ragged in Sydney and came home on Wednesday.

Thursday I got the beginnings of a pretty bad chest infection – and only just today the symptoms are clearing and im hacking up a lot of junk.

This was quite unusual for me – as I rarely get sick – but on speaking to others – it seems that Canberra is in the midst of a chest infection epidemic.

I was quite happy to be recovering – but then this morning I woke up with my eyes glued shut (conjunctivitus).
So pretty much for the whole festive period – I have been feeling a bit off colour.

Apparently this happens on holidays a lot because people are so highly strung @ work that once getting time off – the body relaxes and becomes suceptible to infection.

Whats everyone elses experiences thusfar ?

Hope I am 100% by my annual leave time in 2 weeks.

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14 Responses to Is Canberra in the grip of a plague ?
CouldExpire CouldExpire 12:59 pm 03 Jan 07

theres been nasty bugs flying around canberra for months… I am not someone who gets sick all that often but it seems of late I shake one thing and get another!… GRRRR!!!

Jey Jey 1:12 pm 01 Jan 07

I had that Jindalee plague for what seemed like forever, my Gran was a bit crook around Xmas.
Two of my mates didn’t make it out last night as they were ill.

Danman Danman 12:05 pm 01 Jan 07

Wonder why thumper – maybe thats a virus you got 🙂

Thumper Thumper 11:41 am 01 Jan 07

I’m not feeling 100% this morning….

bubzie bubzie 12:47 am 01 Jan 07

i had a pretty bad cold like two weeks before christmas (i looked so sick at my school formal, great fun..NOT!) and its slowly creeping back..bah humbug..

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:10 pm 31 Dec 06

It ran through my family 3 weeks before Christmas.

Youngest got conjunctivitis too boot.

God I hate that. Crusty eyes are just sooo bad to clean on a 3yo!

andy andy 10:49 pm 31 Dec 06

girlfriend and I are both just coming down with what we presume/hope is a cold.

Deano Deano 10:11 pm 31 Dec 06

Yep, we’ve had the conjunctivitus/nasal congestion/head cold bug go around our family as well over the last 10 days. Not particularly nasty but very difficult to shake.

barking toad barking toad 8:06 pm 31 Dec 06

peeling shallots should be ya partner’s job thumping one!

but well done for getting hammered early

happy new year

Thumper Thumper 7:38 pm 31 Dec 06


hammered on Absinthe, vodka, and a few schoobies previously, listening to Love, (Sweet 60s pyschedelia) and not on call for SES.

About to help partner cook Laksa before drinking obscene amounts of grog. Okay, I peeled some chalots, the extent of my cooking talent.

Life is good!

seepi seepi 7:33 pm 31 Dec 06

I had a three week sore throat a few weeks ago – it was nasty.

barking toad barking toad 7:25 pm 31 Dec 06

Drink more alcohol

As Homer says, “Hmmm, beer, the solution to, and cause of, all life’s problems.”

Thumper Thumper 6:19 pm 31 Dec 06

Ah, nope.

I’m suffering from acute alcohol ingestion.

And I just got soaked in the latest downpour. Man, is it bucketing or what! I guess you could say it rained on the CMs party?

Poor SES, I’m too pissed to be going out now….

emd emd 2:11 pm 31 Dec 06

There does seem to have been something going around. Every kid in a Canberra childcare centre has had it. Look out for gastro too.

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