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Is this a record?

By seekay - 28 November 2008 33

We got home tonight to our place in the inner-south and found 24 – count ’em – 24 separate items of junk mail* in our letterbox. Is this some sort of record?

In one way it’s tempting to contact the advertisers to let them know that the scumbags they have delivering their junk are ripping them off, but as it’s their crap that’s clogging our letterbox they can suffer.

*I include the City News in this category. I think that’s fair.


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33 Responses to
Is this a record?
Thumper 12:59 pm 28 Nov 08

Ms Thumper loves shop junk mail. I just throw them straight in the wheelie bin….

And then have to retrieve them later 😉

Deadmandrinking 12:44 pm 28 Nov 08

Agree with Blueberry. The ‘scumbags’ who deliver them are usually either joggers or teens who are being introduced to the workplace world where if you do hard work, you get paid f-k all, but if you get yourself into some slack-off office, you get paid heaps more.

You can’t honestly tell me that having a ‘no junk mail’ sign has never crossed your mind.

blueberry 12:18 pm 28 Nov 08

I don’t understand? Why would you need to contact them? They know that they are delivering junk mail to heaps of houses and that it is likely that a lot of those households won’t read them?

If you don’t want junk mail just put up a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign….. its… not… that … hard.

But then i suppose you wouldn’t have any thing to whine about if you did that.

Skidd Marx 12:05 pm 28 Nov 08

I find junk mail can come in quite handy for taking your mind off the job at hand when you’re trying to squeaze out one of those oversized steamers that just won’t drop.

Disposable 11:39 am 28 Nov 08

What do the retailers think of having their catalogues delivered alongside their rivals? e.g. a Harvey Norman catalogue wrapped inside a Good Guys and Dick Smith catalogue?

I can understand why they do it though, letterbox delivering is a hard job.

AG Canberra 11:36 am 28 Nov 08

There are indeed delivery cartels. The top dog is Salmat – he’s at the top of the pyramid. Then you might have seen those blokes on ex postie bikes with plastic boxes on the back. They are the runners (or distributors) who filter the information out amongst us…..They are a bit more co-ordinated than in my day and use more efficient delivery methods (pushie vs postie bike). Me and my brother were our own little network – and for the right price we even delivered a dog turd to a specified letterbox!

Normally the “individual delivery” requirement carries a hefty price penalty. Most large chains understand that it is better to get their brochures out there than to demand individual delivery.

And as someone that has commissioned this type of marketing I can assure you that junk mail works.

tylersmayhem 9:58 am 28 Nov 08

@AG Canberra: very good point. Sounds like some decent cash to be made while exercising. I don’t see it as a “rip off” if a dude chooses to deliver 24 different pieces of crap and multiply his earnings by 24. Somehow I don’t think this would be the case. I imagine one outlet would want them to deliver 6 or 8 publications at a time, and be paid per “delivery”.

As long as they don’t dump crap in my mailbox I have no problem with the concept. I wonder if there are “Delivery Cartels”. I can imagine if you undercut other delivery dudes to get the job, it could cause much angst. Maybe it could account for many of Canberra’s unsolved crimes. That dude found dead near the primary school…the Charnwood stabbing?!

p1 9:39 am 28 Nov 08

I love reading the catalogues for places like ubercheap auto, who sell lots of cool toys I’ll never buy, but like to look at in wish-books. It is really disappointing when you get a nice pile of junk mail and it is all made up of mattress and fishing adverts.

jessieduck 9:37 am 28 Nov 08

Silver bells, silver bells
It’s Christmas time in the city
Ring-a-ling, hear them sing
Soon it will be Christmas day

Thumper 9:16 am 28 Nov 08

Back in the olden days we had the Great Junk Mail Stuffing of 1887.

Scores of people died under the sheer weight of pamphlets and numerous people were buried alive under collapsing letterboxes.

This is nothing, indeed, one would suspect that we are talking about fools pamphlets here. The unwary and untrained can not always pick the difference…

AG Canberra 9:16 am 28 Nov 08

About 25 years ago I used to get paid $17.50 per thousand. If the same bloke delivered all 24 items at that price then that is not bad work for a couple of afternoons out in the fresh air plus a bit of collating time.

The bloke that delivers ours has lost some serious weight in the past few months. So in effect these guys pay you to keep fit!

aronde 9:14 am 28 Nov 08

I took the no junk mail sticker off the letter box nearly 2 weeks ago to keep up to date with the Christmas sales. I have so far received nothing! Maybe they are just used to skipping me? Maybe I need a big ‘Junk Mail Here Please’ sticker?

poptop 9:13 am 28 Nov 08

Xmas mailbox stuffing? They’ve hardly started yet . . .

Pandy 9:12 am 28 Nov 08

“That is so interesting!” as I pick my nose and look at the snot on my finger.

tylersmayhem 8:51 am 28 Nov 08

it’s tempting to contact the advertisers to let them know that the scumbags they have delivering their junk are ripping them off,

I fully would try and contact them. But as for the “ripping off” I’m not sure how so after you’ve mentioned “24 separate items of junk mail”. If they are “separate” then I understand that as 24 different pieces of junk, rather than 24 copies of the same crap.

Do you have a No Junk Mail sticker on your lettucebox BTW?

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