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John and Marianne on 2XX – Talking the RiotACT episode 6

By johnboy - 20 September 2008 19

The recording of Friday’s sunset segment on 2xx with Marianne Mettes and your’s truly is online now.

To hear it live tune it to 98.3 FM at 5pm Fridays.

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19 Responses to
John and Marianne on 2XX – Talking the RiotACT episode 6
Granny 3:18 pm 22 Sep 08

40 is the new 30, Holden Caulfield!

Holden Caulfield 3:15 pm 22 Sep 08

Good luck with that Marianne, as you may have read there’d be quite a few of us that would welcome some new on-air talent at 666. It seems quite a few presenters make it to the microphone via the producer’s role, so who knows…

Although, I dare say you’d be more the JJJ demographic than 666, but, hell, they could do with some new talent too. Michael Tunn used to fill his JJJ slots from the Canberra studio IIRC???

Or maybe I’m just struggling with pigeon holing myself in between listener demographics as I *ahem* get closer to 40 than I care to admit, haha.

johnboy 3:14 pm 22 Sep 08

You mean they weren’t talking about *my* voice????

I think I’m going to go cry now.

Marianne 2:50 pm 22 Sep 08

*blushes* why thank you so much for your lovely comments! That means a lot! 🙂
I’m still learning, but am so in love with radio – I can’t help not smiling every time the red light comes on! (hence the overly perky remarks on occasion) I’ve only been doing this about a year now, but I’m working as a casual producer at 666 and hopefully going to AFTRs (Australian film, televison & radio school) next year.

Holden Caulfield 1:56 pm 22 Sep 08

Gungahlin Al said :

Aided and abetted I’m sure by the *cutest* voice on radio…

Hear, hear!

tylersmayhem 9:15 am 22 Sep 08

Hi JB, I can’t stream audio at work – and chance of a transcript of the spot?

Bungle 10:03 pm 21 Sep 08

here here Al. Marianne, very pleasant to listen to and you sound like a natural. I’m sure you’ve got a great future in the radio game. 666 Drive perhaps???

Gungahlin Al 9:26 pm 21 Sep 08

Marianne – these are great spots and I always like listening to them.
Aided and abetted I’m sure by the *cutest* voice on radio…

Overheard 5:11 pm 21 Sep 08

OK, thanks. I’ve bought an iPod Shuffle (?) for my daughter and have this dumb waiter of an MP3 player I’ve just dumped 4MB of music onto, but “podcast” is just a term I hear and nod wisely to, not really getting what it means. Cheers for the iTutorial!

johnboy 4:39 pm 21 Sep 08

Well it makes quite a difference to the station which is paying for the broadcast.

In particular they miss out on their station promos and the possibility of listeners staying tuned in.

The difference between a file sitting there for download and a podcast is the xml file which automated readers can use to download the file automatically.

Getting it in iTunes is the very easy step of clicking some buttons in iTunes and waiting for Apple to approve it (something I’ve done twice without being knocked back).

In any event, there is a difference. And this is how we have to do it.

Overheard 4:21 pm 21 Sep 08

I’m still an episode or two behind and am about to download this one.

Can I ask a question out of sheer, blinkered ignorance? What’s the difference between a podcast on iTunes and having it available here on the RA site to download? Can you not download it from here onto an iPod or other MP3 player? (Mine — yes, I have one now — is a Sam Sung (I think that’s how it’s spelt — who Sam is and what she sings I’m not sure yet).) This is tech know logic all stuff of which I know little. I have a 13 year old daughter on the South Coast who usually advises me on these matters, but her consultancy rates go up to 150% on Sundays.

martin75 3:53 pm 21 Sep 08

If you listen to it as PODCAST or on the RADIO u are still listening to 2XX. Shouldn’t that be the objective?

Marianne 12:01 pm 21 Sep 08

hahaha it surely was a fun one! even though I might have been a tad silly! hehe

johnboy 11:46 am 21 Sep 08

Probably not I’m afraid, the aim of the exercise for 2xx is to get people listening when it goes out live.

martin75 11:24 am 21 Sep 08

Great radio show. Any chance of getting it on iTunes as a podcast?

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