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IT Skill Shortage in Canberra

By nageshjayanthi - 23 October 2007 25

Off late there are multiple major Information Technology programmes initiated simultaneously from various federal government agencies. I have written an article / blog reviewing the ramifications of these new projects, on already overloaded Canberra ICT market. I also attempted broadly to identify few possible options to get around this crisis.

For those who are interested, please follow the URL:


Nagesh Jayanthi

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25 Responses to
IT Skill Shortage in Canberra
la mente torbida 9:12 am 24 Oct 07

Still bitter and twisted?

VYBerlinaV8...the_or 9:11 am 24 Oct 07

Students? Once, but not now!

la mente torbida 9:06 am 24 Oct 07

Holy crap Batman! Is everyone on this site IT/Contractor … I thought your were all bitter and twisted students.

VYBerlinaV8...the_or 8:58 am 24 Oct 07

We can’t get enough people right now. If there are people looking for work in IT, forget applying to govt. Approach contracting agents and private sector directly.

Let the good times roll!

Snahons_scv6_berlina 8:46 am 24 Oct 07

solution/infrastructure architects VB ?? – happy where I am, unless your definition is bigger than mine 🙂

Thumper 8:29 am 24 Oct 07

I’m proud to say that I am a total computer gumby, and intend to stay that way!

Lord Mælinar 7:56 am 24 Oct 07

VBman – looking for BA’s ?

el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:36 am 24 Oct 07

Yeah, I’m fluent in C, Perl, Java and l33t sP3eK d00d!

Deadmandrinking 2:42 am 24 Oct 07

Well, I’m pretty sure no-one in the right mind would use netspeak for a job interview…tards!

Vic Bitterman 11:30 pm 23 Oct 07

I can’t recruit enough IT people – be it developers or IT analysts.

Graduate recruitment is not proving any good. Contractors are hard to come by (we’re offering top dollars, trust me).

We are having to turn work down.

grundy 10:52 pm 23 Oct 07

w3st0nFTW…. maybe that says a little bit more about you than it does about the Canberra job market.
You’ve got a degree and looking for an IT job in Canberra and STILL havn’t found anything?
As you so nicely put it, LOL!

futto 10:10 pm 23 Oct 07

btw im not a tard lol

Ahhh…Gen Y, i see.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 8:26 pm 23 Oct 07

btw im not a tard lol

Comment by w3st0nFTW

ADMIN: Straight to the pool-room!

w3st0nFTW 8:13 pm 23 Oct 07

Ive been looking for an IT job since june I am qualified and have a degree. I have put my CV in most Government Temporary Registries and not one reply… Yet when I look in the paper or on the net I see so many jobs, so I apply and they say that there are positions opening up next year.. sif.

btw im not a tard lol

josh 6:32 pm 23 Oct 07

i found there to be little value as being a developer in canberra. lots of the work was mundane, for mundane organisations (yeah, other public service deparments. excitements.)

hell, australia has it bad enough in general, but canberra seems to be toward the bottom of the barrel. oh well.

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