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Is there a genuine desire for fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables in Canberra?

By chokubaijo - 18 November 2009 29

[Ed – we covered the opening of Choku Bai Jo previously here]

If you have not heard of us already Choku Bai Jo is a Fresh produce store located in Nth Lyneham, Run by Local Canberrans and supporting Local Canberrans. This is not an advertisement  for our store however we are interested in what Canberra has to say to a question we have.

If we were to start delivering fresh, seasonal, local Fruit and/or Vegetable boxes(available in both conventional and Certified Organic) twice a week:

1) would people be interested?
2) What price point would people be happy to spend?

The reason we are asking is because we are looking into ideas in how we can support more local farmers and also to provide an opportunity for consumers on the southside of the city to purchase veg for their evening meal picked earlier that same day.

We would really appreciate the feedback of this astute local discussion group(Riotact).

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Is there a genuine desire for fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables in Canberra?
MrPC 7:27 pm 19 Nov 09

I’d love a weekly delivery of say $30 for a small box or $50 for a large box. Living in Queanbeyan and working at the AIrport makes North Lyneham, and both Northside and Southside farmers markets a bit far to drive.

Food miles from farm to store are worth keeping in mind. However, 2 tonne of fruit n veg in a 2 tonne truck for 1000km is way less environmentally damaging as 10 kilos of fruit n veg in a 1 tonne car 10km.

dr phil 4:48 pm 19 Nov 09

rosscoact said :

Absolutely, I can’t get to the shop and only sometimes get to your stall at the farmers market.

Sign me up for $50 per week

Sign me up also… any order over $50 if free delivery yes????

Snarky 4:34 pm 19 Nov 09

emd said :

Snarky, Choku Bai Jo is also Gleann na Meala

Thanks emd, I didn’t know that. Turns out they’ve been supplying our Bok Choy and salad greens for quite a while already!

Rumply 4:29 pm 19 Nov 09

I would love this and have been looking for an option to have the delivery for work and for personal (at home).

I would pay approx $20 – $30 a week or even a fortnight, but would also like the option of sizes… ie if we had family over we could get a bigger box or something along those lines.

I am one of those people that can never pick the right fruit/veg and end up buying a pile of gross food and throwing it in the bin 🙁

Good luck, and I hope we get to see some more info in the near future 🙂

emd 2:35 pm 19 Nov 09

I used to get deliveries from Organic Express and loved it. Now, I carpool with neighbours to go to Southside Farmers Markets, your stall always has good salad greens (Snarky, Choku Bai Jo is also Gleann na Meala). But I would get deliveries again for those weeks when I’m working on market day.

Organic Express used to have white styrofoam boxes and would put a frozen water bottle in the box to keep contents cool if they were delivering when we weren’t home. We paid a deposit for the box with our first delivery, and just had to remember to put the box out for collection with subsequent deliveries. I would spend $50 to $80 per delivery, and would prefer a mixed box of whatever is good with the ability to add extras (like bananas for my little monkeys). I wouldn’t sign up for an every-week thing though, it would be more of a once-a-month when I can’t make it to the markets.

Snarky 1:50 pm 19 Nov 09

We’ve tried buying F&V as part of regular shopping trips, as part of a co-op we helped set up in Sydney, and at the southside markets. For us the markets work best, because we can pick and choose from what’s on offer.

We used the vegie co-op for about 4 years in Sydney, primarily to save money (bulk buying for 8 families from Flemington markets cut out weekly bill down to less than half, and we got better produce for the effort), but it’s undeniable that buying mixed boxes means there’s always something in there that you personally would have preferred either more or less of.

For us, teh southside markets are the best alternative. It rarely takes more than an hour, including travel time, we can pick and choose, and buy something different if we see it. So, if you’d like to sell more southside to people like us, get a stand at the market.

It’d be a lot more efficient for you too I’d think.


rosscoact 1:10 pm 19 Nov 09

Absolutely, I can’t get to the shop and only sometimes get to your stall at the farmers market.

Sign me up for $50 per week

deezagood 11:49 am 19 Nov 09

You may struggle on the Southside, as people really seem to love the experience of shopping for very fresh fruit and veg at the CIT markets. Many southsiders are fairly loyal to their local F&V too (Chisholm fruit and veg does a roaring trade). Worth a try though.

Inappropriate 11:39 am 19 Nov 09

I’d happily spend 20-30 per week for a once a week delivery (a mixed bag of seasonal vegies), provided it was arranged for a time when it wouldn’t be sitting on my front porch for too long.

astrojax 9:56 am 19 Nov 09

yes. now we have a mini-astro, timing anything like trips anywhere seems to be blown out the water and this could be a fabulous service. we’d mebbe spend forty or fifty dollars in our order, which we often do/did on our sat am jaunts to nth lyneham… would have a regular-ish list, with some adjustments week to week.

btw, i used to be able to get black sapote in the old greengrocer in civic markets before it relocated; any chance of sourcing this exquisite fruit and mebbe extending to some exotics not otherwise obtainable in sunny canberra?

Braddon Boy 9:35 am 19 Nov 09

I seem to remember my (interstate) uni doing this same thing. It was very popular, partly because it was cheep (subsidised by the union) but I think mostly because of the convenience.

I’d be interested in seeing what you come up with. My preference would be to have a few options of assortments with varying price tags, rather than choosing exactly what goes in there. But that could just be me. I think it’s the same theory as getting a banquet when you’re out to dinner with friends, you try things you wouldn’t normally try, and maybe get hooked on something you’ve never heard of.

Delivery to my workplace would be good, but not a sticking point, I think I’d get it regardless.

Personally, I would be after something in the order of $20 – $30 a week (a couple who tend to eat out a lot), even if it’s only once a week. I can see how families would want more, which brings me back to my previous point, have a few options with varying price tags.

Good luck, I’ll be keeping my eye out for it.

Does anyone know of any other places that do this sort of thing? I don’t care about organic.

trix 9:32 am 19 Nov 09

I’d personally be more interested in your staying open longer on Saturdays, maybe till 4pm?

And doing something about that horribly-designed website.

indigoid 7:36 am 19 Nov 09

You might like to approach businesses.

Where I work in Sydney the company gets (many) boxes of assorted fresh fruit delivered and spread all over the building, every week. Good for employee health. Seems to be pretty good quality stuff, too, and none of it is wasted

sepi 10:48 pm 18 Nov 09

I’d be interested. I used to get a delivery with another organic business, but they went out of business.

I prefer to pay a set price like 50.00 and just get a small mixed box of fruit and veg so I can just have direct debit set up and don’t have to order stuff every week, and make payments. but I know other people like to choose specific things.

Anyway – I’m very interested.

blub 10:27 pm 18 Nov 09

Hell yeah. Anything to save me my Saturday trip.

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