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Kangaroos hiking their skirts Canberra’s way (again)?

By LG 6 May 2009 25

To show that they really loved playing in Canberra after all… forget it….

The Australian reports that the North Melbourne Kangaroos, after begrudingly being forced to play in Canberra for all those years in return for their economic survival, may, in fact, be returning (if the price is right).

After dumping Canberra for the bright lights (and bigger pay cheques) of the Gold Coast before going all fridgit and returning to Melbourne when they realised the AFL thought there’d be merit in relocating an economically unviable, low supporter base team to QLD permanetely. The Roos have found out that no matter who they whore themselves too, they just can’t turn a buck.

The solution now they’ve stagnated in Melbourne and the Gold Coast has been taken? Come back to the beginning, cap in hand, to the AFL and ACT Government to try their luck again. The catch? They would require a far bigger financial commitment than the $250,000 to $300,000 they were getting, per game, last time they were here. We’re apparently talking a multi-million-dollar deal from the ACT and AFL.

As the Kangaroo’s Chief Executive noted, Hawthorn is the benchmark in developing a secondary fan base. The difference being (despite Tasmania being a more footy friendly market), Hawthorn actually put the effort into developing their fan base by going out to schools, attending community events, heck they went to Launceston the day after they won the Grand Final! History suggests that the Kangaroos are that interesting in actually becoming involved in their secondary community.

Now, I LOVE my footy and the more games in Canberra the better (hell… I’d just like stupid Prime and Southern Cross to put the games on FTA at a reasonable time….). But in these days of pig-flu and global financial turmoil… 7 years of Budget deficit… (and the AFL’s desire to set up a Western Sydney team) I don’t know if the Roo’s are worth it. At the very least they’d have to commit to actually doing something in return for the money, other than fly-in fly-out matches.

… but apparantly they’re “not talking about selling one-off games to make money, that would be short-sighted”.

So, any Roo’s supporters out there? Anyone else keen for the AFL to have another crack at the Canberra market – but perhaps with a team that may be more committed to our local area?


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25 Responses to
Kangaroos hiking their skirts Canberra’s way (again)?
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economicrisis09 4:39 pm 11 May 09

I agree with Ian, if they want to play here they should pay for the privilege.
but ebony i’m sorry,
“But yes, am generally keen for the AFL to try again. I believe that Canberrans are generally very good at supporting top level sporting events, regardless of the flavour.”
, for some sports as Canberrans we are great supporters but the reality is generally we don’t want to go out and watch the games. The demise of the Cannon’s, Comets(still playing but not playing Ford Ranger Cup), bushrangers shows that although we love to have teams we are not willing to always support them. Prior to last years Raiders revival their crowd numbers were flagging and Brumbies home games haven’t been able to sell out in ages.
I would rather the ACT government spend the money(“$250,000-$300,000 per game)on local requirements. I don’t mind watching my AFL team play on the tv knowing my tax dollars are being spent wisely. well more wisely than paying North Melbourne Football Club.

Holden Caulfield 11:34 am 07 May 09

damien haas said :

As its a footy related thread I’ll hijack it momentarily to alert people to the fact that win hd shows footy classified and the afl footy show at their vic broadcast times. I discovered this accidentally. footy classified is a very good sports show.

Thanks for that Damien.

Ian 8:29 pm 06 May 09

Why would the ACT pay anything for the Kangaroos? They’re the ones desperate for a home, more than we’re desperate to have them? Tell them they can play at Manuka – here’s what the ground rental costs.

No doubt though if Barr and Stanhope think they can get some good publicity hanging out with footy players, they’ll hand over some cash.

jakez 6:47 pm 06 May 09

When the Kangaroos had their deal, it meant that my beloved Cats would play hear seemingly at least once a year. Despite the joy of seeing the Cats (umm lose), I think it is absolutely and utterly immoral for the ACT taxpayer to have money stolen from their bank accounts by the ACT Government simply to facilitate my joyful spectating.

ebony57 said :

The Roos? Nup. They can bugger off.

But yes, am generally keen for the AFL to try again. I believe that Canberrans are generally very good at supporting top level sporting events, regardless of the flavour.


Growling Ferret 5:13 pm 06 May 09

Norf had the chance to be Gold Coast Kangaroos, and failed to accept the reality.

I don’t think GC will be the 17th team – I believe the Demons and Roos will merge or one will fold within the next two years.

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