Just who are we making improvements for?

johnboy 23 January 2007 33

The Chief Minister has proudly announced a facelift for the Lake Ginninderra foreshore.

“Stage two of the Belconnen Lakeshore refurbishment includes a more accessible promenade along the lake edge between the restaurant precinct and the Emu Inlet Promontory, new paving, landscaping, street furniture and lighting, which will create a safer, more attractive place for residents and visitors.

“While creating a fresh new environment for residents, the promenade will also create a pedestrian and bike path link to the newly completed private ‘The Boardwalk’ development which borders the promenade,”

Gosh, isn’t that nice for the developers of ‘The Boardwalk’?

This lot cost $800,000. It’s funny I quite liked Lake Ginninderra the way it was.

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33 Responses to Just who are we making improvements for?
Thumper Thumper 7:54 pm 24 Jan 07

Lake Gininderra foreshores have been neglected for about a decade, if not more. It’s about time someone did something about it.

If the government has entered into another shonky deal with developers we will probabaly never know. Yes, given their history, it’s possible, but all the same, Lake Ginninderra needs the work done.

vg vg 7:09 pm 24 Jan 07

This report insinuates that this development was entirely built to support a local private development. having viewed it myself, as well as seen today’s CT, the $800K development is for the benefit of the entire area.

The tenor of the thread is a little misleading

poptop poptop 8:48 am 24 Jan 07

I suppose we ought be grateful that the planners [Keepers of the Good Design Principles]who previously thought that putting one of the Belconnen Mall’s carparks was the best use of the view of Lake Ginninderra are now allowing other uses.

Danman Danman 8:43 am 24 Jan 07

Ahh Ice proofing – that explains the bridge on yerrabi pond – it used to be just wood – then about 8 weeks ago they poured/painted tar on it and layed crushed blue metal rocks on it.

Better for traction in the wet too.

Kerces Kerces 8:28 am 24 Jan 07

I used the bit of path pictured in the paper as being redeveloped every day for four years. I also used it often in another four years. I didn’t live in any private development beside the lake. And it was an old and deteriorating bike path that had been lifted by tree roots and was crumbling at the sides. I don’t see any problem with the government having spent money to turn it into a nicer place where office workers and so on can go and eat lunch in the shade (there’s plenty of trees) and pedestrians and cyclists might not run into each other. Now if only they ice-proofed the footbridge across the lake as well.

Danman Danman 7:51 am 24 Jan 07

Sounds like Big Al has an inferiority complex.

I find it pretty futile and juvenile that one has to insult someones family in a discussion that does not even touch on demographical stereotypes.

So like to divulge where you live Al?

At the risk of sounding like a snobbish pretentious “know it all” (read Big Al) might I suggest Havelock House?

We are all adults here – no need to stoop to the levels demonstrated above (myself included)

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 3:23 am 24 Jan 07

Big Al (and his Uber-Mediocre clan) probably live somewhere starting with “upper” or ending with “heights” (in residents’ own minds) ;-P (he, he, just remembering my CIT teacher that lived in “Upper Downer”)

Hey, spend the $$$ – the people in the 22 storey apartment block need some ‘amenity’ too… need a nice way to enjoy the stinky, algae-ridden puddle (or are they using some $$$ to fix that prob too… Hopefully stop drug-peddlers using the water police HQ too!

Again… it’s probably a good time to hit Mr Jon up for some “fix-up-me-classroom” monies, yeah? 🙂

bighead bighead 11:01 pm 23 Jan 07

I dont see why they built it, let alone having to take the developer to court to stop them from building a lot higher.

But all it really is, is restaurants. The lake was fine before, it had adequate facilities. It is just simple the Government selling off land at a massive price for location…and the saying it’s for the public.

vg vg 10:54 pm 23 Jan 07

…and finally, please nlighten us all on how you personally measure mediocrity.

Place of abode?
Athletic prowess?
Tertiary qualifications?

I have a funny feeling that I will come out well in front of you on most, if not all, categories, but I’ll choose not to embarass you with it

vg vg 10:41 pm 23 Jan 07

and yes, once you describe my family as mediocre you have pushed ‘the button’ and gone too far

vg vg 10:37 pm 23 Jan 07

“I’m not disputing that you lived in Amaroo – after all, where else would could you afford to live on a plods salary, and good for you for aspiring to a better life for you family and all, but I digress”

Oh please Al…please….you are killing me. Amateur tripe when you can’t engage in an argument. We’ve seen this before, and we saw you scurrying.

The house I used to live in, in Amaroo. The one I now have as a rental property. I live in the other house now, the one I have the other mortgage on.

I’m not talking about the GDE here.

But then again as the massive money earner and property developer you are I’m suprised you trifle us little people with your wit and incisive commentary.

