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Jacqui Burke asks you to give your money to Ch 7.

By johnboy 2 May 2006 17

Jacqui Burke has put out a media release calling on Canberrans to pay to vote on the Channel 7 Show, Dancing With The Stars.

Canberrans have been urged to vote at least once this evening for Human Nature vocalist Toby Allen when he dances as one of the final three couples in the television program Dancing with the Stars and assists with raising funds for Lifeline Canberra.

Alternatively, if you aren’t a vapid moron who likes giving money to monster telcos and broadcasters, you could give the money directly.

You Choose.

What’s Your opinion?

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17 Responses to
Jacqui Burke asks you to give your money to Ch 7.
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Indi 1:45 pm 03 May 06

but Winston…it’s the lingo that the punter understands. I like the idea of a Big Brother style Legislative Assembly – image the love in with that lot!

Winston Smith 12:45 pm 03 May 06

Nice to see my tax doolars hard at work. Budget probblems, I can think of one wage we can save on!

Indi 11:55 am 03 May 06

it’s seems all in vein – Tob’s apparently got the arse…big deal.

bulldog 9:03 am 03 May 06

Hey Thumper – back to voting by text – that has legs… What if we could run a big brother style Legislative Assembly where people get voted OUT if they continue to fuck up? Only this could be done week to week instead of every three or four years.

If an MLA is been voted out they get sent to an isolated tropical island where they have to compete in a series of challenges and marry a transvestite prince-ling to be crowned “The Biggest Fucktard”.

Only then shall they be allowed back into society.

Back onto topic though – I think it’s pretty poor when an MLA feels the only way to stay in touch with her constituants and make a difference to our community is by citing mind-numbing crap and encouraging/supporting reality TV.

Thumper 8:15 am 03 May 06

No conspiracy VG. I just think she would have been better off simply stating, ‘Lifeline has no money, is a vital service, is not given any funding by the ACT government, and needs some money to keep running’

Rather than going around in circles through some dodgy half baked dancing competition held by D grade celebs.

vg 8:16 pm 02 May 06

FFS! She’s asked people to vicariously support an agency that the Politburo gives squat to. Misguided….maybe, could have been done another way…….possibly, but she hasn’t specifically endorsed the channel, only the cause.

There’s no conspiracy under every rock

Spectra 7:52 pm 02 May 06

Johnboy: Amen, brother. Well said.

simto 4:47 pm 02 May 06

I don’t think Lifeline gets any funding from our beloved council (oops, sorry, Legislative Assembly) – hence why they need to chase funds this way.

Thumper 4:19 pm 02 May 06

Maybe we can vote for our next MLAs by text message…

Swaggie 4:06 pm 02 May 06

Next it’ll be “Vote for anyone on Australian Idol or Big Brother because the Ch 10 shareholders might want to contribute to Lifeline or Canteen or ….(insert any charity)

DT 1:34 pm 02 May 06

Fundraising? Lifeline? Encouraging people to give their money to corporations? Pfuh! Media opportunity!

I can already see Natalie Forrest reading the script on Prime News:
“Shadow Minister for Community Services Jacqui Burke has called on Canberrans to vote for Toby Allen on this evening’s episode of Dancing With The Stars, to help raise funds for Lifeline Canberra.
“Ms Burke says Lifeline will need all the funding it can get in light of the anticipated cuts in the ACT Government’s long-awaited Functional Review . . .”

VYBerlinaV8 1:33 pm 02 May 06

I only believe in gay marriage when both chicks are hot.

Thumper 1:14 pm 02 May 06

No wonder the Comrade has booked himself in as Ruler of the Socialist Republic of the Australia Capital Territory (SRACT) until he dies….

barking toad 1:05 pm 02 May 06

Do these people really write these releases themselves or have some adviser do it for them and let the release go out unchecked? Unbelievable!

Thumper 1:04 pm 02 May 06

And point well made JB…

Thumper 1:03 pm 02 May 06

Death to all reality TV…

What is Ms Burke going on about? She’s an MLA for Christsakes, not a mouth piece for Channel 7.

Go and do some bloody work Ms Burke and stop wasting our money.

Smackbang 12:39 pm 02 May 06

Good point, johnboy. That press release just defies belief.

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