Juice is Bad

Ntp 21 June 2007 15

In a cautionary tale both the Brisbane Times and the SBS World News service carry the story about a 60 year old woman getting burns to her throat by drinking a expired bottle of juice at her workplace in Fyshwick.

Just goes to show that if you leave apple juice long enough it doesn’t turn into cider after all.

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15 Responses to Juice is Bad
Snahons_scv6_berlina Snahons_scv6_berlina 9:58 am 22 Jun 07

so a fill in was pilfering the fridge for free stuff… who’d have thunk it…

Maelinar Maelinar 8:32 am 22 Jun 07

There’s a moral to this story.

TAD TAD 8:30 am 22 Jun 07

Speculation and conspiracies are very easy to come up with when you don’t have any of the facts.

They also come undone when you look at the very long set up (and the fact that the victim wasn’t a madame but a fill in receptionist)

Thumper Thumper 8:19 am 22 Jun 07

Whatever the case, a burnt alimentary system is terrible.

groonsnout groonsnout 10:23 pm 21 Jun 07

sounds like an upset employee though.. am I the only one who heard on the news that this was at a brothel? a 60/yo? maybe an upset gal getting back at her Madame? speculation?

bighead bighead 9:36 pm 21 Jun 07

So much for an apple a day keeps the doctor away…..

What….Someone had to do it 😛

ant ant 8:40 pm 21 Jun 07

Weird to flog some horrible old leftover food in the fridge. I’m one of those people who goes through work fridges periodically and chucks out all the rotting stuff, plus tubs of yogurt and juice and whatnot that’s past its use by date.

Poor woman though, it’s destroyed her alimentary system, she’s toast even if she survives. She’ll be injesting nourishment through a tube, not through her mouth/oesophagus.

boomacat boomacat 7:53 pm 21 Jun 07

I always knew juice was bad for you. If only she’d stuck to coke instead!

groonsnout groonsnout 7:29 pm 21 Jun 07

Drinking a bottle of anything manufactured before 2004, that has been sitting in the fridge of a whore house in fyshwick.. = not a good idea. Just another way to leave working there with a rash down your throat.

asp asp 5:09 pm 21 Jun 07

The dangers of fruit juice. I found out the hard way just how dangerous those small bottle of OJ from Wiffens at the Fyshwick Markets can be. Accidently left a half full bottle in my car (parked in my garage) over the weekend. Didn’t use the car. Found on Monday morning that the bottle had exploded. Spent hours having car cleaned and fermented explosive OJ removed.

Stuff smelt pretty caustic too and it was only three days old. If this woman had a bottle as old as you say thumper, that’s pretty bad.

Thumper Thumper 4:29 pm 21 Jun 07

I heard that it was a year old and the top was still sealed.

Bizarre whatever the case.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:25 pm 21 Jun 07

from the bt article they are suggesting tampering.

Ari Ari 4:15 pm 21 Jun 07

I doubt that it’s a fitting punishement since it’s likely she’ll never be able to eat solid food ever again … if she lives.

papadoc papadoc 4:09 pm 21 Jun 07

Ahhh, a fitting punishment to the ever increasing crime of drinking something that doesn’t belong to you in the office fridge…

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