“all the other mediocre families like yours”

Say what you like about me, leave my family out of it. My 15 month old little fella has more ticker than you. I re-open the invite to the ring. I also invite you to describe my family as ‘mediocre’ to my face. You are a sad little creature if the best you can do is throw out the big insults at the end of a DSL line. You now cross the line well and truly when you invite my family into it. You know fuck all about them. What I earn is immaterial. I may have members of my ‘mediocre’ family battling a life threatening illness while trying to care for the ‘mediocre’ aspects of it.

Set the date, set the time. And don’t tell us all how threatened you are. I am happy to back everything up I say here with physical presence.

Pathetic is the only word I can think of that describes you…actually ******* pathetic

Special G Special G 10:24 pm 23 Jan 07

Has anyone else heard about the 1.5 mil retaining wall going in to replace the one between the lake and the round-a-bout at the intersection of Parkes way and Anzac Pde. 1.5 mil for a retaining wall which provides a better view of the lake. Someones got their hand in the purse on that one.

Big Al Big Al 9:31 pm 23 Jan 07

Gnt – have you ever been to Amaroo? Man, all those shitty little rendered blue-board boxes … gives me the willies just thinking about it!

GnT GnT 9:26 pm 23 Jan 07

Big Al – What’s so special about you that you feel you can attack someone based on the fact that they live in Amaroo? Feel free to divulge your personal details for us to disect. People in glass houses…

GnT GnT 9:20 pm 23 Jan 07

The Lakeshore development is probably one of the few ways the Belconnen towncentre can develop a bit of culture outside the mall. I think its great to see the govt putting a bit of cash towards this – even if the developers leaned on them to cough up the cash. It would be good to see more money spent on improving other areas of Lake G, like the other foreshore areas, and fixing & widening the pathways around the lake.

Big Al Big Al 9:00 pm 23 Jan 07

Sorry vg – are you saying that its bullshit that the GDE is being built by the Government? I don’t follow … maybe you should engage brain before fingers.

I’m not disputing that you lived in Amaroo – after all, where else would could you afford to live on a plods salary, and good for you for aspiring to a better life for you family and all, but I digress – I suspect that once again you’re narrow focus on personal experience has caused you to miss the boat – the street you lived in may well have had at least 25 different builders but they sure as hell didn’t all build a little 25m section themselves … those were the good folks building homes for all the other mediocre families like yours who had bought blocks of land from the people that built the whole suburb so that you could aspire to living in the boondocks. The people who effected the subdivision and built the infrastructure had taken their millions and moved on well before joe-tradesman pulled up in his ute to build your triple-fronted homage to the mundane.

Now as a rule, this big engineering side of things is handled by the private sector but there are instances where the Government will establish a corporate like structure to deliver the same result – the ACT Government dabbles in this sort of thing on and off but generally it accepts that the people it can attract for the pissy money it pays means that most land development is best left to the private sector.

poptop poptop 8:53 pm 23 Jan 07

Actually the infrastructure costs are being built into the land costs nowadays – everywhere not just in the Kingdom of ACT. This explains why the cost of building a house has gone up by about 35% in the past decade, while land costs are up about 1000% [all in equivalent dollars] Then the Government hits you again in the inflated unimproved land value rate charge.

vg vg 8:46 pm 23 Jan 07


Bullshit. The govt is paying for the GDE to be built. It just contracts out the actual work.

Lived in Amaroo for 7 years and watched the govt contracttors build the roads. Hell, I even spoke to them about it.

Certain infrastructure will be paid for by the private sector, but being as the street I lived in had at least 25 different builders what, did they all build a little 25m section themselves?

If it makes the lake area more attractive then I’m all for it.

Areas such as Forde are different, but you’re wrong generically.

You trying to bait me is like my child doing the same. Doesn’t work, and easily combatted through logic

Big Al Big Al 8:42 pm 23 Jan 07

Projects like the GDE are always going to be governmnet built unless common sense prevails and a private consortium is allowed to build it as a tollway. We’re taliking about the suburban streets here. For the sake of bringing people up to speed (albeit walking pace at this stage)- governmnet sells the land to property developers who then put in a planning application to sub-divide the land for residential properties (or leases in the ACTs case). The Government then makes the construction of services and infrastructure a condition of approval – its like saying to the developers: sure you can have a 500 lot sub-division, but you have to cover the cost of stormwater, sewage, electricity, roads etc. The developer builds this stuff and the Government takes over the asset for free once the sub-divisions up and running.

Pandy Pandy 8:40 pm 23 Jan 07

About bloody time!!!

The new resaurants there will add a bit of Batemans bay foreshore to the area.

At least there will be an altenrative to the beer hall at the Lighthouse.

Way to go Sonic!

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